Inside the world’s most popular business jet | CNBC International

Inside the world’s most popular business jet | CNBC International

You’ve just made your
first 100 million dollars and you want to know how far the
dollar can go for your own private jet. Here’s what money can buy. The Phenom 300 is the
most delivered business jet in the world right now, so it’s a
popular one for business executives. Let’s see how it works. It can seat at least six people.
You’ve got a couple other areas where you can make
room for others. This is the tray table,
so let’s give this a shot. You share the tray table with
the person across from you. Here you have a place where
you could put pens, you have a charger,
a universal outlet, and you have a place to plug
into headphones too. Also, what’s interesting is
you have a cockpit call, even though it’s only a six person
jet, you can actually call the cockpit. Let’s see, does the seat
recline on a private jet? Ah, there we go! If you don’t want to face the person
sitting next to you, well, no problem, you can just hit this latch, and
you can turn to face this guy. Even though it’s only
a six-person jet, you still have a no smoking
sign, and a seatbelt sign. And there’s even
an electronic sign. So just because you’re
flying in a private jet doesn’t mean you’re
immune to those things. This is the galley, it’s right
behind the flight deck. In here, you’ve got your
glasses, your snacks. This isn’t an official seat, but it’s a
nice place to be if you’re hungry. The Phenom 300 starts
at $10 million. But if this one’s a little bit too
cramped for you, fear not, we can go take a look
at the Legacy 500. Starting price?
$21 million. You have a little bit more room for dining,
for your laptop, whatever you need. You have two cupholders
instead of one. Over here, it’s actually a screen,
so you can control your lighting with a little LCD screen.
You’ve got a table light. From my seat I’m able to control the
entire movie for the entire flight I just have to click here and I can
control what movie we’re watching. I like that power. Same thing with music, from here, you
can control the music for the entire plane. Alright, let’s check out
the recline on this one. Not bad. So for long flights, what you do is
you just combine two seats into one and well it turns
into a flatbed. You’ve got screens
everywhere you look. There’s no such thing as
a bad seat on this plane. And this is the Legacy 650.
The price tag? $25 million. The Legacy 650 has a lot of
similarities to the Legacy 500, same sort of features. On the Legacy 650 you also have to share
a table with the person next to you as well. So, it doesn’t matter if
you have a private jet, looks like you’re sharing
a table when you eat. So for that extra $4 million you
just get a couple more seats in there and a pretty spacious feel. The first thing you really notice though,
when you get on the Legacy 650, isn’t really anything in here, it’s
what’s at the back of the plane. Let’s check that out. The back area of the plane allows you to
escape from the main cabin and have your own private
space back here, where you can just take a breath and
relax as you get to your destination. The one downside I’ll say though, is if
you want to open and close the windows, you have to do it manually. You can also decide which way you’re
facing, so, right now I’m facing forward but I can change that. It’s kind of like a dance. Well my time on the jets
has come to an end.


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