How to use Online Tools to be Productive in Business

How to use Online Tools to be Productive in Business

When running my business, I need
systems in place to be the most productive
with my time. Hi. My name is Sue B Zimmerman, and
I want to tell you about my favorite tools to run
a successful business. The one that keeps my team
members in check is Basecamp. Basecamp is a web-based based
project management site. I use it to manage projects
with multiple members. All of our discussions, to-do
lists, and documents on specific projects are
kept in one place. The second one is TimeTrade. TimeTrade is an online
appointment scheduling system. I have a link on my email
signature, my website, and a custom tab on Facebook where
clients can easily check in and make an appointment
with me. It syncs to my iCal so clients
can choose the time that is convenient for them. This is where I convert
interested leads into paying clients. You’ve got to love that. This is how I stay
productive 24/7. If you like this video, please
click the link below and subscribe to my YouTube
channel. Also come over to Sue B
Zimmerman to get more tips on how to be a business rock star.


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