INTER 2-1 SPAL | ANTONIO CONTE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “We have to continue our growth” [SUB ENG]

INTER 2-1 SPAL | ANTONIO CONTE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: “We have to continue our growth” [SUB ENG]

Coach, when we spoke to you after
the impressive win over Slavia Prague, you called for Lukaku to keep
his focus on the SPAL match. What kind of reaction did you
see out there this afternoon? You must be pleased to
have gone top of the table. Yes, it was definitely a very good performance. If there’s one thing we could have
improved on it’s the goal we conceded. It was too easy for SPAL to score. That threw us a little bit. Aside from that, I think we played very well. We scored goals and had lots of chances. We need to learn to take more of them. When you’re 2-1 up and you have a chance
to restore a two-goal lead, you have to score. If you don’t, you suffer and
we all know that in football there’s always that last cross, a free-kick,
a header, a shot, a deflection… We deserved to win by a bigger margin. We ran the risk of dropping two points
and ending the game angry. That would have been a shame. – Hi Antonio, good evening.
– Hi there. Congratulations on the win. It was a very well-prepared
first half performance. There was a lot of width from the
full-backs and the central midfielders who often came wide to stretch the opposition. In the second half there were ten or 15 minutes
that made the match a bit trickier. You’d warned against the team taking their
foot off the gas and I don’t think that happened but I do think the team looked a little tired. We’re in December now and you’ve been playing
with virtually the same players since 25 August. I think it was a physical dip and subconsciously
the team seemed to ease off. Yes, I don’t think it was just a physical dip because if it had been we wouldn’t
have worked so hard, shown belief and created chances, which we should have taken. The goal was a slap in the face which
came when nobody expected it especially the players, because they were completely
in control of the game – almost too much. They scored and that caught us off guard and at the same time for a few minutes that
knocked our confidence and created some nerves but then we started playing again. As I said before, we created chances
and we should have scored. We should have restored the two-goal
lead because had we scored the third goal we would have been able to relax more. That said, credit to the
lads for what they’re doing. We need to keep our heads down because
I definitely don’t want to see cockiness. We’ve got 37 points from 14 games
and we must be happy with that. It needs to give us positivity and a desire to
keep working hard and doing what we’re doing. It cannot make us or anybody around us arrogant. We need to keep doing what we’re
doing and showing professionalism. On the subject of Lautaro
Martinez and Romelu Lukaku the team is obviously doing a great job of
giving them a platform to show what they can do but Lautaro and Lukaku seem to be
working very hard for themselves too and the coaching staff also appear
to be doing a great job. They’ve both really made progress
recently, haven’t they? Yes, but I think that’s a bit simplistic. I know football inside out and it’s always
the goalscorers that grab the headlines. In our case, Romelu and Lautaro
are our main goalscorers. That said, let’s not forget about everything
that the team does as a whole. The team is supporting them in every way. I don’t like ranking all the players’ contributions
but I think Brozovic had a super game today. I’m really pleased. The team is
supporting the two forwards well. We’re working hard to try to continue
to improve them across the board. As I always say, they can both still
improve a lot and get even better. They can’t ease off and they mustn’t get
ahead of themselves, otherwise I’ll get angry! Thanks coach. Thanks.


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