How To Use Instagram For Business

How To Use Instagram For Business

How would you like to build your
business, know how to really build your business using Instagram well that’s not
going to talk about in this video hey what’s up guys my name is Chalene
Johnson I’m a New York Times bestselling author I you might know me from
late-night TV Fitness infomercials but I’m completely
obsessed with building people’s businesses and doing it with social
media it’s so freaking cool it’s fun and it doesn’t have to be as complicated as
what you think and I know you’ve been thinking about Instagram and so many
people are like I just don’t get it like if if I’m not doing like nails and hair
or like a fitness competitor just Instagram work for me yeah yeah duh
like it is a gold mine oh I’m so excited that you’ve tuned into this video
because I’m going to share with you my top four tips and these tips are things
that take into a consideration all of the new changes at Instagram because
there’s been a lot of them and in fact even things that I’ve taught in the last
couple of years well they’ve been updated so the first and most important
thing for you to understand is you need to get on Instagram and you need more
than one account you’re like but wait a second I don’t even have one account I
don’t even know if I for sure want to do this okay fine you can start with one
account if you want but I’m here to tell you that you’re multifaceted right like
I am and so for me the toughest part about Instagram is figuring out like
well do I make fitness videos but like I’m really not you know that’s not my
passion my passion is helping people build their business so should I do an
account that’s like geared towards people building their business and
social media but I’m also kind of obsessed with like all things fashion
and girl and makeup and flowers and beautiful things and like so should I
post those kinds of things or should just post about my family and like who I
am here’s the deal all of those things yes
on Facebook as one account but on Instagram each and every single one of
those interests is a separate account what I know here’s why why you
understand like so if you look at my personal account I think I’ve over three
hundred close to four hundred thousand followers on Instagram but that’s just
the tip of the iceberg where the real exciting work happens that is building
my business behind the scenes are the other accounts that I’ve created that
aren’t my face that are me on video but the the type of content that’s
attracting people like you how do I know because you wouldn’t be even watched
this video to this point if you weren’t interested in building your business and
I’m trying to attract people to work with me who are like me who who don’t
want to spend their whole day like on their phone right like looking at
Instagram you want to enjoy your life but you still want to find people who
are ideal lifers as I call them the people you want to work with so the way
that you do that is by creating what I call feature accounts those are accounts
to provide a very specialized niche type content that’s of value so for example
you’ve probably seen accounts that are all fashion and you’ve probably seen
accounts that are all Bible quotes and you’ve probably seen accounts that are
all ideas for working out and accounts that are all great gluten free recipes
that’s what I’m talking about where your singular count represents one specific
type of interest and niche so that if that’s what I’m looking for I’m going
back to your account each and every day right I don’t have to wonder like oh why
is she posting this picture of her dog I really don’t care I was looking for
gluten free recipes so chalene how do we create additional accounts all you need
is an email address so create a gmail account using the same exact name you’re
going to use for your Instagram accounts so say for example that I’m going to
create an account that’s just based on interior design so I might call it
Schillings interior design at and boom now I have another email
address and I can create as many feature accounts as I can create names okay but
surely there’s not a lot of work no because you’re posting like one photo a
day it can be stock photo it can be using other people’s obviously with
their permission but most people like to be featured but you can use other
people’s photos and videos and just feature their content as a way of
highlighting they’re tremendously exciting very niche related work okay
next tip we’re applying through these right the next thing if you’re really
truly like if we’re not talking about a popularity contest right like I’m sure
you’re very popular in high school and I’m sure you also know someone who is
very popular in high school and it’s like
well where are they now mm-hmm bald with a big old good right like being popular
isn’t all it’s cracked up to be what’s more important is being like authentic
and legit am i right I know I am you know if you’re there for
a popularity contest good luck to you I am NOT your girl I’m not here to help
you I’m here to help you find like real right the same kind of people you want
to hang out with in real life real authentic so it’s not quantity its
quality and the way you do that is by really interacting so I have let’s see
one two three four five six about seven different Instagram accounts am i
interacting on all of them no I’m interacting on a few of them and
