Inline finishing and rock-solid productivity with the Colorado 1640

We’re standing here in front of the
Océ Colorado 1640 a UVgel wide format
printer and we have it together with the Fotoba x/y inline cutting
solution. This makes it possible to run the product unattended. The benefit of having the actual finished prints out in one go of course saves a lot of time and a lot of money.
So in the search for a solution, a partner to work with to make this
solution, the productivity solution available we concluded with Fotoba,
an Italian manufacturer that has been in this market for a very long time.
They have the right knowledge, they have the right expertise to make it possible.
We know that the Colorado is printing at high speeds so we needed to find a
solution that is accurate enough that is fast enough. We have seen that the two R&D divisions in Fotoba and Océ have been working very closely and very
smoothly together. We are the only one that have this kind of solution from
Fotoba or any other manufacturer actually. It really emphasizes the
productivity of the Colorado.


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