INTJ Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth

INTJ Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth

INTJ Wiring of the Mind. Hey it’s Joel Mark Witt from Personality
Hacker. As an INTJ your mind is fundamentally wired
differently from other personalities. You’ve probably already heard that you are an introvert,
intuitive, thinker, judger. And a lot of articles and resources focus on the behaviors you show
the world as an INTJ. Behavior can be helpful – but it isn’t the
complete picture when figuring out your personality. I want to give you a peek inside your mind
to expose the mental wiring that makes you an INTJ.Let’s get started. Your four letter code INTJ gives us insight
into how your mind is learning information and making decisions. The primary way your mind sees the world is
by using a mental process we’ve nicknamed “Perspectives.” It’s technical name
is Introverted Intuition. When looking at the world – Perspectives is
interested in finding deep insight. It tends to ask a lot of discovery questions, like:
What is the meaning of knowledge? What are the long-range implications of emerging
technologies? How are two people in an argument actually
agreeing without realizing it? Imagine a four passenger car. If one of your mental processes could drive
– it would be Perspectives. Using this mental process puts you in flow. You’ve been using
it your whole life. It’s your reality filter and informs what captures your attention. If Perspectives is how you see the world as
an INTJ, then the mental process we’ve nicknamed Effectiveness is how you make your best decisions.
Effectiveness is a thinking process and asks the question, “What works?” or “What
gets the job done?” without regard to personal feelings.Think about that four passenger car
again… if Perspectives is in the driver seat – then Effectiveness is in the front
passenger seat. It is your Co-Pilot mental process and what we call your growth state. Of course – this is a four passenger car so
you also have two mental processes in the backseat. Sitting right behind the Co-Pilot is a mental
process we call Authenticity. Authenticity asks the question “Does this feel right
to me?” It’s a feeling process concerned with how the events in your life impact you
on a subjective emotional level. When not used in a healthy way Authenticity can cause
an INTJ to become an idealistic perfectionist or emotionally self-protective. This mental process has the development of
about a ten year old child. Finally – behind the driver of Perspectives
sits a mental process we’ve nicknamed Sensation. We call this your blind spot or three year
old mental process. Sensation is all about real time kinetics, and understanding the
world through your physical senses by being fully immersed in the here-and-now. Notice – we haven’t talked about INTJ behaviors.
Instead, I’ve been talking about the mental wiring of your mind. Behaviors can only give
us clues to how your mind is wired. It’s far more interesting to dive into WHAT CAUSES
our behaviors as people. Here at Personality Hacker – We don’t talk
about personality types for their own sake. We think understanding your personality is
one of the best ways to frame your personal growth journey.And we attract INTJs who are
interested in personal growth.Next up – I want to talk about the best way to grow yourself
as an INTJ. Remember the car model we used to show the
mental wiring of your personality?  As an INTJ your Co-Pilot is the mental process called
Effectiveness (it’s technical name is Extraverted Thinking). This is what we call your growth position.
It’s the highest leverage point for growth in your personality. Effectiveness allows you as an INTJ to make
decisions that will help you build something in the external world by asking “What works?”
Here are some ways that an INTJ can phrase questions using their Effectiveness process… Will this investment work and give me a return
on my money? If I implement this idea in the real world
– will it get me closer to my goals? Will it work well to host my entire family
at my house this Holiday Season or would it be more effective to take the kids to my parent’s
house? Effectiveness encourages you as an INTJ to
apply your ideas and concepts in the real world, and receive feedback on the quality
of those ideas.  Effectiveness encourages you to make something happen – launch a project
– or build something. It’s easy for an INTJ to spend a lot of
time thinking and idea generating. But if those ideas and thoughts are never tested
in the real world – you will always feel like something is missing. Growing your Effectiveness can be a challenge
for you as an INTJ. It can feel like a threat to your ideas to have them vetted in the real
world. Every personality type tends to avoid growing
their co-pilot mental process. But here lies the power of understanding your personality.Don’t
see your Effectiveness as something to delay or avoid – embrace getting into this mental
process because it gives you the opportunity to test your ideas and become an empowered
INTJ. Effectiveness also encourages an INTJ to  get
out of the ‘perfectionism’ cycle, replacing it with the concept: “Done is better than
perfect.” No idea is ever perfect and a plan can fail. But nobody’s ever lived in
a blueprint. It works to focus on implementing ideas in
the outside world. It’s a good use of resource and energy to focus on bringing your ideas
into the world so others can benefit. If you want to quickly test and refine your
ideas so they become strong and powerful – you will need to get out of your comfort zone
and refine your ideas in the real world. As an INTJ – your mind is already wired to
make things happen. Don’t ignore this natural talent that you posses. Start asking – “what idea can I build in
the real world?” Spend some focused time getting into action – even before you think
you are ready. Create a rapid prototype of a product or service
you’ve been pondering Practice leadership by finding a project that
can’t be accomplished on your own and requires at least two other people to finish.
Each time you are faced with a challenge – ask yourself how you can set up a real world solution
to handle this challenge – then get into action and create
Speed up your implementation time by getting to the first step in any project as quickly
as possible. This will help you build momentum. Do what it takes to get into implementation.As
an INTJ you will bring the best version of yourself to the world when you get outside
your head and create something in the outer world.We’d love for you  – to keep us up
to date about your journey. One of the best places to do that is our Facebook page (Facebook
dot com forward slash Personality Hacker).And of course – come over to Personality Hacker
