How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 14

How To Stay Focused And Get Things Done – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 14

– How to stay focused
to keep being effective and clear-minded. Last year I was here I
was talking about what? The inner demons, yes? Some of the inner demons that we have. So, Desmond was reading
the book, 80/20 Principle, and Jake was also reading it. How many of you have read the book so far? Okay. – [Man In Audience] Still reading it. – What have you learned
quickly, what have you learned? From the book? Huh? – [Man In Audience] Take a
shortcut rather than not. – Take a shortcut rather than? – [Man In Audience] Rather
then not taking a shortcut. – Not taking a shortcut, okay. – [Man In Audience] Also the
importance of delegation. – Important delegation, okay. – [Man In Audience] Less is more. – Less is more, yes. It’s a deep book. It’s a deep book. 80/20, Des what have you learned? – [Des] Like what I
shared with you and Nicole was, it’s the critical few it’s the, actually I think he’s a
very eloquent speaker. I did not expect that
from reading his book. So he used a lot of big vocabulary words and he’s a little bit unusual how he explains the whole topic but I think, at the end of the day it was, I thought I knew what I was doing, and I thought I was being
efficient and I was no way close. It’s actually scientific, how you can see the patterns in society. And in just everything, once
you start to read the book then you start to see how
even going to the toilet, or what I’m watching, what I’m reading– – Is all 80/20, everything is 80/20. Very very good, very very
powerful, very powerful. – [Des] Well, you know, how
tall you sit on the toilet. (audience laughing) When you go to the toilet, you know? – So let me ask you this first of all, give me some task, actually
let me tackle this. Strength Finder 2.0. I think most of you have
taken the test, right? So one of my strengths is focus, that’s actually the number
one from the Strength Finders. So I see that over the years, and I’ve talked to Earl about this, the two most important traits that I believe I have,
is focus and consistency. Focus and consistency. That are not necessarily the smartest. I don’t have the most resources, I didn’t have the most experience, but I am consistent in terms of what I do, and I’m very very focused. I’m able to filter out the
things that are not important and focus on the important few tasks. And today I’m gonna
show you how to do that in a business context. Sound good? – Sounds good.
– Okay, very very practical. So, and here’s a great quote
I love there by George Lucas. Always remember your focus
determines your reality. I like that a lot. Your focus determines your reality. Which is also another way of saying what you focus on expands. What you focus on expands. You focus on problems, what happens? You get more problems. If you focus on solutions
you get more solutions. You focus on abundance
you get more abundance. You focus on what’s wrong
you’ll get more what’s wrong. You focus on what’s not working, what’s wrong with me, you get
more what’s wrong with me. So let me ask you some questions. Give me some task that you do in your day to day business, okay? Just quickly yell that out. – [Woman In Audience] Editing videos. – [Dan] Editing videos,
editing videos, okay. And? – [Woman In Audience] Emails. – [Dan] Emails, okay. – [Man In Audience] Writing articles. – [Dan] Articles. – [Woman In Audience] Social media. – [Man In Audience] Closing sales. – [Dan] Social media. Okay, closing sales. – Account keeping.
– (muffled) sales. – [Dan] Bookkeeping, okay. What else? – [Woman] Team management. – [Dan] Team management, okay. Give me, three, three more maybe. – [Man] Personal development. – Personal development, ah
just want business task. – Business tasks, oh, okay.
– Talk to clients. – Okay, so talk to clients. Let’s call that prospecting, okay? – [Man In Audience] Strategy. – Strategy, okay, strategy. – [Man In Audience] Creating content. – Creating content, okay,
so let’s say PMP, right? We’ll just call that PMP. Give me one more. – [Man In Audience] Delivery? – Delivery, so actually,
fulfillment of the service. Yeah fulfillment of the service, yeah that takes up a lot of time. So think about all these
things that we have to do what happens is, for any one of us, you look at, okay I
gotta do this and do this and to do this, when you look at this this is very overwhelming, for anybody. And this is just a partial list. Your business might have 20 more things and five more things. Everyone one of us is a
little bit different, yes? – [Audience Members] Yes. – Okay, so with this going on most people that look at this they
what, what do they do? – [Woman In Audience] Panic. – Panic, they? – [Man In Audience] Procrastinate. – Procrastinate, they freeze. ‘Cause it’s too overwhelming.
– I was just thinking that. – Yeah, right, it’s overwhelming. So today I’m gonna give
you a way to organize this. You don’t, first of all, you don’t want all this in your head. That’s the worst thing you can do ’cause you get overwhelmed. Now if you just put all
of this in a to do list that’s not good either. That’s a very, it’s good, but it’s a very entry level entrepreneur. ‘Cause you put everything on a to do list and you kind of check it off,
I did this, and I did this. But are we doing the important things? So today I’m gonna give you
a way to organize this, okay? And we’re actually gonna put
it into practice right now. So think of all the tasks that you have, everything you’ve got. What I want you to do is I want you to group them into four categories. How many?! – [Audience Members] Four categories. – [Dan] How many? – Four.
