I Earned P100K From My Online Jobs In The Philippines – My Home Based Online Jobs Income March 2018

I Earned P100K From My Online Jobs In The Philippines – My Home Based Online Jobs Income March 2018

And the total money I’ve earned from my Agency Account in UpWork is $1,092. So this is the break down for my home based jobs monthly income last March. If we convert this to Philippines peso, the total I earned last March is approximately 100,000 pesos. Hi Guys, this is John Piquero. And in this video I will share to you how much I earned last March this year. I’m sorry that I am not consistent with my Monthly income report. I got really busy for the past Months. So I was not able to track my earnings, especially for my clients outside upwork. But fortunately, I was able to track my earnings from March to May. So expect that I can create in freelance income reports for April and May. Let’s take a look at first my direct client earnings. For direct online clients, I’ve earned a total of $369.50. As proof that I really received this amount, let’s look at my payoneer account. Payoneer is like PayPal, this is where my direct clients send their payments to me. I have both payoneer and PayPal but I use payoneer because it has low service fee. I highly recommend payoneer to freelancers. If you don’t have payoneer account yet, it’s very easy to get one. Just click the link on the description below this video. So we are here inside my Payoneer account. Let’s go to Activity, then Transactions. Let’s look at my transactions last March. So these are the two payments that I received from my direct clients. As you can see there are other transactions here aside from these two. But I will not include these other amounts to my freelance income report. Because these earnings are not coming from my online jobs from home. What I’m showing you here are earnings only coming from my Freelance Online jobs. Next, let’s look at my earnings from UpWork. As I already mentioned in my November income report. I 2 accounts in UpWork, Freelancer and Agency account. Let’s look at first my freelancer account. Go to Reports, and then Earnings by client. Let set it to March and click go. On this tab we can see the client name, I blurred them because this is confidential. And here on Total Billed, this is my gross income for March. And Fees Paid, these are upwork service fees. Gross income minus service fee, and we get my total freelancer account earnings which is $1,092. Now, lastly let’s check my Agency account. Go to reports, Transaction History, then choose March Statement. Let’s select my Agency Hanasbox and click go. Let’s scroll down a bit. Total credits is the total earnings from this Agency. Total Debits is the total service fee deducted. Total credits minus Total Debits is my net earnings for my Agency Account, which is $530.55 For newbie online freelancers out there, I would like to clarify that it’s free to create an UpWork account. So this is the breakdown of my work from home jobs income last March. The grand total is $1,992.05. If we convert that into Philippines money, The exchange rate of USD to Philippines peso is around P51 and point something. But to make it simple, let’s just use 1 USD=51 Php. So my total income last March in peso is approximately P100K. It is just an approximate amount because I was not able to document the actual exchange rate when I was withdrawing these earnings. However, the US dollar amount, I’m 100% sure that this is accurate. This is really the exact dollar amount that I earned last March. I’m a freelance video editor on UpWork and I’m not a pro. My Video Editing Skill is very basic. Basically, I help my clients to create videos for their online courses, Internal trainings for their companies, or sometimes tutorial video for YouTube. Now, you might be asking that aside from video editing, what are other work available in UpWork? There are a lot of different kinds of work in UpWork. And listed here are some of the jobs that you can get inside UpWork. How to start your freelancing Career? Now let’s talk about how you can start in online Freelancing. I will give you 2 options. One is free and the other one has payment. Let’s start with the Free. So one thing that you can do right now to start, is to watch my free upwork Online Freelancing tutorial. Here you can learn the following: How to create an upwork account In this video I show you how to create a new account in upwork from scratch, until the new account was approved. How to create an upwork title How to create an effective Profile overview And I also share how I write my upwork proposal. As of the moment these are the only tutorials that are uploaded on this playlist but I will add more tutorials so make sure to check this out. The second thing that you can do right now is to enroll to this online course the Virtual Assistant Bootcamp Course. Click the link below of this video and you will go to this page. Who should enroll to this course/ If you are a beginner and you don’t have skills yet or maybe you already have skills but you don’t know what kind of service to offer to clients, Then this course might be good for you. Inside this course is a detailed step by step video tutorials of the skills needed to become a successful virtual assistant. The work of a virtual assistant is more on admin tasks or office work. Common Virtual Assistant (VA) tasks. And some of the skills that you will learn from this course are: Data entry Transcription Internet Research Social Media Management And a lot more. I would like to clarify that this is a PAID course, not FREE. his is for people who are busy, not time to research for free materials. hey want to learn as soon as possible and they want a step by step guide on how to start online Freelancing as a Virtual Assistant. However, if you don’t have budget for this right now, I understand you. You don’t have to spend money to get started in freelance home based online jobs. I have free tutorials on my channel that will help you get started. Just make sure to subscribe, because I’ll be uploading more videos that will help you get your firs freelance online job.


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    Baka gusto nyopo ng extra Income. Para sa students, nag tatrabaho, mommy o kahit tambay kapa. Pero may internet ka o data. Hehehe . Try nyopo ito. Wala naman mawawala.
    Pag sali mo may P750 kana agad, walang babayaran kahit piso. Gusto niyo ba kumita ng P10,000 o higit pa sa loob lang ng isang buwan na walang nilalabas kahit piso. Hindi ka magbebenta o kahit na ano kahit na nasa bahay ka lang kikita ka na. At kung mas masipag ka mas kikita ka pa ng P15,000 a month.
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