Inkjet-printing system for mass-production of large and flexible OLED Displays

Inkjet-printing system for mass-production of large and flexible OLED Displays

Flexible smartphones and color-saturated television
displays were some highlights at this year’s Consumer Electronics Showcase. Many of those displays were made using organic
light-emitting diodes, or OLEDs. They produce more saturated color and use
less energy. But it is not very cost-effective to make them by mass-production. Now, a MIT spinout “Kateeva” has developed
an “inkjet printing” system for OLED displays It enables mass-production of flexible and
large-screen models cost effectively. Kateeva’s YIELDjet system is a massive version
of an inkjet printer. Large glass or plastic substrate sheets are placed on a long, wide
platform. A head with custom nozzles moves back and forth, across the substrate, coating
it with OLED and other materials i-e similar to a printer dropping ink onto paper. By boosting yields, as well as speeding up
production, reducing materials, and reducing maintenance time, the system aims to cut manufacturing
costs by about 50 percent.


3 thoughts on “Inkjet-printing system for mass-production of large and flexible OLED Displays”

  • William R. Tallman says:

    Tallman Tags [□□□] will make 1"x24" & 1"x48" plastic AMOLED and OLED "Electronic Price Tags" displays based on this technology. NOT BEZEL mounted!! Kateeva is light years ahead of Samsung and THE BEST stateside option for high volume (literally BILLIONS of units), custom OLED to date.

  • I dont know if you are in the display business or not. but to my knowledge, Kateeva has not printed an RGB OLED panel successfully. The system that really works is Notion Systems from Germany and TEL from Japan. If you are talking about TFE on OLED, then almost all the machine maker can do it. Jurst for your information.

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