How Your To-Do List is Killing Your Productivity – Dan Lok

How Your To-Do List is Killing Your Productivity – Dan Lok

(upbeat music) How many of you are
like uhhhh not so clear? Be honest. How many… So what’s in between. ‘Cause some of you didn’t put your hand. What’s in between? Some of you were like ha. I’m kinda clear, I’m not so clear. Okay let me check. How many are crystal clear? Crystal clear? Okay. Okay. How many are not so clear? Need some work on that. Okay good. Good. So write this down. Business is a team sport. Business is what? Team sport. This is not one man show. One woman show. Business is a team sport
because business is competitive. What is it? It’s competitive. You want the smartest people, you want the strongest
people on your team. There’s a great saying if
you’re the smartest person on a team your business is in trouble. And it’s very, very true. If you’re the smartest person on your team your business in trouble. I know that’s a limitation. Because probably what it tells me is you’re not comfortable hiring
people that smarter than you. Now what is that come from? Tell me. Yell the answer. – [Man] Insecurity. Hmm? – [Man] Insecurity. Insecurity. Yes, hell yeah. High five man that’s awesome. Insecurity is actually a
sign of low self esteem because you’re not comfortable
surrounding yourself, our self esteem’s not high enough to surround yourself with people smarter ’cause you always wanna be the smartest, you always wanna have the right answer, you always wanna be the one
they come to for advice. Instead developing leaders
and finding leaders around you and say you know what? You guys do your thing. My goal is just I’m the
guy who has the vision and I don’t have all the answers
but I’m very compelling. I know that’s the vision
I want to accomplish. Any help that I can get
I’m open to receive. Does that make sense? Yes? Okay. So many years ago I used to have a… How many of you have a
to-do list that you have? Okay. How many of you don’t have a to-do list? Then what the fuck do you have? (laughing) Seriously what do you have? Nothing. Okay that’s interesting. (laughing) We gotta do a class on productivity
or something like that. Okay. Many years ago I have a to-do list. I have a what? – [Audience] To-do list. And it’s long. ‘Cause I’m this control
freak and perfectionist. My to-do list at a time was
probably five, seven pages Word document kind of items
and it would feel good and I would have a to-do thing and then cross it out, cross it out. How many of you feel good
when you crossing out items from to-do list? Okay and that’s what I had. And I was making decent money, probably six figure a year. But also that’s the problem. Then I evolved, then I learned
that I don’t just want to have my to-do list. I want to have an other
people’s to-do list. What is it? Other people’s to-do list. So I would have another
people’s to-do list and started developing and
that thing gets thicker and thicker and thick and thicker and actually my to-do list
gets shorter and shorter and shorter. Shorter. Everyday now the way I operate is if I invite you to my
office I work from home and you’ll see on my wall I would have what I call the big five. Everyday five big things I
want to accomplish everyday. Big stuff. Everyday and I would
usually in the morning okay. Today I got to call this
partner or I got to set up this or I got to come up map of the strategy for that company. Or whatever it might be. I gotta review. So five things. Very simple. Not a ton of stuff. And everyday I wanna make sure I don’t get off work until
I finish these five things. Now what’s interesting is
sometimes it would take me hours to do these. It would take me a good day to do it. Sometimes it only takes me
an hour to finish the whole thing. Now let me ask you a question. If I’ve got five things on my list, the big five in the morning and I finish it and I cross it out. Let’s say I got it done by 12 noon time. What do I do for the rest of the day? Celebrate, good yes. Everybody say celebrate. – [Audience] Celebrate. Yep and what else do I do? Plan for tomorrow’s to-do list which takes about five minutes or so. Seriously what else do I do? – [Woman] Read. Read maybe learn yes. But not the right answer yet. What do I do with the rest of the time? – [Man] Self develop. Self develop maybe. Maybe. – [Man] Golf. Mmmm. I don’t golf by the way. I don’t golf. – [Woman] Help other people. Help other people but
