Interview Questions to Ask The Employer

Interview Questions to Ask The Employer

Hello, my name is Richard McMunn, and in this
video I’m going to talk to you about the different kind of questions
that you can ask at the end of an interview. So, once you have completed the
interview itself the interviewer is more than likely to say to you
ok the interview is over, we’ve finished all questions. Have you got
any questions for the interview panel? Now a lot of people say to me
“Richard, Do you have to ask questions at the end?” And the simple
answer is no you do not have to ask any questions, however it can be
useful time for you to put yourself across in a positive manor. Now
before I give you two sample questions that you can ask at the
interview I’m going to give you some tips on what not to say. First of all, don’t ask any questions in relation
to leave. You
should know about holiday leave long before you go into the
interview. Don’t ask about sick pay, also don’t ask questions
generally in relation to salary unless its specifically spoken about
during the interview. You should know what the salary is; and if
they want to negotiate with you in relation to the salary they will
generally ask you that during the interviewer. So, those are the
questions that you really want to avoid, if possible at the end of
an interview. Now, if you decide not to ask any questions
that is fine. I
recommend that you just say to the interview panel ‘no I haven’t got
any questions thank you very much, you’ve answered everything that I
wanted to know during the interview process’ and that is absolutely
fine. Now if you do ask any interview questions
I would recommend limiting it to two or maybe three questions
at the most. I’ve been interviewing people in the past
and they’ve asked six or seven or sometimes eight questions at the
end of an interview. While
there is nothing wrong with that, as an interviewer I have to
discuss and mark that person I’ve been interviewing once they’ve
left the room and I also have other people I need to interview later
on. Try and be respectful of the interviewers
time. What type of questions can you ask? Well, the first one is in
relation to knowledge. I’ll just write this down, I urge you to do
the same. When I say knowledge, I mean knowledge in
relation to your knowledge of the company or the role that
your applying for. So, I
would say “yes I’ve got one question, ‘whilst I’m waiting to find
out whether I’ve been successful or not is there any further
information or documentation that I can read to further enhance my
knowledge of the organisation or the role that I am applying for?” Now, this is quite a clever question, because
what it does is it demonstrates that you are keen and enthusiastic
for the role, but also you want to carry on some more research
about their organisation whilst your waiting to find out
whether your successful or not. The second one is in relation to development. It goes
something like this. If I am successful in the role, do you think
there would be the opportunity for me to develop and also progress
in the organisation once I’ve learned my role and am competent in
that specific position? Now what this does is it demonstrates to the
organisation that you are intending to stay with them for a long
period of time if you are successful. The vast majority of employers would rather
see an employee stay with them for a long period
of time, because they’ll be investing a lot of money, time, and resources
into training them up, and what they don’t want them to do is
to leave as soon as they’ve been trained up. So, that question demonstrates your
commitment to that organisation. So, those are two excellent
questions that you can ask at the end of any interview. Thanks for


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  • Valentino Rabanne says:

    Hello mate, just use persuasion techniques instead of asking this crap. Hidden embedded commands will force the recruiter to employ you. It's all about confidence

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