100 thoughts on “Illegal immigration is a threat to US: Border patrol expert”

  • That would put every American in danger, and opens up the flood gates of illegals coming from every country and bring in crime,drugs,human trafficking and total chaos Americans don't want that America is for Americans not illegals

  • Cynthia Drockton says:

    From a man whose wife closed a university down and he became a millionaire and neither gave one penny to illegals. How many illegals have him money. He is a commie traitor to our country.

  • I urge all law enforcement officials to crack down on illegal aliens driving without a license, this is a national epidemic and illegals are becoming a public risk on the roads. Some car insurance companies are selling policies to illegal aliens just for profit, they even have signs saying " no licencia, no problema" meaning no drivers license, no problem, these are incentives to illegal aliens to keep breaking the law in our country

  • A WARNING TO BERNIE SANDERS AND ALL DEMO RATS FROM GOD!!!! " When a government violates God's laws and when leaders become dishonest, cruel, and oppressive to maintain their power, they are doing no good. God warns all government rulers that they will have to give an account for their actions. (Psalm 2:10-12)

  • Sanders is a TOTAL MORON, now I know he’s doesn’t care about America. Do you understand that dangerous criminals will be entering the country whenever they want to ?

  • CottageGarden SMITH says:


  • Goes to show you Dems are insane. Crooked Washington needs to be in jail or in the ground. Period.. Vote all Dems out of Office. Trump 2020

  • Infantry Sarge of SD says:

    If a parent commits a crime in America and it is bad enough to go to jail the child will not go to jail with the parent the child may go to the other parent or to a foster home temporarily hopefully. Not the law enforcement's fault the parent broke the law it's not the child's fault but that's just the way it is it would look very odd in the US to have a child in such a dangerous place with a bunch of sick adults of course adults are always suspect of being pedophiles or abusers that's just life while they're in jail or not

  • 2nd National Ambassordor Mr E.pluribus Unum says:

    The damge is being done by trump. Mr oboma failed to comply with the rules and the rules removed the job of the president according to its terms and after 19 months on 9may16 i enacted the supremacy law unestablishing the usa named english temporary govt then i turned in mr oboma to the fbi and the doj an the inspector general the Attorney general and to adam shift and wiki leaks and im the whistle blower everyhing after 9 may 16 is not a part of the govt ots a media show sponcered by donald trump a apprentice with no contract and a congress prohibited to have any national election by the terms of the constutition they want you to participate in another previously canseled election but the lee resoultion says our independence from england means were non politicial voting nation agian and fteedom from englands bsnk and control and politics begian on 9 may 16 the is no presidents after mr oboma.

  • Bernie is a complete and total bone head, how the hell does he come up with this crap. Anyone willing to vote for this idiot needs to be committed. Wake up and smell what you are shovelin Bernie.

  • OH!…and..his..buddy..ILL..-..Hand……ill..Psychopath…!……..People..working..on..a..Quarter…load..dont..understand…The..English..language..Like..Illegal..and..the..word……is…'s….a…sickness!!!!!,,,,,,,,,'s…..sit..down…with..the..common…dictionary……including..stuff..about…the..royals..and..evil..bloodlines…and..your..controlled…medical..system………..WOW!!!

  • In the last election, I liked Bernie the most. Now I think he has lost his mind. As a poor senior American, I had to fight for the littlest help from Government funds. How can we give free help to illegals first?

  • Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, WAP across the face! What in the HELL is wrong with you? Could they (THE DEMS) be Aliens from another planet???

  • Kasquaskannaché Hukapapánski says:

    Lets put Bernie and his family in some SUV's and send then all down to Mexico to talk this over with the Drug Cartels.

  • mainzel männchen says:

    One can only say man what is wrong with these Dems. A few days American were slaughtered and the response from Dems is: open the door for illegal immigration. I mean is fellows: think about it what these Dems actually say to you.

  • Looks like he may have had a stroke with brain damage along with a heart attack’s not good optics when it seems lately at every election you have a decrepit Democratic candidate falling face down with EMS rushing in to prop them up for the cameras

  • What is a climate migrant , is it someone who thinks it's too hot or too cold in their country and would like a change , like most migrants in fact ?

