How to Produce a Successful Live Stream

How to Produce a Successful Live Stream

Want to make the
best live stream possible? Let’s start with your streaming options. The 2 main ways to go
live are mobile or desktop. Each format offers different
benefits and requires a separate setup. Here’s a quick breakdown. Mobile lets you stream on the go. You just need a mobile
device and an Internet connection and you can be streaming in seconds. Desktop streaming
is a touch more involved. You might need to do some tinkering
with streaming software to get set up. The upside to desktop
streaming includes advanced options like support for higher
resolution, multiple cameras and even 360 video. Now you’ve got a basic idea of your
options, here’s a list of pre-stream ideas to make everything look and sound great. For many videos, it’ll help to frame your
shot beforehand and pick your best angle. On mobile, make sure you know
where your camera and microphone are. It’s easy to cover up
the lens with your finger. If you’re on the
go, avoid wobbly video with a selfie stick, tripod, or gimbal. Check in advance that your mic
isn’t giving you quiet or scratchy audio. Find a location with
minimal background noise like wind or traffic. If you’re in a more chaotic
location like a concert or convention, think about updating your equipment. Help prevent interruptions
by putting nearby devices on silent mode. Make sure you’re filming
from a location with a clear signal. If there’s a rough
connection, your stream might still work. YouTube will adjust
the bit rate accordingly. To get the clearest video,
check your Internet connection beforehand. If you’re running behind schedule
or experiencing technical difficulties, maybe use a title card. Write out a message or sign
and place it in front of the camera. To add additional
information to your stream, position a monitor
or phone in the shot to display things like the
subscriber count or current poll question. Run tests ahead of time
by setting up an unlisted stream. Check your equipment in advance.
You can’t edit out mistakes when live. Don’t forget to keep an
eye on your battery life. When streaming on
mobile, a good rule of thumb is having 1% of battery
for every minute of streaming. Thanks for watching!
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