Internet of Production: Daten als wirtschaftliche Ressource in einer Fertigungsökonomie

Internet of Production: Daten als wirtschaftliche Ressource in einer Fertigungsökonomie

Internet of production: data as an economic resource in a manufacturing economy The Internet of Production is basically about generating information and knowledge from data. For this purpose, we deal with data acquisition, data modelling and data-driven business models. We never wondered what would come after the IoP. The IoP could be followed by a data economy. In other words, a data economy for industrial goods and production machines, in which a date is more than just information, but an economic resource that can be trusted and given an economic value. In this project, we have used the example of fineblanking to set up a data marketplace for our large-volume production line, in which a digital machine twin can be purchased for each physically produced fineblanked component. The purchase process basically simulates a machine-to-machine communication in which two independent machines can autonomously negotiate the value of a date. A special feature of this data economy is that it is not the information of the date that is in the focus, but that a date can be traded like a resource, like an economic good. In this project, we have paid very close attention to the quality of the engineering process. We had a lot of technical know-how from the students in the project. We didn’t have to support that much. That was outstanding. But we also do a lot for the industry, and bring them into production and then it’s about how to actually build a team collaboration, how to do a software engineering process, which in the end also results in applications that are safety critical. We accompanied this project with project management skills, agile coaching, team building measures, the things we work with every day in production and which are sometimes not so common in research because you often don’t need it there either, but we wanted to make it very industry-oriented here. The challenge in the project was that there are basically no role models for such a project, i.e. we had to do the pioneering work with our project, take the first steps, and therefore I am particularly proud of the team that with this prototype it was possible for the first time to realize such a data market place. Until the Aachener Werkzeugmaschinenkolloquium in May 2020, our goal is to expand this result of this project into a large data marketplace and to establish pay-per-use and subscription models as new data-driven business models for the first time.


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