  • Involuntary servitude in America is against our constitution, However our own government gets away with slavery with sleight-of-hand using language and consent and/or contract which is all the same thing…

    So here is an idea let me know what you think about it.

    Post signs all along our borders in every language we can think of of immigrants illegal immigrants come on across our border will have an opportunity to read the signs. Ea: Contract. 😜😝😛
    This contract my read something like this.

    You're entering our lands illegally therefore you do so willingly and upon capture you will work in a designated fema camp, Which have been re geared as manufacturing plants and let them know in advance upon being captured they agree that they will be returned to home but not on American tax dollars they will have to work a minimum of one year to pay for their trip home including Room and board.
    After the one year send them home if they attempted again double it give him 2 years.

    They will be notified in advance just by walking across the border pasted with signs that tell them exactly what they are getting into and they will consciously make a decision that will risk them being and servitude for the pay back to get home…
    Of course that's just a rough draft but going along them lines I think that would be a great deterrent they get captured they work and then sent home…
    Soon the word will get out and their attempts to come to America I truly believe will trinkle down to almost A drip…

    Well I don't know a whole lot, But what I do know is if somebody comes through my back door or my window without coming to the front door and knocking and asking for entrance they will most likely be met with a shotgun blast…
    America is my home America is my country if you cannot come to the front door and knock then I believe you should be met with force and deterrents that will set a president's and leave a lasting impression.

  • What Bernie and the other candidates want Would send this country into a Recession…..The stock market would CRASH and a civil WAR would break out. …..Are demoRATS REALLY that STUPID?????

  • Yeah right Bernie, you're nuts if you think that you goon lol we need mental evals for candidates. Mandatory, n it's time for age limits!

  • Ohh noo, that’s insane welfare for illegal immigrants??!!! Welcome illegals??!!! No, no, no! Only legal immigration! I changed my mind, I am going to vote for Trump.

  • What MSM & DEMS won't tell you is Pelosi & her dirty dems just passed a billions $ package to Egypt, Syria, Yeman & region to PROTECT THEIR BORDERS and refuse to give 1 cent to AMERICA'S BORDER FIGHT TO KEEP AMERICA SAFE! THEIR MOTTO IS "ANYONE BUT AMERICANS. TAKE AMERICA BACK 2020. TAKE HOUSE,SENATE & PRES!

  • Leviticus 19:33-34
    33 “‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. 34 The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God.

  • They came here knowing they will break our laws. Letting them in is an invitation to break our laws and it shows how easy it is to manipulate the system.

  • Bernie is just showing his TRUE FACE !….FINALLY !….this is a Comunist Dinossaur that will NEVER be President of the United States !!…maybe he should move to Cuba and try there?

  • Bernie is just a very stupid Old Fart trying to stay relevant !….he says these things BECAUSE he KNOWS he will NEVER become President !…talk is cheap !

  • All immigrants are hurting our black population with jobs and drugs. Zero immigration for at least a year till more research can be donee woogh the Cowboy shooting from the hip with Americans lives.

  • If Bernie wins, then me and a couple million people will be retiring in the USA for some free stuff.
    Do that and I will guarantee Canada will bus it's welfare recipients over the border. They already do it between provinces. So if the border is flung open it won't be just Mexico coming but the whole world.

  • I'm Hispanic and I'm voting for trump because even i don't want these central Americans living next to me because they bring crime every where they go

  • straight exteriors says:

    Immigrate to Canada, its 1850.00 per month for a 1 br apt,average wages are 18.00 per hour,a tomato costs 3.00 and guess what its minus 30 degrees today ,and income taxes are 35 percent ,median homes are 1.3 million dollars and wages are 1250.00 every 2 weeks after taxes, there is no wealth in Canada to claim and no retirement,

  • straight exteriors says:

    Bernie's plan to open the border will make alot of canadians with criminal records happy, I think about 5 million canadians will move to the USA immediately, plus 15 million from Hong Kong, Russia will send over 10 million the US population will double in 5 years and it will be hell on earth, no water, no food ,super high housing cost,crime ,completely out of control riots,

  • I am Latino and I believe on the rule of law , yes it is time to build the wall and enforce our immigration laws . God bless America.

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