If You’re Waiting To Hear Back From Employers, Here’s What You Should Be Doing Instead

if you’re waiting to hear back from
employers here’s what you should be doing instead waiting to hear back from
employers could be killing your confidence and you may not even realize
it you see the mistakes that most people make and you might be doing this I don’t
know is that they fixate on the one opportunity one single opportunity and
if that opportunity doesn’t turn out then they get majorly disappointed and
their confidence takes a big hit but that right there is a sign that you’re
doing this whole job search thing wrong and you’re playing way too small so by
not learning how to open up more than one door at a time you’re keeping
yourself trapped at the mercy of this one single opportunity that may or may
not work out and when you don’t even know that there are better opportunities
out there for you if you only knew how to access them and if you’re able to
access them more than one at a time then the doors start to open for you because
you can then get leverage and get more than one job offer at a time so by not
learning how to create the opportunities for yourself you’re keeping yourself
stuck and basically moving at a snail’s pace in your job hunt and wondering why
it’s taking you so long so it takes some people months even years so the truth is
that if this worked then anyone would be able to apply for the one job that they
wanted and get it but we all know that’s not the case so how do you learn how to
create multiple opportunities for yourself and stop fixating on just the
one that you got that may or may not work out well you need to start having
several different conversations with several different high-level people that
will be able to move your career forward so it comes down to creating your own
opportunities instead of competing for those ones with everybody else is after
so let me ask you do you really want to continue to wait to hear back from one
potential employer that may or may not pan out or do you want to have at least
five more meetings around the corner that might excite you even more so if
this sounds good to you I’m Natalie Fisher to continue this conversation
click the link around this video and join the Facebook group
it’s called courier Kickstarter’s and I hope to
see you in there thanks so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video


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