dot com and leave a comment – ask a question – or take our personality test.Next I want
to talk about the defense strategies your mind uses that steal happiness from you.And
of course – what to do about it. The word defensive. You probably think of
of an emotional state – or someone getting offended in the moment.
“She’s acting so defensive.” someone might say. But I’m not talking about emotions. I’m
using the word positionally. As an INTJ you have a specific area of your mind that you
defend. As an INTJ – That’s your Authenticity process
sitting in the backseat of your car. It has the sophistication of a 10-year-old child.That’s
okay when you use this process to create intimacy or playfulness. The trouble starts when you
begin to allow this 10 year old process to seduce you into a self-indulgent space. As an INTJ, authenticity (it’s technical
name is Introverted Feeling) generally shows up by harboring hurt or self-indulgent feelings.
Authenticity is, in a large part, about introspection and consulting your personal feelings on a
matter. But when you’re using Authenticity defensively
it won’t be about what feels ‘right’, it will be about what feels ‘good’. You
may become afraid to put your ego on the line for a project that might fail – and you could
“feel bad” about yourself or the situation. You need to focus on what needs to get done
and how to do it rather than avoiding bad feelings. If you let your 10 year old of Authenticity
do your thinking for you, it will encourage you to become protective of your self-image
and ego – closed to testing out your ideas in the real world. At worst, INTJs can even become physical shut-ins,
so afraid of being vulnerable that they rarely leave the house and instead choose to keep
preparing for implementation “Someday.” You need to implement and take calculated
risks to prevent becoming self-protective in your choices and worldview.
Don’t let your Authenticity process steal your happiness.The solution is to focus on
growing your Effectiveness process like we’ve talked about before.
As an INTJ, you’re much more productive and happy when you’re focused on goals,
metrics, standards and objective data. If your 10 year old of Authenticity gets into
the mix, it will encourage emotionally and physically indulgent behavior, licking wounds
from the past and being unwilling to do what it takes to get your goals accomplished. I want to hear from you. How are you letting
your 10 year old of Authenticity hijack your happiness? What are the ways you as an INTJ are playing
it safe? You can leave a comment or take our personality
test over at Personality Hacker dot com. Next we’ll talk about how you best show
and receive love as an INTJ.I’ve got two quick lists for you today. First – how INTJs
ask “do you love me.” Second – how INTJs show other people love.
Here are a few examples of how INTJs ask do you love me? Imagine an INTJ asking these
questions: Will you handle things – can I rely on you?
Will you make my life easier, can I relax knowing “you’re on it”?
Will you support my career or personal goals and be self-sufficient?
Are you loyal? Here are examples of INTJs saying “Yes – I
love you” Imagine an INTJ making these statements: I will be endlessly loyal on principle.
I will educate myself on you and learn how you operate.
I will take pride in you, boasting about your accomplishments even before my own.
I will protect you. I chose you. I continue to choose you. Case
closed. As an INTJ you are probably nodding in agreement.
Just remember that other personalities can sometimes see these ways you show love as
controlling, distant or unromantic.Feel free to share with the people in your life how
your mind works. Let them know the ways you show love work for you.
If you want to go deeper in your personal development – we have tons of resources, articles
and recordings about personal development through the lens of understanding your personality. Come over to Personality Hacker dot com.
Next up – let’s talk about where to go next in your personal growth as an INTJ. I have
some action steps for you. We’ve been talking about YOU – the INTJ
personality type. I’ve already detailed the mental wiring of your mind. We’ve talked
about your highest leverage point for growth and shed light on your defensive strategies.
And we’ve outlined how you give and receive love.
So what’s next for you as an INTJ? How will you launch yourself on a personal
development journey that works for YOU?Understanding that each of us have a unique personal growth
path seems obvious. And yet – self help authors and teachers often teach a one size fits all
model of growth. At Personality Hacker – It works well to personalize
your development as an INTJ. So that’s how we’ve designed our frameworks and models.
You now know the mental process to grow yourself as an INTJ is Effectiveness. Most INTJs want to build something that impacts
the world. They want to be an example of turning abstract ideas into real-world systems.
As an INTJ – there’s nothing as rewarding as seeing your idea become reality. The enemy of Effectiveness is self-indulgence.
Effectiveness requires courage and the willingness to get out of your shell. Authenticity can
have you focusing on your fear instead of on the rewards of getting things done. Getting
into action is the only way to prove to yourself that you have what it takes. Set up your conditions to access this mental
process of Effectiveness as much as possible.   A good way to practice this technique is to
implement your ideas BEFORE you think you are ready. With the next large project you work on – enlist
the aid of at least three people. Make it your  aim to coordinate, delegate and manage
the project, not to engage in the labor directly. Start putting metrics around all the resources
of a project. Which areas are the most difficult for your
team Which areas do you need to ask for help
How will you get your team of people to agree on strategy
Identify which tasks to delegate Match people with their best skills Work on building each of these skills, especially
the ones that are most challenging for you. It’s common for INTJs to feel almost spiritually
satisfied once they conquer their fear of failure and experience their ideas from concept
to reality.. Most of your growth happens by putting your
ideas out into the real world to test their functionality. If you really want a deep dive into your individual
growth plan as an INTJ I invite you to check out our INTJ Personal Development Starter
Kit.You can find more information at Personality Hacker dot com.
Let me know what personal growth actions you are taking in your life and what has already
worked for you.I’m Joel Mark Witt for Personality Hacker.Talk with you soon.