– Four categories, okay? I taught this to Gary, maybe a couple of other members, but not all of you guys. Now this is for you if you are making less than half a mil and below. Net income, not revenue,
don’t count your revenue. You can’t spend revenue. So half a million below,
that’s what you focus on. So let me break it down for you. So you have lead gen, you have PMP, which is a personal media platform. You have money now and you
have money in the future. So give me some of the task again. Any one of them. – [Man In Audience] Paid
advertising for lead generation. – So paid advertising, let’s
put that in to, lead gen. Let’s more specifically say Facebook ads. Let’s do Facebook ads. Facebook ads. YouTube ads. Some other task? – [Man In Audience] Make a video. – Make a video, what would that fall into? – [Man In Audience] PMP. – [Dan] PMP, good. (audience member muffled) – What does that fall into? – [Man In Audience] In the (muffled). – [Man In Audience] Ignore it. (audience laughter)
Like me! – Huh, what, huh? – [Woman In Audience] It’s (muffled). – Yes, so what is it, which one? – [Man In Audience] Money in the future. – Money in the future, ’cause
you save money, taxes, right? So money in the future, bookkeeping right? Good. Give me another one. – Social media. – Be more specific, don’t just say, social media, be more specific. Is it posts on the Facebook? – [Woman In Audience] Posting on Facebook. – Okay, so posting on Facebook. Where does that fall into? – [Audience Members] PMP. – PMP, okay, so posting on Facebook. – [Man In Audience] Strategy. – Strategy, so, which one,
is it lead, is it PMP, is it money now, or is it money future? – [Man In Audience] All of them I think. – [Man In Audience]
Depends on the context. – That’s right. Depends on the strategy. Is it short term strategy,
is it a long term strategy? – [Man In Audience] Is creating strategies for clients, is that money now? – Think, so if you’re creating
a strategy for your client that’s the delivery of
money in the future. There’s no right or wrong,
think about what you do. So let me give an example. I am meeting with a potential client, I’m doing a strategy session, hopefully to convert them
into a long term client. That’s money now. I’m doing a strategy session for clients that I’m already getting paid, that’s retaining clients,
that’s money in the future. Make sense? So it depends on the client,
it depends on what you do. Let’s say for now, let’s put money, we’re just defining that as a
strategy session to convert. How’s that, okay? Give me a few more. I want to make sure you get this. – [Woman In Audience] Prospecting. – Prospecting, where does that fall into? – [Audience Members] Lead generation. – Lead gen, okay, be more specific, let’s say door knocking, okay? I want to be very
specific ’cause sometimes when we say, prospecting,
that’s so broad, right? So door knocking for what you do. – [Man In Audience] Under lead
generation, also referrals. – Referrals, what do you mean? – [Man In Audience]
Well ’cause I can either go spend money on an ad, let’s say if I had no money for ads, you’re a beginning entrepreneur. If I have people that trust
me and they know what I do and they can see value in it and I ask for a referral–
– How do you initiate that referral? – [Man In Audience] I think it starts by having a serious talk with that person that you know has a good set of– – So reaching out to your existing clients and asking for referrals
to generate leads right? – Yes.
– Good. ‘Cause you could also be putting together a referral system, that could
be money in the future, right? So it depends, for now, contacts,
so referral asking, right? Give me a few more. – [Man In Audience] Ranking a video with a lead magnet in it. – Okay, ranking a video,
so that would be what? – [Man In Audience] Lead generation. – Lead generation? PMP, lead generation? – [Man In Audience] I’m doing it for the purpose of lead generation. – Okay, lead generation, okay, alright. If you’re doing it for positioning and dominating the conversation,
that could be PMP, right? – [Man In Audience] Right. – But for now let’s put
ranking video in here. Good. Keep going, give me a few more. – [Man In Audience] Write an article. – Write an article, which
one would it fall into? – [Man In Audience] Probably PMP. – PMP right? So, article. Let’s do two more. Give me some, give me some money now. – [Man In Audience] Money
now and future kind of make it look (mumbling). – Yeah, give me some money now. – [Woman In Audience] Coaching call. – Coaching call, like you’re
getting paid, right now. So coaching call. Closing on the sales, right? Oh yeah that’s money right now, right? Money in here. What else? – [Des] Company meeting,
weekly company meeting. – No. (man in audience muffled) No. – [Audience Member On Left]
Client appreciation events. – Client appreciation, which
one does this fall into? – [Audience Member On Left] In the future. – Depends on how you do it. If you do it just to appreciate clients hopefully to strengthen a relationship it might fall into this. But if you are very strategic about it, right after the client appreciation event and you follow up and
you ask for a referral then it becomes this and also this. Okay? Give me, give me, so let’s for
now, say, appreciation event, let’s put it here, right? – [Man In Audience] Sales webinar. – Sales webinar, which
one does this fall into? – [Man In Audience] Money now. – Money now, right? Sales webinar. – [Woman In Audience] How about workshop. – [Dan] Yes, which one it falls into? – [Woman In Audience] Money now. – Money now, yes, workshop. ‘Cause it’s, we designed
to sell, to convert. Good. One more, give me one more. Where’s it, give me one. – Me?
