How To Start A Business Without Money – Boss In The Bentley

How To Start A Business Without Money – Boss In The Bentley

How to start a business with no money. You’re not the first one
to ask me that question. Somehow, I guess, with people
who are struggling financially they want to start a business
and thinking that’s a way out. And sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. (upbeat electronic music) I believe the worst time
you wanna start a business is when you have no money,
because you’re desperate. When you’re desperate
when you start a business, it’s not a good idea because, chances are, there’s a reason why you have
no money in the first place. It tells me a number of things. It tells me maybe you
don’t have a lot of skills. Maybe you don’t have a lot of experience. Maybe you don’t have a lot of knowledge. Maybe mentally, the mindset
wise, you’re not ready. Maybe you have a negative
association with money. It tells me a lot about who you are. So don’t start a business just
because you wanna make money. Nothing wrong with making
money. I like making money. But if you’re actually
struggling that much financially, I tell people, and this
is so counterintuitive to most gurus or experts or whoever is promoting entrepreneurship. And I’m an advocate for entrepreneurship. Get a fucking job. Get
a job. Pay the bills. Get some money coming in. I don’t care if it’s part
time, full time, whatever. Get some money coming in first, right? And in the evening when you’re off work, after 5-o’clock, that’s
when your business starts. You know, start what people nowadays call, the young people, call
the “side hustle,” right? That’s fine. Do some stuff, because now with computer, there’s so many things you can do, right? With technology, that’s okay,
but don’t start a business with absolutely no money
thinking that you’ll make it. Oh, great, that I’ll make it. You can’t even find a fucking job. What makes you think you’ll be successful as a business person? I mean, just kinda think
about it. It’s kinda stupid. But if you’re decent at what you do, and you’re adding value
to the marketplace, now you’re honing your skills, fine. Then you can. If you follow my work, make sure you watch my
video on Wealth Triangle. Click on the link below, or you can also click on the playlist. Or search on YouTube, the Wealth Triangle. I explain why first you
have to develop your first high income skill
before you start a business. I went the idea and the
philosophy that I have. So once you have some money coming in, you’re paying the bills,
now you can consider, okay, what is it that you wanna do? What business do you want to start? But here’s the thing:
I don’t think everybody should start a business, and I don’t think everybody should be an entrepreneur. I don’t think it’s for everybody. I think it’s because now the
media, they promote so much. Or even on YouTube, on social media, oh, entrepreneurship, be your own boss, and start your own business,
and live that life. Well, if you actually
talk to people who have started businesses, first
of all, most of them failed. Statistics show, could
be 90%, it could be 95% of small businesses fail
in the first five years. Whatever the number is, it doesn’t matter. It’s just the number is fucking high. So knowing that, when you do something, it’s like you take this risk knowing that, chances are, 9 out of
10, you’re gonna lose. Period. 9 out of 10. Even if you do make it, chances are, you’re maybe just like
getting by and struggling and not, like, not really prosper. But here’s the problem:
the one that made it, sometimes you see on the
cover of the magazine. Oh, this guy made X amount of dollars. This guy made it big. Yeah, but you don’t see
the 10,000 that died. Because those guys don’t make it on the cover of the magazine. You don’t see, “Hey, here’s
an entrepreneur that lost his “life savings and mortgaged his house “and lost like $200,000. “Let’s put him on the cover.” You never hear those stories. But if you actually talk to entrepreneurs, yeah, there are a lot of those stories. And I started many, many businesses, and I failed at many businesses. And I had so many failed
years. I made so many mistakes. So it’s not for everybody. It
truly is not for everybody. And you don’t necessarily have to be an entrepreneur to make a lot of money. That’s something I’ve
learned over the years. You can have high income skills. That makes you very good money. Decent amount of money. And if you can invest that properly, you can also have a very comfortable life. An entrepreneur, it requires leadership. It requires so many skillsets. It’s just like not everybody
can be an Olympic swimmer. But everybody could be a marathon runner. Not everybody could be a
world-class basketball player. It’s just not for everybody. But somehow, when it comes to business, everybody is so optimistic,
overly optimistic. “Oh, yeah, I could do it.
I could start a business. “I would make money in three months. “I would break even the first month.” No, actually think, “Within a year I’ll
hit a million dollars.” That’s how they all
think. It’s incredible. Because nobody start a
business with the idea, “Oh, I’m gonna fail.
I’m not gonna make it. “Oh, it’s not gonna break
even in three months, no.” But what if it doesn’t
make money in three months? And what if it doesn’t
make money in six months? And what if it doesn’t
make money in a year? What if it doesn’t make
money in five years? Then what do you do? What do you do? Now you put yourself, you put your family, you put the people who love you… Chances are because you probably need more money from them to
