How to Quit Smoking Effortlessly –

How to Quit Smoking Effortlessly –

>>ROY MASTERS: Let’s see if you can do it
– you might all want to try this. It wouldn’t hurt. You can if you want to. But, there may come a time, I’ll bring you up
here and I’ll show you how it works. For instance: Anybody smoke? That would be a good one. You can bring your cigarettes up here, and I’ll show you how its done. Maybe that’s a good idea. Would you like to stop smoking? Come up here. Well… …does anybody have a cigarette here? [laughter] He reaches for the pocket there… You got one?>>LADY: I have a cigarette. [laughter & slight applause]>>ROY: That’s more like it.>>MAN: She got it from me, cause
I got the same problem as her…>>ROY: Alright, let’s both of you come up here. Okay. So you both have cigarettes… Let’s see. Light one up You can share one. Let me do it for you. *tsk tsk tsk tsk* Oh, dear… [lighting match] One second… Okay, light it now. Let me see the cigarette. Take a puff. Hold it in your mouth. I’m having a little fun with you. See? See? Blow. There you are.
[laughter] I can do this too: [snap] [shriek]
[laughter] [laughter] I can do this one. Na. I’m just joking with you. `Cause, I don’t want to be too serious. I don’t want anything to be dramatic. It has to be real. If it’s dramatic, it’s not real. You understand that, don’t you? You understand that, don’t you?
>>Mhmm So, you want to stop smoking? If I can make you conscious… Not MAKE you conscious, but if I can BRING
you to the consciousness that I just… …did with this young lady, a little while ago. But, I don’t have to do anything — You’ve meditated, have you?>>Yes. I have tried.>>You’ve tried, but haven’t succeeded? Oh. Well that make’s it a little difficult. Well, let’s try it without anything. Are you conscious of you sitting here in the chair now? Are you conscious of you sitting here in the chair now?
>>Yes.>>And how about you?>>Yes.>>Um. Let’s try it with you first. I think you’re more easier to help, for some reason. `Cause I see the willingness. Now, light the cigarette for him. — Or, give him your cigarette.
That’s good. You’re husband and wife, are you? No?>>No.>>No.>>Okay. Ready? Close your eyes. And take a puff of the cigarette. But, hold the… smoke in your mouth Take a puff of the cigarette. Hold it in your mouth. Now, become aware… of the taste of that cigarette. I just want you to become AWARE of it. Because its poison. And the reason why you couldn’t taste it before, is because, you inhaled it… …and the poison took the… feeling of conflict away. Now. How does that cigarette taste?>>Awful.>>Now blow it out, and take another puff. Now, I want you to taste it, and know that it’s poison. See? And I want you to taste it… …but not inhale it, because… …that’s where the… …the awareness goes away, so that you realize that its killing you… …but, it’s giving you a sense of false patience and peace, right? Now… how does that taste again?>>It’s awful.>>It’s awful. Now, you’ll find that… …if you’re conscious, it will be very hard
for you to take the next puff. Because, you can’t do the wrong thing, while being conscious. And, if you are not conscious, you can
just put the cigarette to your mouth and you could be just like you were before it means, you’re not here. But, if you’re HERE, and you are aware of yourself, its not easy. I mean, I can put it to my
mouth, and play jokes with it, but YOU are a veteran smoker. You know the harm now its doing. You want to stop. So here’s your opportunity. Just be conscious, and see what happens when you
try to put the cigarette to your mouth. What’s happening?>>I’m poisoning myself.>>What is happening when you try to lift your cigarette to your mouth?>>I’m not doing it.>>Well, try.>>I don’t want to.>>Well, try. See? The force of your consciousness… …won’t let you do it.>>That’s crazy. [laughter]>>See that? Now you can open your eyes and look at the cigarette. And now you’ve quit. All you have to do is that… just
be conscious, like this, all your life. And overcome resentments — that same consciousness. …applies to resentments, and everything. The same consciousness. I’m just demonstrating something to you. Same consciousness applies to everything. See what happens… You actually stopped smoking now. That could be the rest of your life. But the next irritation will reverse that. It turns thing backwards. And then you want to smoke to get
rid of the pain of your conscience. But, you’re getting rid of the wrong side of the equation. You need to get rid of the anxiety… the resentment. The resentment always creates anxiety. which needs poison to kill one side of the equation: Conscious. See? Conscious. You’re a conscious human being. You have a whole life ahead of you. That’s more or less a decision. Consciousness decides what right and wrong is. You know it’s not right to smoke a cigarette, but before you knew it wasn’t right, but you didn’t know how to stop. Your consciousness is now ACTIVATED. Lemme see this. There.>>Okay, my problem’s worse. I have emphysema.>>Emphysema?>>From smoking.>>Oh dear.
Well, them maybe…>>My mom has it really bad.>>Well, maybe we better do this little thing. Because HE was willing. Now, you don’t want to die from emphysema, do you?>>No.>>Do you resent your mom?>>Yes>>You can go now. Are you okay?>>I’m fine.>>See? It works, doesn’t it? See how magical that is? Well, that way you can SEE it. Don’t ya see? And the young lady, you wouldn’t see it. It’s only confined to you.
Are you okay?>>Uh huh.>>You feel better? Like … lighter?>>Yeah. I do.>>That’s nice. So, you walk out of here, and you’ll be free. And you won’t be burdened with Dad, Mom and all the rest of them. `Cause they love you; they want you to be free. I’m choking from the cigarette myself here. [laughter] But, we need to talk about your emphysema…


7 thoughts on “How to Quit Smoking Effortlessly –”

  • yes i see this. but i'm not sure its so easy.

    why? why do people drink caffeine. i went 7 months purposely without any drop of caffeine simply to do it. but i decided to try it, and it was something that seemed to make my life better, for whatever reason.

    same with tobacco. tobacco has different types of properties, some even anti-depressant properties.

    either case i'm going to try to just once again, go completely without it.

  • dualityofmen22 says:

    i didn't even light one, i just tasted the inside of my mouth… and now that I am being "conscience" I really would like to go brush my teeth, so this is what my girlfriend tastes since she quit… thanks a load, I really hope to move forward.

  • superAlguitar says:

    I have noticed myself watching only the people talking about quiting smokeing . . . I wont watch the really discusting videos of quiting smokeing on youtube. I think I have been pretending I want to quit. It made me almost throw up when I held the smoke in my mouth without inhaleing and burned all the inside of my nose. Its so hard to quit when you tell your self NO your not smokeing its all you think about. If you see a person smoke on TV makes it even worse. Like the oricle on the matrix MAD.

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