– Yeah. – [Man In Audience] Selling ice cream. (audience laughing) – Selling ice cream? That’s fine, so money now, right? Yep, money now. – [Man In Audience] I’d have to say that goes under personal development. (audience laughing) – Okay, ice cream. Okay, now here’s what happens. Let’s say, pretend, in a moment you’re gonna
do this for your business. Categorize what you do on a weekly basis, put them into this. Now here’s the thing. Let’s say you create that
list and you show me the list. What if you have a lot of stuff, let’s say this is quite empty, you have a lot of money
now but very little money in the future, PMP, and lead gen. What does that tell me
about your business? – [Woman In Audience] It’s unstable. – Unstable, what else? – [Man In Audience] It’s
not a business it’s a job. – It’s a job. What are you focusing on? – [Man In Audience]
You’re in survival mode, you’re in desperation. – Yeah, that’s what it tells me, ’cause all your time and focus is on this, how to make money now. You’re not doing PMP,
you’re not doing lead gen. You’re just what? Right? Just making money, just
trying to pay the bills. Just try to close them sales
man, just to make some money. No money future, I’m not
even thinking that long term, that is strategic, so forget about that. So forget about that. So you’re thinking in terms, what if I am working on, let’s
say I’m a real estate agent, and I’m talking with a lot of people, I’m trying to establish relationships so I’m working on a lot
of money in the future but yet I’m not doing lead
gen, I’m not doing PMP, and I’m not closing clients. What happens? What does that tell me
about your business? So I have a lot of this but I don’t have a lot of these three. – [Man In Audience] Wasting
too much time, not actually– – Wasting a lot of time, okay. Not implementing. – [Woman In Audience] The
structure’s not working. – What would happen to my cash flow? – [Man In Audience] Cash
flow of zero, negative. – Steven? – [Steven] Well I mean the
only way to get to money now is by doing lead gen and
PMP, that’s how, that leads– – Not always, not always. – [Man Waving Hand] Yeah, if
you focus too much on the– – Not always.
– on the future. – [Man In Audience] Just for
example, whoever said that, if I just go to some
referrals I don’t have to do any of that, and I can
still make a sale and close. Just giving an example. – Yeah, not necessary. Now what if I have a lot of PMP, let’s say 80, 90% of stuff is all PMP, very little lead gen, very
little closing, money now, very little in the future. What does that tell you? – [Man In Audience] Sapphire. – Sapphire.
(audience laughter) Dewan, what does that tell you, what does that tell me about the business? – [Dewan] It may be unclear
about what you’re even– – [Man In Audience] There’s no offer. – [Dewan] Yeah. – There’s no? – [Dewan] There’s no offer. – There’s no offer. – [Man In Audience] It could
be a older business that’s, you’ve already modeled the
stuff in play, and you– – No I’m just saying your activities wise. ‘Cause if you own a business
is you’re converting sales, you’re making money. – [Man In Audience] It looks like a hobby to be honest with you, you
gotta find a new business. – You gotta find a new business, no. Think of a lot of those
social media influencers, big following, a lot of
engagement, no money, What do they focus on? – [Man] PMP, yeah. – No lead gen. – They’re just getting compensated from the–
– That was basically me joining DLIC, that’s where I was stuck. Just had great PMP and doing nothing else. – So you got, people like you, you got a big following
but where’s the money? You see this very common mistake. There’s no money now and
there’s no money in the future. So you look at this, you
dissect your own business, very clearly you know what to focus on. Now if, ideally you want it to be a quite balanced thing, right? You don’t want this to
be 80% all in the future or 80% just money now. You want to have, kind of like a table, think of this chair, maybe, even. You want to have four legs,
it should be quite equal. So as you’re working on
stuff don’t just say, hey. Sometimes if you’re in a survival mode, yeah I get it, money now,
let’s get some money now. No problem with that. But as you get over that, okay, I need to, I can’t just always
operate in this column, I need to kinda think and diversify and allocate some of my
resources and effort into this, I also think about just another. Now here’s the thing. What if you focus on these three, lead gen, PMP, money now, but you don’t focus on
money in the future. What happens? What happens? – [Man In Audience] You’re struggling, you’re living month to month, no plan. – Living month to month, no plan. – [Man In Audience] Overwork
yourself potentially. Just being stuck in the same– – [Woman In Audience] Feast or famine. – Yeah, feast or famine, right. And you’re not thinking, ’cause usually, think about the breakthrough
comes from this. Right, it could be that one relationship, it could be that one deal. But you say, hey I’m just
selling my stuff man. A lot of internet