the other accounts I’m outsourcing now if you’re new in business you’re going
to be like what outsourcing what are you talking about well fine just start with
your account maybe a secondary account and it really just boils down to staying
on for about twenty minutes after you posted your photo or video and
interacting with people who are kind enough to leave a comment or they’re
tagging one of their friends hello hello if they’re tagging one of their
friends that’s someone who they’re saying hey you would like this stuff you
two should meet it’s like a virtual introduction there
they’re actually bringing someone to you who’s your ideal customer you should
like at least say thank you it’s just good manners your mom told you to say
thank you and please and take your shoes off when you come in the house okay the
next thing you this is cool this is all new like no one’s talking about this yet
but they will be after this video there used to be a popular page right on
Instagram and you would like see pictures of like Kim Kardashian and
Justin Bieber and like other super like too much boobs hanging out and like too
much of this and too much of that and those are like all the popular page on
Instagram and then everyone’s know there’d be like some random cute dog
photo and it was just like what was popular in your country now Instagram
gets it and you’re like I don’t really care about that stuff if you notice
Instagram when you go to your explore page which is what you do buy I just
want double check to make sure I’m doing this right you click on that little tiny
like magnifying glass thingy right when you click on that what it will do is
populate your explore page with similar content that oh it’s like loading it’s
just going to keep you it’s going to show you all kinds of photos and posts
that are very similar to the things you’ve been liking hmm so if you ever
steal your boyfriend’s phone and what pops up is a bunch of scantily clad
ladies you know what he’s been liking I digress what you do want to do though is
use that to your advantage so like let’s say I’m trying to interact with more
business minded people like you so what I would want to do is try to avoid
clicking like on all the cute kitten and puppy photos and I would try to find
someone who’s posted a like maybe a business quote or something I might
maybe even go to my hashtags in search social media bootcamp or social media
tips and someone who’s who’s posted that and use that hashtag then I might like a
couple of their photos and a couple of other people’s photos have used that
same hashtag and then BAM you know what I have I have an explorer page populated
with exactly the kind of people I’m looking for so yo if you’re looking for
people who want to know how to knit I don’t know like seriously you can be
that niched you just type in that hashtag like a bunch of their photos and
bam there they are they just appear for you in your explore page well then what
do I do with them chalene well that’s my next step you’ve got to start liking
interacting and commenting like we like people who like us isn’t that funny how
that works so when you’re having conversations with them when you’re
talking to them when you’re liking their last 5 photos they’re like who is this
person that’s like liked my last five photos and then they go to your page and
they’re like oh dang this person’s into knitting two and it looks like they sell
a knitting Academy or they have a blog all about knitting griffey do you know
that that’s like a thing do you know that knitting graffiti I’m not even
kidding so I kind of picture like 80 year old women all dressed in black with
like their knitting needles and they come out late at night and they knit
things I don’t know if that’s what it looks like but anyways I digress my
point is no matter how oddly strangely niched it is that thing that you offer
that thing that represents your business even if it’s a brick and mortar you can
find you can find people in your own hometown ten miles away from you if
that’s what you’re looking for local customers you can find them search local
hash tag and then only like people have been
using those local hashtags and guess what yes your Explorer page will say
here you go all of these people are exactly like the people you’re looking
like you don’t see equivalent to it’s almost like a look-alike audience on
Facebook and if you don’t know what that is you better subscribe to my YouTube
videos because I’m all about giving you the inside insiders tips the know-how
how to build your business on a shoestring budget how to really grow
your business using social media not just grow followers and likes and be
more popular but legitimately build your business cool I hope you guys loved this
contest much as I do I’m obsessed with social media it’s fun it’s much easier
if you know the know-how right so I actually have a free training for you
did I say free I did if you’re watching this on YouTube which I assume you are
all you have to do is click that little box over there and you will immediately
be taken to where you can find those tips anyways I want to make sure you’ve
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be sure to subscribe share it with your friends and then leave me a comment let
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don’t let yourself don’t know what I’m trying to say is what I’m trying to say
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