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  • When I am excelling professionally and creatively, my ten-year-old sabotages my personal relationships, thereby distracting me from my goals and progress and crippling me from following through on my projects. 😑

  • I am an INTJ-T and I've started telling others that I am the Avocado of people. I am rough and hard on the outside, but soft and vulnerable inside. I am an acquired taste that not everyone will enjoy but the ones who do will love and keep coming back for. I am complex and full of flavor, a little bitter and no doubt I can be salty. I don't pair well with everyone, however when I do pair well it is better then good… it's magical.

  • Tiffany's Dandron says:

    INTJ is my latest personalitity type! I say that bc im really big on personal developement ! I believe why my type shifts so often is my astrology sun sign being Pisces! I kinda am a lil bit of every personality "a camilian "! I was the ENTJ the time before this one! Also your podcast is where i discovered the "Graves Model"! (Thank you btw) I believe all those beautiful lil corks mixed together equals exactly me! Well everyone, honestly, we are all so different yet so similar! The beauty of the Struggle and those scars are extremely important! Its humbling well thats my reflection for the moment! Lol Cant wait to get to my next podcast! woohoo yall are too awesome your doing good things for your people! Keep being fishers of men teaching people like your both doing! It Saves lives !!!! Thanks again

  • I'm so burnt out with people and life in general. There's just too much competition and discrimination in the real world that I've stopped trying to prove myself entirely. Nobody understands me or gives me a chance. I give up.

  • If I notice that people are being weird or not understanding I shut down my emotions and work on wether or not it is the right idea to keep this person in my life and contemplate for days, but if it’s someone I love it’s hard for me to actually say what I have in mind knowing that I will hurt their feelings and or hurt myself in the process so I wait till “I time things right” and pick and chose what actions to take to make a conversation happen.

  • Rachel Marie Bensinger says:

    As a rare INTJ female, I can say I regularly have to study up on INTJs. It's not even because of the normal "thirst for knowledge" desire. It's simply because, every once in a while, I look around and feel extremely alone. I'm the ultimate outcast, according to the rarity of my type. And it really does feel like it once in a while. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I necessarily care what others think of me. It's more like I need validation that "No, there is nothing "wrong" with me." It helps to read up on this fact and remember that I'm not alone. As rare as my type is, there are thousands of people out there like me and "understand" how I think…. even if I have not met another INTJ yet. I have, however, met an ENTJ female and am happy to say we are definitely good friends!! So, if you are an INTJ female reading this, know you are not alone. Nothing is wrong with you. You aren't the crazy one. Stay true to your nature!