marketers fall into this. I’m just selling my shit. Lead gen, money, lead gen, money. And money future, huh-uh, forget that shit, I
don’t think about that. Right? That’s a problem. No long term vision. Let me tell you something about money now. One of the most important thing when it comes to the money now category, this is all good. I can tell from my experience,
what’s the number one thing. Collecting. Collecting the money
you’re supposed to have. Making the sales, that’s not it. Making the sales versus
collecting the money, collecting is as important
as closing the sales. Make sense? Think about this. Collecting. Client on monthly recurring. Client accounts receivable. Collecting. When I get in the morning, collect. Collect. Collect. Especially if you’re
doing recurring, collect. I’ll tell you one thing I’ve learned. In recurring, let’s say what happens, let’s say you always, let’s say Dewan, you always
bill your client on the first. Hypothetically, okay. And the client was on vacation and somehow they were spending money and they kinda, they say max out the credit card. And this month it
doesn’t go through, okay? And when they on vacation
they won’t come back until the 10th. So you can’t really contact them. So from the first, now
you won’t see the money, maybe when they come back and say, hey, you know, you need to
update your credit card. No problem, sorry Dewan,
didn’t mean to do that. Now let’s say they update
the credit card on the 12th. Now you might not think
that’s not a big deal. It’s a big fucking deal. Because that 12th month,
that 12 days delay, I can tell you on average,
people update a credit card, this and that, happens
couple times a year. Next time this happens is
gonna delay another 10 days, or five days. When you do this enough, you
just lose one month of revenue. When you have 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 people, this happens, it’s a big problem. You see what I’m talking about? – [Woman In Audience] It’s
something to do with the quality of the clients because
some people just don’t pay, and they rely on you to
(voice trailing off). – Yeah, that’s part of
it, that’s part of it. But also, it’s our responsibility. Sometimes, ’cause we let it just, oh yeah, you know, they’ll pay. You just focus on closing sales. It’s an intention thing,
I’m talking just focus, versus I need to collect
money from that person. That’s an important thing. It’s just a habit of it, Dewan. – [Dewan] So I’m growing
a bit of a backbone now just in general, and
I’m seeing this already happening a little bit. I love the way that you’re charging us through PayPal automatically. And I’m trying to
actually remove invoicing, because I just wanna charge. I don’t wanna invoice and
then have to come back, and I’ve made the mistake
already with two of my clients. So, people moving forward
yeah, it’s money upfront. You’re using like a PayPal
product, to pay for DLIC. How do we custom make something
that’s quick enough that on the fly, because yeah, like
an SEO client, A versus B, the offer’s gonna be two
completely different things depending on their needs, right. So, is there a way that we can auto– – Yeah just use any,
let’s say even Stripe, any payment processing, recurring, just get their credit card, you just need their credit card. – [Man In Audience] I would
say (talking quietly). – [Man In Audience] Okay,
I’ll talk to you after– – Right, just Stripe,
anyone of those will work. – [Woman In Audience] You
can create a thing like unique buttons in PayPal too. – Yeah, unique buttons, right. – [Woman In Audience] It’s super quick. – [Man In Audience] Maybe somebody just could show me about that. – Yeah.
– Yeah, you wanna make it easy, right. Make it easy for them to do, okay. So lead gen, PMP, one more scenario. What if I am doing a lot of lead gen, let’s say 80, 90%, yet this is very empty. What does that tell
you about the business? Think. – [Man In Audience] Well first
off, your follow-up is weak. – No. – [Man In Audience] Your
offer’s not landing, your lead gen’s not a very
good type of lead gen. – So maybe not the right type of led gen, or the guy, or the girl,
terrible at closing. Or the offer, it’s not, it’s weak, right. So instead of, oh let me just focus on, let’s get more lead,
let’s make good money, you see how this gives
a very clear picture? So when you break down and you
group your stuff into this, if you see months all go by,
and it’s very off-balance, you’re very heavy on this,
and you have none of this, you got a problem, right. You’re heavy on this,
and you got none of this, you’ve got a problem. So you always wanna balance it out. And you say, oh you know,
I’m doin’ a lot of that, but also I think I need to
work on my lead gen a bit. I only got two things on my lead gen and I got a bunch of this stuff on here. No good, let’s me, reallocate my time, invest my time into building
some of this, or the PMP. So you wanna be very, very balanced. Now we all have month that’s
off balance, all the time, depends on what you’re working on. But you want it to be
focusing on some effort into all these things. Make sense? So just break it down. – Dan.
