Is Your Employer Not Paying You the Money You’re Owed? Call an Employment Lawyer at Joye Law Firm.

My name is Peter Kaufman, I’m an attorney
here at Joye Law Firm, and one of the areas of our practice is Employment Law. We are
an ’employment at will’ state, which generally speaking gives the employers all the power.
But one thing the employer cannot do is mess with your wages. The South Carolina Payment
of Wages Act affords you, the employee, layers of protection. If you’ve left your place of
employment, the employer is required to pay you all wages due within 48 hours from the
date of separation or on the employer’s next regularly scheduled pay period not to exceed
30 days. If you are still working, for the employer, but you think something is wrong
with your wages, you should know that each pay day you’re entitled to receive an itemized
statement of gross wages and deductions, the employer must keep records of your wage payments
for three years, they must give you written notice of any changes to your wages and hours
other than salary increase, 7 calendar days in advance of the change. So, if you believe
that there might be an issue with your payment of wages and you’ve been treated unfairly
by your employer, Just Call Joye!


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