  • Lê Trần Hà Phương says:

    Idk this might sounds weird but I have a lot of mirror in my room because that's how I communicate with myself, it feels less awkward than talking to the air

  • I’ve been looping around for years trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life and not finding anything that seems perfect or that I feel like I’m “meant” to do. Consequently, I’ve been locked in an introspective spiral of doubt and inaction. The description of the intrusive Authenticity function really hit home.

  • Sage Snaphunt says:

    At first I wasn't wether i am an INTP or INTJ. Now I am sure as this video speaks to me to almost an offensive level.

  • INTJ here: Im testing people's loyalty with a strategy that I call (F.S.A.R. False Secret Appearing Real) its simple
    I give false secret about myself wait for 7 days and if the secret is out… but NO I'm not done with that person yet. Some planing some strategies and brutal psychological attacks with a lots of tears and pain involved and then I'm done.

  • I realized I'm an intj everytime I go to job I find the fastest most efficient way to do a job. Then I store my experience and others input and make the best way to do the job.

  • Leah Warrington says:

    Instead of going to class I'm doing the work at home and going in when no one else is there… I'm not sure if this is me being unhealthy or productive. My teachers have a love hate relationship with me because I put a lot of work into my projects and ask questions, but then I don't come to class. heh

  • Wow …deep ..I pretty much was aware of my perspectives and effectiveness. the one that just got me is the authenticity. I'm always having "visions" of what needs to be done in the future . My 10 year old often gets in the way ….i have become very shuttered as of recent . Basically everything that was described is accurate.

  • This just made everything clear! I finally understand why I keep on reminiscing, why I constantly introspect, why I think of people who wrong me in the past. It is my wrongly used introverted feeling! Also, I an see now how I grew, how and when I learned to just get things done and accomplish. I am really impressed with this video!

  • I sometimes fear success as much as failure…failure brings me back into a comfort zone. I need to learn that it's OK to be successful and be prepared to deal with the change

  • I’m a shut in. But not because I think the world is inferior to me. I just really like solitude. I like reading, writing lists, organizing cabinets and drawers, streamlining my routines, tidying around the house, self care, researching favorite topics on the internet, meditating and praying, observing nature, etc etc. Those are all solitude things and I never get board doing them 😊

  • Curious question: Do other INTJs enjoy music? Because I HATE back ground music. If I don’t know and LOVE the song, it irritates me to have the radio on. I’d rather drive in silence, where I can enjoy and actually hear my thoughts.

  • Elizabeth Rose says:

    I am having issues leaving the house and interacting with people. I've been only leaving the house to buy groceries and whenever I feel like going to the library. Mostly because I believe that people don't understand me and I usually come across as cold, stuck up, aloof, distant or just plan weird. Which is proven in society, when I constantly get "Oh my god, your actually really laid back and cool. When I first saw/meet you I though you were stuck up/hated me". I usually don"t care what people think of me or whether or not they really like me.(I prefer to be liked but why should I care what a nobody(to me not…in general, that person is probably not a nobody) has to say about me, they don't know me. Although, its starting to get exhausting being labeled as something your not. Or at least its not my initial intentions to be distant or stuck up. Although I do wonder, if I subconsciously come across as cold so people won't come up to me. I'm not a people person to say the least and being social doesn't come easy to me. But anywho, I guess I can describe its like I'm having an internal battle with myself, I have this drive and passion to be something, to accomplish what I have been dreaming of since I was a child but not wanting to be judged and be cast out, as I feel I would be and have been in the past. An internal struggle of how I see myself and how the world sees me. Thinking it could be due to a lack of "authenticity" based off your videos, I want to be myself but feel like I can't due to how others have viewed me in the past. So much more thinking..ugh… I wish there was a simple solution.

  • Taeko Aesthetics says:

    I just placed new video on YouTube. Hoping that my parents would start doing exercise for their lower back pain….

  • Very good, very accurate. I note you're missing (but alluded to) perhaps the most dangerous aspect of an INTJ in distress: repressed Extroverted Sensation. An INTJ under duress who is appealing to his Fi (Authenticity) to worry his wounds and barricade against the world can then fall to over indulging in sensory stimuli (repressed Se, represented by your "3 year old" model). INTJ viewers who are perhaps stuck in this modality could benefit a great deal from content that teaches them how to grow beyond this self-destructive and paralyzing state, and to identify and mitigate it when it creeps in. Perhaps you've covered this elsewhere, but it bears mentioning here for INTJ's who might be struggling with this.