– Yes. – Is personal development,
like reading books and stuff, that’s all money in the future? – No, it doesn’t fall into
any of these categories. That’s why I said, learning doesn’t count. Because until you take what
you learn and implement, that does not count. Now it doesn’t mean we, of
course we need to learn. But I just want to make
sure you don’t think it’s, a lot of people, they will, Jack was like that,
reading books and stuff. And you think, oh it’s
money in the future. That’s not money in the future,
that’s money in your mind. (audience laughing) Right? Product extension, right? No that’s not mon, that’s
money in your mind. Yes. – [Woman In Audience] Dan,
can you give me a little bit more example of money in
the future besides the (muffled) relationship
or through JV potential– – Yeah, doing JVs, it could also be, let’s say I’m working on something that, a big deal, that might be huge PMP. Let’s say I’m trying to
get on a TV interview, I’m trying to get on Oprah, right. Once I get that, shit,
everything will work, right. That might be a potential. Or it could also be sometimes,
I’m working on a deal that I find someone that could
integrate with my business, that could save me a whole bunch of money. That I could outsource too,
that also is huge, right. If Vic and I were thinking we’d do, if outsource sort of like,
even lead gen and stuff, we want to outsource, that
could be money in the future. But we’ve gotta have
this stuff working first. So this is very, very clear. So this, you look at what you do, put it into this framework. You know what’s going on, that’s be your own best consultant, right. If you show me this it’s very clear. I could just, hey, what’s
wrong with this picture? And you’ll say, well, yeah, I can see I’m very heavily on this. And I don’t have any PMP,
shit, no wonder I’m struggling. I’m always trying to chase clients. I don’t, if you show me your activities I will know exactly
what’s happening, right. You have a lot of this, no cash flow. This, oh you’re just
always selling, you’re not, people are not coming to
you, you’re going to people. Make sense, right? – [Man In Audience]
What’s the ideal weight? – 25, 25, 25, 25. – [Man In Audience] Every day? – Right, on a weekly basis. Yes, Steven. – [Steven] Yeah, I see myself in there, massively battling– – (laughing) Good, it’s
good, it’s the first step. – [Steven] So part of it like for me is, diving more into figuring
out the lead gen and being, and doing more of that. Because I find myself chasing clients– – That’s right, that’s
right, so sometimes, so it could be a new
member that comes to me and say, hey Dan, I’ve got this problem, but that’s actually not their problem, their problem is this. That’s why it’s not so
easy to say, hey Dan, where do I find clients? Where do I find clients? That’s why I said to Jack,
I’ve already showed you how to find, no, but
where do I find clients? They don’t see it. This helps you see it. This, you see it, there’s no, it’s so obvious, very, very obvious. Now, let me give you one piece. I’m talking about, this is
half a mil, right, below. Yes, Steven. – [Steven] So do you have like a board or something like that? – Yeah, my white board,
that’s what I have. So my tasks, I break into all this stuff. I have a bunch of this stuff,
I bought a bunch of stuff, I got a bunch of this
stuff, that’s what I have. For myself, that’s what I
use over the years, right. That’s what I develop. Now obviously, let me give
you also another piece. For half a million up, from my experience, you need to add two more columns, and that is system and team building. If you’re half a million up,
you need to add two more piece. – [Woman In Audience]
What are they called? – System and team building. And, just like a told Dewan,
don’t focus so much on that until you get to a certain point. Focus on this, focus on this first. Right, sometimes I say,
don’t worry about that stuff. When you get to a certain point, yeah, you can do more of that stuff. – [Man In Audience] System
and what was the other one? – Team building. – [Man In Audience] What
about fulfillment though? – Yes see, the fulfillment
aspect, your activities. Let’s say you are charging monthly, right. That falls into, to
me, money in the future because it’s monthly reoccurring, right? Make sense? Right. Or you need to collect,
you collect half the money, and you gotta finish the work to collect the other half, right. Then put the money down. – [Man In Audience] Where I’ve
been running into problems is the place is, that I
have to be involved in the cost of fulfillment. So, I mean, fulfillment
for me is 20, 30 hours. That’s a lot of time to– – Yeah, yeah. And what happens as you
do this more and more, you find that your highest
income producing activities is not fulfillment. It’s never fulfillment. That’s why Dewan said,
