Introduction to Sustainable Business Strategy

Capitalism is one of the great
inventions of the human race, an unparalleled source
of individual freedom, prosperity, and innovation. And yet, this is
a difficult time. The world is burning. We continue to use fossil fuels
as if there’s no tomorrow. In many places, social mobility
has declined dramatically. Accelerating automation and the
rise of artificial intelligence have the potential to make these
problems a whole lot worse. I’m Rebecca Henderson,
and I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career studying the
ways that business can drive change towards a more equitable,
responsible, and just society. We went from very,
very few people cared about this to the whole
market is discussing this. In this course, we
will explore what business can do to help solve
the big problems of our time. Most importantly, we’re
going to be talking about what you
can do and why you don’t have to leave
your values at the door when you come to work. It is very clear to me,
and has always been, that a business simply
cannot be a bystander. It’s that focus that matters. Really hard problems–
if you solve them, it creates a very unique and
highly differentiated solution. Together with a cohort of peers
from all across the world, you’ll explore the
range of business models that companies are using
to do well and to do good. Once we have been
able to instill this purpose in
our organization, we see productivity gains. We see that we have access to
a completely different talent pool. My goal is to give you some of
the skills and insights you’ll need to become a
transformative leader yourself, someone who can unite
a deep sense of purpose with cutting-edge business
savvy to build the kind of firms and organizations we’re going
to need to turn things around. This is not philanthropy. This is how we
believe, uniquely, we can build a long-term,
compounding growth model was doing the right thing for
the society and the communities that we serve.


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