  • The Lemon Eater says:

    I could never focus in schools etc, I was always stuck in my own head and ended up failing exams because I couldn't focus on the topics in class. I found one of my old English books from when I was around 6 or 7 and inside I had drawings that illustrated how car engines worked… Why the hell was I researching mechanical engineering as a kid? Why the hell couldn't I be a normal kid…

    Back on topic… I failed a lot as a kid and got really, really, used to failing. I like to believe that it has gotten me to think that failing is more important than winning. When you win you win… But when you fail you are given the perfect opportunity to develop and learn new ideas or learn to tackle the problem in new ways. I hate being right, because I don't learn anything from being correct.

  • You know you have ascended to top of being INTJ if you have the "no fucks given" Attitude towards the opinions of others for u. You do what you feel is right and you will not compromise your core values for sake of the society

  • Am I the only INTJ who expresses love normally, in terms normal people can understand? Instead of speaking like a friggin robot

  • OMG, this resonates so much with me. I've studies Meyer's Briggs for a while now, first believing I was an ENFP, then INFJ, then INFP, then INTP. And now, INTJ. I hope I have landed in the right place. The secondary function growth hit home for me. I actually wanna go out in the world, realizing projects, art and what not. But I always hesitate, because there are so many barriers – and because I can never realize the perfected image I have in my head. Then, why do it. Now I know how to bend that one…

  • Gosh, the part about how us INTJs ask love and show love is so true. It's not the I love you's. It's how you show it, consistently.

  • Kinda feels like this video is directed for a younger crowd who dont know themselves quite yet. Lots of cookie cutter generalizations. The lives we have lived and the paths we have chose/didnt choose are huge variables that play into your tailored advice. Meaning your video only helps people who have had fortunate paths or are just starting their out.

  • Kimberly Patton says:

    I seem to have a double edged twin to compliment my "effectiveness"…it is blessed with a combined portion of "practicality''.I also seem very deeply ingrained with logic,reality,and what my inner instincts tell me.At 59,a wonderful swath of earned wisdom and life experience are also an added facet.

  • i used to get so bothered and provoked so by people and then i learned to distanse myself. because those feelings used to overcrowd my brain, making ME the irrational one.

  • Do any other INTJs out there get absolutely brilliant ideas flowing into their head when they’re sleep deprived? Know any non-INTJs that happens to as well? I don’t. Everyone in my life can’t understand how I just kind of happen upon ideas seemingly hanging from a tree in my mind, waiting to be picked when ripe.

  • I over think and analyze everything. Alot of little jokes go over my head because of this lol. I ,always, am the one to ask the professor a very in depth question which in turn causes the professor to stop class and think about an answer and they often become very frustrated with me. Most people will just follow a procedure to complete a task and not ask why. It's like ,set in stone for me, I have to understand the reason to use said procedure and fully understand its purpose for being used. Most teachers get frustrated with me for this.

  • Rob Goodsight says:

    Step 1: Buy some DIY toys for the 10 years old to keep it busy,

    Step 2: Get the pilot and copilot, once the kid is quiet, concentrating on one sentence:
    "Do or not do…there is no try." they both supporting each other.
    Step 3: Cold showers in the morning…abandon the comfort zone! ( Step 3 is a real bitch!)

  • Good video. I think however that focusing too much on rewards only leads to more self-indulgence. In my experience self-indulgence has been a major inhibitor, even leading me into drug addiction. Shifting focus onto the work itself, and the growth and learning that comes from trying things and embracing failure, rather than "what am I going to get out of it" has proven much more effective and also frees me of the emotional demand and disappointment reactions when I don't get what I hoped for out of it. It's like doing the work for the sake of the work, or better yet, for the sake of those the work will benefit. Just my .02 as a recovering self-indulgent INTJ.

  • I watched your INTP and INTJ videos and I am still confused which type I am. I don't wanna take your online test though.

  • There was a time at work I became so pissed, I decided to show my real self and was ready to quit anytime. My 10 year old passenger was not in the picture anymore. I was not afraid what my boss or everyone would say, I questioned them and had my plans implemented whatever it took. I showed them that they are wrong and how my ideas were right. I did it because I was angry. I was rude and arrogant. This continued for 6 months. But in the end, my boss praised me and said I was smart. He liked me a lot, he gave me a promotion. I lost all my friends though. No one wants to talk to me.

