How To Start A Profitable Business | Best Business Ideas

How To Start A Profitable Business | Best Business Ideas

How to start a profitable business by the
end of this video, you’re going to know how to start a profitable business and how to
dramatically increase your success and also learn about the five most profitable business
ideas. I’m gonna share with you the essence of how
to start a profitable business, and there are certain rules that you must follow in
order to succeed. And if you master these rules, then you’ve
got it. If you’re new to the channel, please drop
a like And subscribe to the channel. Rule number one be able to separate hope from
hype, almost everybody nowadays before they start their business. They go on the internet, and they do some
research. They watch some videos, and maybe they end
up buying some courses now be careful. If you are that person because a lot of times,
there are some tricks involved. I’m not saying that all products are bad and
all products are good. There are some good, and there are some bad
ones. But if you see something that is too good
to be true. For example, a product that is full of hype
packaged by hope with a bunch. Of promises with money-back guarantees and
a Promises of one push button success, for example, and getting rich overnight. That’s a problem because think about it if
that’s true then everybody will be rich and everybody will be driving Lamborghinis. How to start a profitable business rule number
two ignore all negative opinions. Don’t let other people’s opinions of you determine
how you show up in the world? Remember opinions are the cheapest Commodity
on Earth and it’s a fact that close friends and families while they’re not meaning to
do so, they often handicap you with opinions and sometimes ridicule thousands of people
carry with them inferiority complex all through life because of well-meaning but ignorant
person who destroyed their confidence through opinions and ridicule remember each person
that has negative opinion that you listen to affect your success rate by 20%. Rule Number three Stop asking for approval. If you want to be successful in your business,
you’re not going to find it by relying on other people to approve your business ideas. This is just not going to happen because everybody
is going to give you a different idea. Everybody, like I mentioned before, everyone
has some opinions and what’s going to happen; you’re going to end up confused frustrated
and when you confused and frustrated for some odd reason, your subconscious mind will stop
working and ignore a lot of information that you are getting. So to be successful, you really don’t need
anybody’s approval and you don’t need anybody’s permission, and if you need permission, I
give you permission to start being successful. So all you have to do is rely on yourself
be persistent find something that you’re passionate about and just go after it how to start a
profitable business. rule number four. You must have a mentor now I have read before
in many places that you don’t need a mentor all you need just to get started and just
that’s all you need. Just keep going and things will happen to
you. Well, I want to share with you something that
I usually don’t share. With anybody, it’s I’m going to tell you a
personal story right now my life is absolutely blessed, but it wasn’t always like this. I have tried so many business ideas before. None of them actually worked. And so what I did is I started to attend seminars. I took courses online. I took courses offline even flew to different
states so I could attend, you know, business seminars success seminars motivational seminars. And still, nothing really worked then I found
myself in debt of 53,000 dollars and I had to borrow money from other family and friends
just to survive what happened actually is I met my mentor in one of the seminars just
by accident and he definitely changed my life dramatically. It changed everything to the positive in my
life, and I really don’t know where I would be if I didn’t meet him. The reason I’m sharing this with you is because
in case you are in this situation that I was in I want you to be hopeful, I know sometimes
life happens, and you find yourself in a dark tunnel, but every dark tunnel has a light
of hope so don’t give up on the things that you want you have passion for and if you want
to start your business you do have the option to do so now. Just common sense. Let’s assume that some people say that you
don’t need a mentor. So I’m going to give you an example. If you have an address, let’s say you want
to go to a different state place. You’ve never been before it’s kind of foreign
to you and you have an address for it. So you have two options. One of them is just to wing it basically asked
people on the way how to get there or the other option is to put it in your GPS you
put the destination and exactly where to go and how to get there as fast as possible. So which one would you pick? Obviously, you’re going to pick the one that
is going to make the most sense which is put in the address in the GPS. So think of your Mentor as a GPS because you
just tell them exactly what you want and that’s what happened in my case, but it wasn’t easy
when I first got started I tell you about in just a little bit, but you get there much
faster if you do have a GPS or somebody to guide you there and that’s what exactly your
Mentor is going to be. Now. Your Mentor is going to be the one that shows
you the way basically how to get to where you want to go now depends on your objective
or what do you want to do as far as a business? You need to follow the right Mentor at that
could be online offline. It doesn’t really matter. Sometimes you can just follow somebody’s advice. They’ve been there before and they are successful. now and that’s the best way to do it. It doesn’t have to be physically and it does
not have to be online. For example for me finding my mentor. It was a little bit difficult because first
in the beginning, he just didn’t want to do it at all that happened 10 years ago. So the first three and a half years in this
business, I was basically lost confused, and in debt, I did exactly what he told me to
do the most important thing for you to understand is that you need a mentor don’t listen to
the critics or some people that don’t know exactly what they’re doing they try to tell
you just go blind. It doesn’t really make sense find somebody
who can help you get your success Faster by taking the right path to success. Rule number five. You must be passionate about what you are
doing. I can’t emphasize that more because a lot
of people like I mentioned before if you are connecting the dots that I was talking about
the listen to people’s opinions. Usually, those opinions are: why not start
something that makes the most money now don’t ever chase money because what you need to
do is Chase success and order for you to do that. You must be passionate about what you are
doing. Now. Remember most people that have jobs. They hate them. They hate everything about their jobs. They had their boss their colleagues and everybody
they even hate the commute to work. The reason for that is because they are not
passionate about what they are doing, and they are working hard to make someone else
rich. Now. I want you to remember also that success and
money have a relationship, and always always money is a byproduct of success. For example, you look at Elon Musk, you look
at Bill Gates and so forth. They all did something that they’re passionate
about and the money came later don’t chase the money. If you do you’re going to end up doing something
wrong. So money does not mean success. Some people have money, but they’re not successful
there. Probably got it in an unethical way, or maybe
they did something illegal, and they have money that doesn’t mean they are successful
at the same time. Have you met anybody that is totally broke,
but he claims to be successful success is a way to get to what you want. So if you go after success, the money will
follow. I just shared with you the rules of how to
become successful. Now, these are the rules that are so important
for your success. Now imagine, for example, that you are let’s
say playing a game of soccer or football and you don’t know the rules. How do you think you’re gonna do you get to
make a lot of mistakes, and more than likely you’re not going to succeed. So the rules are so important for you to be
successful and In a minute, I’m going to share with you the five most profitable business
ideas that you can start. So with the combination of two, how to start
a business a profitable business and the Most Profitable Business ideas. You are going to be ahead of most people now
what we did we talked about several things. Now, one of them is to separate hope from
hype ignore negative opinions. Stop asking for approval. You must have a mentor and finally, we talked
about passion, please subscribe to the channel so I can provide more profitable ideas and
information. As I promised you, I’m going to have the most
profitable business ideas. Now, you’re going to have it at the end of
this video. So make sure to watch it. So you’ll have both of best worlds that you
can apply toward your success, and I’ll see you at the top.


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