Incredibly Efficient Workers You’ll Be Mesmerized By

Incredibly Efficient Workers You’ll Be Mesmerized By

– [Presenter] They say
hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. So what does it look like when
someone’s extremely talented and an extremely hard worker? We’re going to find out, because today we’re taking a look at the most amazingly fast workers who are able to do some incredible things. Just don’t blink or you
might miss some of them! (gentle music)
(splashing sounds) – Amazing! – [Presenter] Fastest window cleaner. When it comes to window cleaning, I’m pretty quick about making
up excuses why I can’t do it, but this man can clean three
windows in about 10 seconds. Frank Laurel won the Jim Willingham Memorial Speed Window Cleaning
Contest with these moves. Meanwhile this airport worker managed to squeegee these big windows in less than 20 seconds
with his funky technique. (upbeat music) Then there’s this man. Not only did he find a fast
way to clean his table, he thought up a really clever way to ensure he didn’t miss an inch. Starting from the center
and working his way out! (upbeat music) Packing cylinder ball bearings. Packing cylinder ball bearings sounds like a pretty boring task to do. But this factory worker has
found a creative and quick way to get the job done. (upbeat music) She even manages to
gather more ball bearings while still wrapping the first roll. I can’t even pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time. Amazing fast road marker. Marking roads with paint
can be a slow process, but not if you’re this guy! (engine roars) (paint sprays) Check out this speedy
artist who makes quick work of painting the disabled
parking logo on a space. (upbeat music) And this team is snappy
about painting orange around a bright yellow road arrow. There’s no missing that sign! (upbeat music) Fish net mending. These fish net menders also had a contest to see who could repair
a torn net fastest. No, they’re not mending stockings. These huge fishnets are thrown
off boats to collect fish. Watch them go! (upbeat music) They may be fast, but they probably don’t have
quite as much net to repair as this fishnet worker in Vietnam. Pizza. Next time you’re waiting for
Domino’s to deliver your pizza, just remember they
actually have a competition to see who’s the fastest pizza maker. Every year they meet in Vegas, and contestants are asked
to make three pizzas. One pepperoni, one
mushroom, and one cheese. They’re not only judged on speed, but also how evenly they
distribute the sauce and toppings so they’re required to
be accurate as well. Check out this guy on the left! (crowd cheers) Now that they’ve made
the pizza really fast, this guy could help with
slicing it in a hurry. But even he’s outdone but this man, who is basically Edward Pizzacutterhands. Even the pizzas look scared. Now that it’s made and cut,
the pizza needs boxing. So meet Dale Lamoureux, Domino’s
fastest pizza box folder. He’s worked at Domino’s for 27 years and has owned 12 franchises, and can fold a box like a boss! Seriously though Domino’s, if you ever have a fastest
pizza eater contest give me a call. I’d own that competition. 13 bags of cement. Being a builder is tough work, what with all the heavy materials and equipment you have to carry. Not if you’re this guy, though! He shoulders 13 cement bags which if they’re 10 pound
bags is over 130 pounds! Yet he unloads them as if
they’re light as feathers in less than 25 seconds. (upbeat music) Let’s hope he doesn’t trip. Super fast baptism. Ever wondered what it would look like to dunk a baby like a basketball? Me neither. But this is the closest thing to it. This baby’s baptism was so fast
he doesn’t know it happened and his face says it all. This is done at the Trinity
Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia to celebrate Trinity Day. The tradition began years ago with the church’s Patriarch
of Georgia, Ilia II, who thought that personally baptizing every third child in the family would stimulate the
country’s low birth rate. Due to the large number of people who now need a baby baptized, the current Patriarch has a
very long line to get through. On the day this was taken,
he baptized 780 babies! Batter tray. This kitchen worker doesn’t have to deal with squirming babies but he manages to keep his
batter in line, literally! Look how fast he fills those baking cups without spilling a drop! (upbeat music) Fast posing catalogue model. Take a look at this clip. This is Filip Timotijevic, a very well trained model who switches poses so fast
photographers must love him. And social media went
crazy for this video. But believe it or not,
it gets faster than that! (upbeat music) Just head to China, where models are trained
to freestyle through poses, doing about 30 different
poses in 15 seconds. They often model 150 outfits a day, and in some cases earn about $1500 for one day of intense work. Does anyone else think they’re
just well-programed robots? Blindfolded cucumber cutting. Meet master sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada. Not only is he very skilled at quickly cutting
cucumbers and other foods, he can also do it blindfolded. And he still has all his fingers! Watch as he destroys this
cucumber in just under a minute without being able to see it. He made 250 cuts in a minute or about 4 cuts per second. Now that’s muscle memory in action! In Japan sushi chefs
need to have patience, dexterity and not surprisingly,
a mastery of knives. Before being allowed to cut seafood, sushi chefs often have to
practice cutting garlic to 1/16 of an inch. Meanwhile, this chef clearly
had some serious training in how to slice fruit. (upbeat music) Fastest barber. Moving from food to hair, this is Seval Kavas, who’s
an extremely fast barber at Al’s Barbershop in Australia. Look how quickly he cuts
his customer’s hair, scissor over comb in a
slight mo-hawk style. Just make sure you don’t move while your barber’s going that fast! (upbeat music) Nour Bishawi is another barber you’ll want to hold still for. He has his own line of Certified products and an Instagram following
for his fast barbering skills. Look at him go! (upbeat music) Going from people to animals, Ivan Scott holds the world’s fastest lamb shearing record for 2016. Watch as he shears this lamb
in less than 15 seconds. (upbeat music) Ivan also sheared 205 sheep
in a two hour period that day. I wonder if any of the sheep complained about not getting the
standard short back and sides? Card packing. This worker’s really
fast at packing cards. Although this is the
sort of job you’d imagine being done in an automated setting, in some situations human
hands are still used to get the deck into boxes. Watch how fast his fingers
move as he packs the cards. (upbeat music) F1 pit stops. The Ferrari F1 perfection team
can change a tire, refuel, or fix other automotive
problems in seconds. In formula one racing back in the 1960s pit stops used to take a whole minute for things like tire
changing and refueling, but thanks to bigger pit crews, better tools and better training, a tire change now only takes two seconds! (upbeat music) Check out how this driver
slides into the pit box and more than a dozen crew
workers swarm around the car. You have a front and back
jackman, circled in red, to lift the car up. Then you have two teams on
each side to change tires, shown in the yellow circles. There are also additional workers to lend a hand wherever it’s needed. Now see how fast the change is made from the driver’s point of view as the workers on the left and right change the car’s front tires, then the indicator light turns green so the driver can speed off. Meanwhile, it takes me a whole afternoon to make an oil change on my 2005 Clio. Faster waiter in the world. I frequently wish for faster
service at restaurants, probably because this guy isn’t my waiter. It’s incredible just how
fast he buses this table. It took him less than 25
seconds to clear that table. Somebody get that man a beer. Oh wait, his hands are full, never mind! (upbeat music) Fast candy cutter. Watch this confectioner chopping up candy into smaller pieces. There’s an almost musical quality to the rhythm as he hacks away. (rapid clanging) I wonder how he got that
hand to move so quickly? – Giggity, giggity, giggity! Giggity, giggity! – [Presenter] Crazy fast bandsaw cutting. This master of meat dismantling can dismantle multiple
pigs in mere seconds. Check out how the pieces come apart into separate cuts of meat. The worker quickly takes apart each pig and moves on to the next. Now that’s a fast way
to bring home the bacon! (upbeat music) So which worker do you think
most deserves that promotion? Sound off in the comments down below. Also if you enjoyed this
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