I can sell this stuff, I can close, I can find
someone else to fulfill it. That’s a good way of thinking. – [Man In Audience] Yeah
well I finally found about, well I found guys– – Yeah. – [Man In Audience] But yeah
now it’s time to delegate that, I don’t see a big problem there. – Right. So if you wanted, half a million up, system and team building. If you want to integrate
with your personal life obviously you could have
like, health, family, how you allocate your time, right. Spirituality, if you wanna do that, you can do that too. That’s what I’m saying,
you jut break it down. Then you know how you’ll
allocate your time. – [Man In Audience] So,
limiting belief maybe, but I don’t think I can have
a 500,000 take home business without heavy fulfillment in the (muffled by paper flipping). Like I think I can maybe
do the same 25 take home, maybe, by myself-ish. – Yeah, what I’m saying
is, get there first. Get there first. – [Man In Audience] You’re
not gonna share them at some point. – Yeah, get there first. Get this stuff working, ’cause this stuff takes
time, this stuff is easy. It’s much easier than you think. To hire someone, stuff
doesn’t take that long. Building a PMP takes time. But most people, you can
see sometimes, guess what, they try to systemize and team
building and all this shit. And they’re making 80K a year. I say team building for what? You’re not making enough
to team do anything. You can’t pay anybody
to do any get good work. You have to hire all these people who are like cheap as fuck,
that’s why they do bad work. Don’t you know what I mean? – [Man In Audience]
What’s your thoughts on hiring a VA then, you think I should not, and I mean I know it’s still been– – No, no, I’m not saying,
don’t take it literally. Don’t take it literally. I’m not saying, if you’re below half a mil then you cannot hire a person,
that’s not what I’m saying. I’m strictly talking about
your own productivity and activities, right? How you allocate the time. So let me give you a couple minutes. I want you to work on this now, okay. Here’s a quick quote. High performance people
focus on not on the price but on the moment. Focus on what? – [Audience] The moment. – Focus on what you’re doing now to break through your performance. To break through your performance, you’ve got to break
through your psychology. To break through your performance, you’ve got to break
through your psychology. So what holds you back
very often, inner demons, limiting belief, all that BS. It’s always after you.
– Third column again. The spelling, yeah.
– Health. Health.
– Oh health, okay. – Health, it could be family,
it could be spirituality, whatever you wanna do, right? – [Man In Audience] I
couldn’t read that, sorry. – That’s my Chinese character writing. (audience laughing) – [Man In Audience] Sorry,
I can only read Japanese. – Perfect, perfect. So let’s give you a couple moment. Write down the four columns. If you’re doing half a million up, do the six columns,
system and team building. But if you’re doing half a
million and below, do that. And write down, let’s say
I give you a few minutes, and write down 15 things, how many? – [Man In Audience] 15. – 15 things that you do on a
regular basis in your business and just put into four columns. Okay, and see how, if it fits, am I putting in the right column? And you can discuss with each other too, hey, you know, what do you think of this? Should this be money now? Should this be money in the future? So it should be that kind of discussion. Okay, let me give you
five minutes to do that. – [Woman In Audience]
Dan, can I take a look at the last slide? – Sure, this one? Is pre-selling. That’s what PMP’s all about. Pre-selling. I’m pre-selling, pre-qualifying,
the ideal prospects for me. Through my content. So when they do get to talk to me, or they get into my funnel, they are half, they’re aware what I do. There’s a certain amount
of trust been established, that’s what I’m talking about. – [Man In Audience] Okay so– – [Man In Audience] Say
I’ve got a good client, then you should switch PMP and lead gen, and just to make it almost more clear. – Because I think this is
the orders of importance. Yes, Cindy. – [Cindy] Is the landing page is leads? – Landing page is just a landing page. – [Cindy] Is it not sales in the– – No.
– But it’s gonna sit there on an island if you
don’t do something with it. – Yeah, if you do something
with a landing page, and you drive Facebook traffic, something, or PMP traffic to it, then it’s lead gen. – [Cindy] Okay so then, that’s a lead gen. – Yeah, see how you think about it? – Yeah.
– So, doing that doesn’t mean anything yet. It’s like you have a car,
but you don’t fuel into it, you’ll not go anywhere yet. – [Man In Audience] So your distinction, just so I’m clear here,
there’s no point in doing PMP if you have no lead gen. – Yeah. – Thought so, okay.