  • What if the people i care and love dont care about the basics, TO THAT I SAY FUCK THEM THEN, THEY DONT WANT TO INVEST IN ME AT THAT POINT IN TIME IM DONE WITH THEM!!

  • Perfectionism is my unhealthy obsession which is something I really hate about myself. While others tell me I am doing better but I only feel I am not doing good enough. Wish I could write a program that would fix my brain.

  • Candace Williams says:

    I'm more focused on myself. Not love at this moment. I have to learn to love me first. Thanks for the video. I really appreciate your hard work.

  • Ryan/Little king Mills/ Moshav. Blood Bought says:

    Are you Washed in The Blood of Jesus Christ The Lord and The Savior?

    1 Cor. 15:1-4 KJV

    Rom. 5:9 KJV

    And the Lord said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest teach them.
    Exodus 24:12 | KJV

    He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.
    Ecclesiastes 3:11 | KJV

    Thinkest thou that I cannot now pray to my Father, and he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?
    Matthew 26:53 | KJV

  • At the age of 30, I am finally coming into my abilities as an INTJ. For the first time I am comfortable in my own skin and confident in my abilities. I have even dived right into my emotions to better myself, i now feel things just as deeply as some feeling types, I see and understand so much now, also just discovered if any of you INTJ's are like me you have the issue of thinking to fast for your mouth to keep up, i have so many thoughts during a conversation i lose half of them trying to keep up with the stream of new thoughts. I found that weed slows my brain down so my mind and mouth can work in unison, my speech and conversation is so much better, my thoughts are so much for fulfilling and reflective. If youre like me the best thing you could do for yourself is to smoke some weed, reach enlightenment over and over, then understand your emotions and those of the emotions around you, everything is so different now, so much more peaceful in my head.

  • Thank u for slapping me with this video. I just realize that I focused on my fear heavily instead implementing ideas. I think that was the reason I felt empty and useless since last month.

  • I am not sure whether or not I am an INTJ, but "Done is better than perfect" reeeaally resonated with me. I have caught myself using it frequently in my job, etc. like a mantra.
    And the love sentences were quite accurate as well.
    For that reason, I might be an INTJ….

  • Focus on what needs to be done. I get that but depending on the amount of work, what about burn out.

    I've had that happen before and it sucked sooo bad.

  • Wow, this really helped me so much! I always wondered why I have a hard time leaving the house, and why I think so differently. This really helped me understand how I can truly unlock my brains features.

  • Lol as a female INTJ, I am both amazed, scared and irritated about how well this describes me. A question: I know I “block” emotionally charges situations out – or at least I think I block it out – and I’m trying to open the bottle of feelings I keep, but I just can’t and I don’t know why!! I made a fool proof 25 step plan it didn’t work. I have now made lots of friends, I used to have none (By reading books like “how to win friends and influence people” Dale Carnegie etc., WikiHow helps a lot!) but I still feel the need to isolate myself at breaks and I don’t know why. I have made “popular” friends, gossip friends, real friends, art friends, smart friends etc. lots of different types of people and understand them by sorting them into MBTI groups (They don’t know this) and I actually have fun with them and become so much more confident and charismatic, but I just can’t seem to commit. We are all really good friends and they ask me what’s going on, but I can’t answer because I myself don’t know. Please help..

  • Sorry but trying to take authoritarian control over a project, and 'be the leader', is NOT how an INTJ works/ their next step – this behaviour actually pisses them off.

  • At 2 am these are pretty interesting videos.

    I was once a classic INTP. But I took their test and came out INTJ. Hmmm.

    Both descriptions sound like me, depending on circumstances.

    Does anyone else assume or adopt extroversion and sensing temporarily just for the fun of the experiment?

    I wonder which personality buys their course the most often.

    As for me, at my age, I think it’s all baked in! Besides, aren’t INTJs pretty much correct as they are? 🤗

  • "Done is better than perfect" — OMG I needed this!! My boyfriend told me that yesterday as I was flipping out and crying about not knowing how to tackle my thesis. My professor is asking for a 30-page PROPOSAL & so working my regular full time job plus trying to pass this professor's masters class by doing this monster proposal has drrrrrraained me.
    But — done is better than perfect will snap me out of inertia. Yay, life again!

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