Is Your Employer Watching you?

back in the late 90’s louise now I
didn’t an advertising agency in atlanta and we were renting the middle floor Ave three-story building in marietta ands the basement was rented by two other
companies the by the and the we had the ground floor and then
the floor above us was rented buyer was if officers for I love the guy on the building any on several
other buildings around us and he was really a strange guy he would come down at night when we
weren’t in the office and unscrew every other fluorescent ball
we put them back on he come back down or they’re putting back on we change the locks you get a locksmith
out to change the locks back are wander one other women who work for
us I like to sit out in the parking lot
smoke so she smoked and you can smoke in our office and so
should set up there have a cigarette and while she was having a cigarette she would do know however launch and if
she had some bread crumbs and thing she tossed into the birds and he said you can’t I he I don’t you
feed the birds on in my parking lot on my property and
Wanda thought that was pretty arbitrary and so she can sing defeated but the
bird so he went out and put rice out there which birds eating kills them its walls
up in their stomach in explodes our stomachs so he started
killing the birds so wanna wouldn’t feed them arm then we discovered that he was literally
following means so are female employees home and I was in the first couple times I
heard this I was like I don’t know about this you know but then he followed my
daughter who didn’t work for us but was there for
Marci she was a last year high school and she
had a car and she would drop by after school and
hang out with Louise Louise ran the business and and I I kinda ran the sales parten and work to the creative team and at
Louies night started the company in ninety whatever your once we start the
company 87 sold at 96 and eventually we took this got a court we
sued him to get out of the contract again on a
lease and the judge just you know when he found out with this guy
was up to just threw the book at him it was it was very interesting in front
of mine I did lawsuit for us to sprint for the fun of it because he was so
horrified by what had happened and it was a small claims court so one
only time I’ve ever I’ve ever been involved in a lawsuit so that’s my a background with being at
work and having somebody watch me turns out he was monitoring us
as we were working in he was looking in our windows he was
keeping track of when we were there you coming in nineteen the firmest ads
down really really low we had a whole bunch computers an
advertising agency we’re producing you know camera-ready copy we had the
typesetting machines in and computers and we had to maintain a
relatively stable temperature chemicals for photography is back in the
90’s amino additional photography was not where it
is now and in the late eighties and a wayward like in this war with our
Lambert so you can imagine my a shock when I discovered that there are
companies like quantified workplace or evolve that monitor employees on behalf of employers evolve
has pull together more than half a billion
employee data points for across 13 countries things like how of employees interact
with their supervisors how long it takes an employee to get to the office so see a metric solutions puts sensors in name badges and monitors how
employees move around the workplace who they talk to and in what tone of
voice and breeding from up piece by Hannah kuchler or cut short
kuch earlier tight title data pioneers watching his
work in today’s financial times Steelcase they make desks I’ve had a
steel case I’ve had still kids desks maker of Azkaban still case but sensors
in office furniture and buildings to co-workers in Iraq david latham its
director bar research and strategy quoting from the
article says the sensors are now so cheap they
can people buy practically anywhere everywhere arguing that employees could benefit by
tracking their own performance yeah the US National Right to Work
Rights Institute is not impressed lou Maltby the president says a you know this is a real problem is most employees haven’t got a clue the
extent to which they’re being monitored the fact the matter is that many
employers monitor their employees email network fame they monitor all
their computer usage every web page they go to I mean
everything that they’re doing basically and in the process they may well be
picking up as words and things so you think that you could go to court
and get out love this monitoring the way that we are a dove the crazy landlord night I’m convinced
the guy was actually crazy that he was OCD the DP was knots I mean killing
birds really but loom all be the president the US
National work Rights Institute says quote no employee has ever won an invasion of
privacy case based on employer monitoring an employer monitoring their
computer never happened is this bizarre ever ever been monitored
or close I can imagine maybe I’m just like you know an old fart maybe I’m just old
school I E you know cos IIIi I never post anything to your Facebook
for example %uh you know I mean our show posts every
day what we’re up to you know but I don’t go on and say I’m going nowww
for you know hmm Jenny and build tonight Louise
they’re gonna pizza no I you know i’d I’ve been my pro-life my bro and I would feel that way whether
I was you know in front three million people
every day on TV and radio or not and I I get it you know although I i
understand the impulse to share I mean you know wanna my sisters in laws a very big
Facebook poster and and I like to go on Facebook and read
her posts I have a better sensor for life but I would personally
have a hard time doing that but that’s the that’s the stuff that’s
voluntary giving information what about the involuntary giving how would you feel if you discover the
your name badge have been reporting all your conversations how would you feel if you discovered
that your employer was watching everything you’ve typed into your
computer all the time it’s happened increasingly Press you’re listening to the Thom Hartmann
program call 866 987 thon noble won a US company runs customer
call centers has won two thousand ways in our identify the characteristics of its most
successful call operators and hired more people like them


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