start, for most of us. Then what do you do? You put them in such a
bad financial position. So don’t do that. I
would say don’t do that. You’re gonna start a
business coming from a place of where you are stable,
coming from a place where you do have money coming in,
maybe some savings aside. Coming from a place where you
have some kind of skillsets. Coming from a place where
you do have support. Coming from a place where you
do have a mentor to guide you. Coming from a place where, if you’re going into an
industry, that you have an edge. And coming from a place where
you’re not overly optimistic, but you look at what you do and say, “Hey, what could go
wrong? What don’t I know? “What assumptions am I making?
How do I know this will work? “And what if it doesn’t work? “What if it takes much longer to work? “What if it takes 10 times
more effort to work?” Don’t worry about winning. Worry about all the possible ways that you could lose and you could
fail, and you prevent yourself and you prepare yourself for all of that. You can do that, then you’ll win. Prepare all the shit that could go wrong. Prepare all the shit that
doesn’t go as expected. You have a solution, have
a plan for all those, chances are, you think it
through, and this would work. Now, it’s not a sexy answer. You’re looking for an answer, I know. “Oh, yeah, go for it. Start it. “Be an entrepreneur.
You’ll be successful.” That’s all fucking BS. I say, you think you’re starting
a business, think twice. Make sure it is something
that you really, really want. And make sure you start getting ready, getting the money ready,
start mentally ready, all of that before you go into it. Because it’s tough. Whatever you’re thinking, if you have not started a business, you think it takes you this much effort, it’s gonna be this much difficulty, it’s gonna be this much. And it’s gonna be this much
not for a short period of time. A long period of time. I’ll leave you with a quick story and then we’ll wrap this up. Years ago I was having
lunch with my mentor. And my mentor asked me the question. He said, “Dan, what do you think is the “number one quality of an entrepreneur?” The number one quality of an entrepreneur. I said, “Well,” also naive at the time, I said, “I don’t know, maybe is it vision? “You gotta have a vision.” He said, “No.” “Is it, you got to be able to lead. “You gotta build a team
of people. Teamwork.” He said, “No.” I said, “Oh, you need persistence. “You need to be able to
persist and not give up.” He said, “No.” “Is it, oh, you need money.
You need capital, of course. “To set up a business you need money.” He said, “No.” And I
went on and on and on. He said, “You know what?
All those are important. “But they’re not the
most important qualities “of a successful entrepreneur.” He said something I’ll never forget. He said the quality of a
successful entrepreneur is the ability to endure pain
for a long period of time. The ability to endure pain
for a long period of time. Now, at the time I was so
young, and I didn’t understand. But now, as I’m more
mature, where I am today, looking back, that’s
actually very, very accurate. The ability to endure pain
for a long period of time. When everything else is against you. When the marketplace is against you. When your family is against you. When the whole world is
thinking you cannot make it. When in those dark days
where you can’t even, like, you’re days away from getting like, you know, your business shut down. When your lights turn off. Those dark, dark moments
where you’re alone and nobody understands
and nobody could help you, even your spouse don’t understand you. Can you endure? You can do that, again and
again and again and again, that’s the number one
quality of an entrepreneur. So that’s my answer. How do you start a business with no money? I went off a tangent a bit,
but there’s a lot of things I’ve shared with you I think
are very, very important. If this is the first time
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like this and I’ll answer it. And also, hopefully to
benefit other people, my other followers who watch
my video, who follow my work. Until next time, I’ll
see you in my Bentley.


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    Seen many gurus.mentors here….not here to diss any of em but Dan……..u cut thru the bs and speak in a language needed for us to grasp and understand the realities of life………appreciate it……am missing your golden dollar bill gun….thats so cool…….

  • Dan you're my favorite when it comes to financial advice. Thanks for all the information that you've provided us with.
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  • Malini Rajendran says:

    From an entrepreneur who's endured the pain for a long time, never given up, been called a Pitbull, thank you for laying it out in plain words. It takes much much more than just money to be an entrepreneur.

  • Dalton P. Macemore says:

    Thank you for this Dan! I myself have wasted a little time and money thinking it would be simple and that I really wanted to start my business but then I would lose momentum because I’m so young and still need to develop my skills. More entrepreneurs should be sharing videos like this because it is so true. Thank you for the heads up!!

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    "I don't think everybody should start a business and I don't think everybody should be an entrepreneur" – you will hardly find this kind of honesty on other channels. I agree, because I always see people who watch many motivational videos on YouTube and then try doing business. Sooner or later they lose.

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