– Yeah. – ‘Cause you can do a
lot of PMP and be broke. – [Man In Audience] Yeah. – [Man In Audience] Well that’s a PMP without a call to action,
right, is that a– – Without a clear offer, a
good offer, a compelling offer or some kind of funnel, yes. So you could, you see a
lot of people do this. Think of like, people do PMP stuff, oh, big following doesn’t mean
any, I was talking, right? You Jack, you totally
experienced this, right? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. So, these need to be simultaneous. What happens is, if you
do it well together, you’re PMP will help your
conversion with lead gen. ‘Cause there’s more pre-selling. And more lead gen you
have, perfect example, let’s say I’m driving,
I’m using Facebook ads, I’m driving them to an
opt-in lead, opt-in page. Simple. On a thank you page, I told
Carl the same thing, right? Drive them to join your
Facebook group, that’s my PMP. So the more lead gen I
have, the bigger my PMP is, the more pre-selling I have. Now the more members I
have, at the same time, maybe more people opt-in to
my lead magnet, when I o, more people opt-in to my webinar, so I can convert them into money now. So it should work very well. So, work well together, not as separate. I’m trying to teach you
how to integrate it. Right, it’s not just,
this is my right punch, this is my left punch. This is my right kick,
this is my left kick, which one is better? Depends on where is the opening. Right, depends where’s the opening. Now although, for myself,
I’m leaning, as you know I’m more an advocate of
this, not out of balance, more advocate of this because I found out when this is strong,
this is my lead punch. When this is good, this,
this, this all becomes easier. When I have a strong reputation and brand, easier to close deals. Easier for them to opt into my stuff. Easier for me to do JV
with other influencers. Because this is strong. When this is not strong, I find that I, from before, I always have
to do a lot of convincing, a lot of selling. A lot of like, just like pushing. I don’t wanna do that. So, I’m very heavily on this. Now, what’s the downside of PMP? Takes longer, takes more consistency. This is quick, this is quick. This is quick. This is not quick. But this is the kinda the long
term important piece, right. So something to think about. Finish that, give a couple, last minute, 30 second, one minute. Four columns. – [Woman In Audience] So
webinar would essentially be money now, but if you’re
working on automating a webinar that’d be money in the future. – Yes, that’s right, you got it. Good, very good, very good. Very, very good. – [Man In Audience] And
I think that, you know, I’ve done better in terms
of allocating my time during the day, but now
this makes me think, the next week, I want to
record everything that I do and take a look at it. – (laughing) Yes. – [Man In Audience] ‘Cause I’m
writing all these things down right, all the paths that you go through, but really I wanna see, and
go back to see if really, I’m being honest with myself and– – So basically time log, right, yeah. – [Man In Audience] Yeah,
just time log, I mean– – [Man In Audience] Remember
when Dan taught us how to do calendar blocking. – Yep, you could do that too.
– Yeah I know, I just do that. Everything I do is just
chuck it the calendar. – Chuck it the calendar. – [Man In Audience] If
it’s on the calendar, I’m gonna do it. – [Man In Audience]
Yeah but then, but then I get distracted with
different things, right. – Yeah. – [Man In Audience] But
that’s why I need to– – [Man In Audience] Actually
go back and fill in the, backfill in– – You’ll see, but good,
very good, yeah, absolutely. – [Man In Audience] Just
to make sure that I’m, ’cause I do calendar block too, but man, I’m sure that I’m leaking
all over the place. – And you will see your weak area. And also this tells you some
of the stuff that you have, this is shit, I don’t need to do, why am I even doing this? That’s what I want you to think, right. This doesn’t fit into any of this shit. You get to be like very,
people are very busy and don’t produce results, you look at their to-do
list compared to this, there’s no correlation. They’re just busy doing shit, right. – [Man In Audience] Organize
my office, paper shuffling. (audience laughing) – Yeah, people are very
good with that stuff. – [Man In Audience] Yeah,
there’s people that are– – They’re very good with that stuff. They could, a month gone
by, what have you done? Oh yeah, organized my
thing, I talked to some pe, I talked to some potential
people, it doesn’t mean shit. Which one? Be very clear. None, business struggling, 100%, right. So I’m very disciplined,
I look at what I do. Okay, it better fall into this. And this would help me,
sometimes I come up with, like I’m creative too. So I come up with a lot of ideas. And I will look at this, actually, that doesn’t fit into any of this stuff. So maybe I’ll put it on the back burner or maybe I’ll revisit it in the future. Or I might start doing
something and I look at this, well, yeah, it kind of, it falls into that but that’s actually what
I need, not right now, I actually need some of this stuff, right. See what I mean? Now what happens is,
as I’m adding my list, and I wanna add one more
piece so you get this. Add learning to it, as you are, let’s say you wanna do lead
gen, and you have three ways that you know of to lead gen. And you say I’m doing my best
with those three already, but I’m still not getting
enough leads, what’s wrong? Now the learning kicks in. ‘Cause my lack of knowledge
is restricting me. I only know three. What if you know 30 ways to lead gen? Now I can filter and
say, oh I can do these 10 instead of these three. So the learning has to fit with
what you want to accomplish. – [Man In Audience] You’re
learning with a purpose, rather than just learning
for the sake of learning. – Let’s say I’m doing a lot of lead gen, I’m doing a lot of PMP,
I’m not closing sales. What do I need to learn? Closing on the phone. That would give me the
breakthrough I want, right. Steven. – [Steven] So looking at
the weakness is a start, I mean learning is a big part of it, but also the demons following you. – Oh all of that, yeah. – [Steven] So then, focusing
on that one column, that’s– – Yeah, and that’s why I
gave you the inner demons last time first, kind of lay a foundation. This is just practical implementation. You just look at your stuff
and see where you’re at. Good? – [Man In Audience] Super good. – Yeah, this is awesome.