it’s too vague. Too vague. – [Woman] Add value to it. If you were me what would you do? – [Woman] Have lunch. Have lunch. Relax. Right? Okay. But what would you do? You’re done for that day. What would you do? – [Man] I would continue working. How many of you continue working, find more stuff to do? Okay. That’s the fucking problem. Not the answer. Not the answer. But that’s a habit right now, right? Not the answer. What else do you do? – [Woman] Spend time with family. Spend time with family maybe. Maybe. – [Woman] Sleep. Sleep. I sleep a lot already
so that’s not quite it. Here’s what it is. I would think. Think. Most entrepreneurs you’re not
taking enough time to think ’cause when you’re running
like this can you think? No you can only… When you get off the hamster
wheel then you think. Now with me I usually think
with a pad like this, right? And then a pen. I just sit there and I think. And it’s almost like I’m, if you observe it’s almost like
I’m daydreaming a little bit but I just think. Yes. – [Man] How do you incorporate
meditation into that? Oh awesome. So every morning for those of you know, I do my… When I get up in the morning brush, shower, and then I do my
gratitude exercise every morning which how many of you have heard that? My recording. Yeah I do that first 10, 15 minutes. To me meditation doesn’t
quite work for me. Like sitting there still and just that doesn’t quite work for me but the attitude, the gratitude
exercise that works for me. So I go through that after I’m done then I have a breakfast
and everything else. That’s just what I do. Okay. Now meditation doesn’t equal thinking. They’re two different things. I’m just talking about
thinking about your business. It’s almost let your mind go blank. Because how many of
you had this experience when you maybe you’re
showering, you’re driving, or you’re doing whatever or
you’re walking down on the street and suddenly you come
up with a brilliant idea? How many have done that before? Yeah. Those ideas don’t come when you are like that. Those ideas only come when
you’re totally relaxed and you’re not thinking about it and
bam suddenly that one thing, that one idea transformed your business. Yes? That’s what I’m talking about. Taking time to think. And thinking about all my companies, I kinda think through it
and I pace back and forth. If you actually observe again, in my office ask Jenny I’m
always pacing back and forth and talking to myself. Truly. How many of you talk to yourself? Yeah I do that. I talk to myself and I
draw on the whiteboard and I cross on the whiteboard
and just thinking about stuff. And then I think. I do that a lot. I take about an hour at least
an hour a day just thinking. A lot of you haven’t sit down and be still and think about business a long time. ‘Cause it’s so much
easier to just be busy. It’s so much easier. Henry Ford said it best. Thinking is the hardest work there is that’s why so few people engage in it. It’s tough work. It feels like you’re not doing any work. It’s way easier just go
fuck around on Facebook. How many spend way too
much time on Facebook? David doesn’t count ’cause
David manages my social media. You don’t count. You should be on Facebook. But how many spend way too much time? Social media stuff like that, right? Yeah. I spend about 10 minutes
a day on Facebook. Even I think that is
a bit too much for me. Okay. And that’s why people
sometimes Facebook me and this and that I’m not there. I’m not fucking there. Yes. – [Man] I can’t even get a… Just sometimes look at the
negative side of things then… Like you mean in your business? – [Man] Yeah. Like there’s some challenges
and stuff like that? – [Man] Yeah. I’m not a guy that believes
in positive thinking. I don’t believe in that. If anything I believe in negative thinking because I know that motivation is good but for most entrepreneurs
desperation’s even better. So sometimes, it’s kind of
nuts to think about this because I’m so comfortable with my life I would sometimes purposely
and I don’t advise this to everybody but I would
purposely throw myself in situation where I’m backed in a corner. I gotta make shit happen. Make myself uncomfortable. Don’t wanna be too comfortable. So I would challenge myself that way. That’s just the crazy in me. Not about seeing positive but with me I don’t focus so much on mistakes. It’s again personal. I just focus on a solution. So when I think about
stuff maybe this business is struggling, gotta turn it around. What is not working? Well what could work? Come up with five things
that can make it work. What about 10 things
that I can make it work? – [Narrator] 10 times your finances. 10 times your business. 10 times your marketing. 10 times your life. Hit the subscribe button now.


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