– Good. – [Man In Audience] I
think part of the reason why I came here originally
was because of this whole self-sabotage thing where, you know, you put everything into one,
so all this, one column– – Boom! – And what you’re gonna
do, from human perspective what people do, naturally,
is do the easy stuff first. So you just, one column,
it’s like all the shit, it’s like holy smokes, I’ll
make sure that I get this done. – [Dan] Yeah, because it feels good. It feels good, yeah. Oh yeah, I just need to return this email, it feels, it’s easy. – And then you have all this
other stuff that just like, okay I’ll do it tomorrow. I think you mentioned– – [Dan] Yeah, doesn’t get done. It does not get done. – [Man In Audience] Email
responses way down (muffled). – [Dan] Yes, yes, Dewan. – [Dewan] It’s interesting like, yes, I’ve had all my own mental bullshit, but the only reason
why I’ve made any money in the last two weeks is (popping). No, actually, putting the
fucking offer out there with a lead gen. I’m actually like, here now– – [Dan] Buy some stuff. – I’m realizing that I have no application for Press-eo, I’ve got no
application for my mentorship. I have no lead magnet out
on the market, so no shit. – [Dan] No shit, and then you’re, how come sale doesn’t come in? They can’t fucking buy! – I uploaded that one video– – [Dan] Right, Carl, they
can’t buy. (laughing) – I uploaded one video
that I did of when I spoke. And then I just put an
offer out, and open my mind. So, all the sudden I realized that, yeah I’ve been focusing
on money later, money now, and maintaining my PMP. Well dude, that’s a
weekend, and you’ll have– – And that’s why this tells you the truth. And that’s why I love business, I love martial art, like
from my Sifu, he said, “You know why I love martial art? “It’s so fucking honest.” You can talk the good
game, you can talk shit, you can say, I’m tough. I touch hands in three seconds,
I find about the true you. Are you a coward, are you
actually good, are you BS? Three seconds, I know. Touch hands, immediately. It’s so honest. Business is the same thing. You can talk about this,
and talk about that, and yeah I know marketing. Results, that’s it. How many clients, how much are you making? Everything else is all talk. This is very, very honest, it’s a self-reflection thing, right. And that’s why it’s interesting. I love that part of it, it’s so honest. And that’s why, honestly
look at what you do, and you just look at it every month. I’m just asking, look once a month, right. Look uh-huh, what’s going on. Use it all the time, on your
white board or in your computer and just look at it. And when you’re off balance,
you know, immediately. Oh shit, I’m doing a lot, so you may be, in a period of time, go through a lot of this,
and then you’re like, no, no, I need some of that too, right. I need some of those big deals, maybe that would give me a breakthrough, take me to the next level. I also need to, yeah, I’ve got PMP, but maybe I need a different
kind of PMP, all right. Or I might need to change that
up to attract better clients. So our goal really, the whole thing, it’s about going back to these columns. And you continually make it better, slightly, gradual improvement. Gradual improvement, that’s it. – [Man In Audience] And it
doesn’t have to be a long list on each of them, it just
could be three and three– – It doesn’t, it doesn’t. But sometimes, chances
are for most of you guys, for all of us, you gotta
try a bunch of shit to find the top three. If you just try three, you
might think this is it, but if you try 10, you come
up with a better three. Right, so that’s why most, like Jack, challenge, you’re not trying enough shit. You try one and try two, oh
that didn’t work that well. Well how many things you’ve tried? You try enough, I’ve tried so many things at an early age, that’s
okay, I know enough stuff that what works for me,
what doesn’t work for me, then I know, I’m very clear. So a lot of stuff now,
I don’t need to do that. I’m not going to go to a
networking and network, period. Works for some people,
just doesn’t work for me. So I totally eliminate that from my list. What I need to do is show up as a speaker. How to get speaking gig,
how to get the positioning, that’s my skill, I do that, all day long. – [Man In Audience] Is speaking
also part of your (muffled). – Yes, so if you’re speaking,
your generating appointment, you’re doing this. If you’re speaking,
you’re selling something from the platform, it’s this, right? Yeah, and also it builds your PMP too. ‘Cause you have that
authority positioning. So what Andre is thinking
about the trade show, Andre is actually trying
to do multiple of these at the same time. What were you doing, that’s
why I gave him a task. Think about this, his going
there before was like a draw. Hopefully I’ll get some
business, do a free search, I’ll follow up. He’s trying to focus on
the money in the future and lead gen. I’m tweaking it into, screw that, let’s make an offer now
and sell them something. Sell them something right now. To the back, PMP, people walking around. What is this three month factory thing? Money in the future, that’s why
I give them the little book. So that, to people who
are not ready to buy, they have something, have staying power. They might sift through
that a year from now, that they might buy something from me. So I turn the thing and I
expand it differently, right. Just change it. He could’ve done these two,
but I wanna do these three. Same trade show, same you own the network. Big difference in results. Okay, let’s do lunch. Great, but keep talking
about it during lunch too. Just think of…


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