Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production

– (both laugh) – I got jokes!
Put me in the movie. I got jokes! – The person who’s about to walk out… Two Oscars, three Golden Globes,
Tony under his belt. King Kong ain’t got shit on him but,
that’s not, that’s not the end of this. When you think about…
Say if it was Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan should’ve got
the MVP every year. This man probably should win
every award, every year. Give it up right now,
ladies and gentlemen, Denzel Washington in the building! – Ooh.
– The intro… – (laughs)
– Man! – It’s good to see you, man.
Let me ask you this, – I ain’t got no money. (laughs)
– (laughs) – The first thing I want to say is…
– Got the Spanish cut on. – Some bad boys.
– (laughs) Look at this. All right, OK. All right. – All right. I’m just saying, you know. – What was that break?
What was that moment that you felt like… – I’m still waiting. (laughs)
– (laughs) You still waiting. Do you actually feel that way?
Because when I watch your movies, a person who’s done so much,
it feels like you could shut it down. – It’s not a competition and… I’m not competing against others.
I’m just trying to get better. That’s why I, I act on stage,
act in the movies and direct. And produce.
Because I like new challenges. – Right, right.
How many times do you say “no”? And have you ever said “no” to something
that you wish you had said “yes” to? – I turned down Se7en.
– Ah… – They wanted me to play
the Brad Pitt part, yeah. – Really?
– I thought the script was too demonic. Then I saw the movie, I was like,
“Oh, I blew it.” (laughs) – Oh, no.
– But it’s worked out all right. – Yeah.
I mean, you’ve got everything else. – Yeah. – We always talk about there were certain
things that you would say in movies that became, like, your calling card. – “You get your fucking hands off me.”
– Oh, really? – Every… I’m a comic, so every time…
– Oh, y’all use that one? – “Get your fucking hands…”
– That’s right. – Say it with me.
– No. (laughs) I’ll grab your hand and you play me.
Hey! – You get your fucking hands off me!
– (laughs) – You was at Roxbury one day,
back in the day. And I… you don’t remember this. But I literally ran across the street
and tried to hug you. – No, I don’t remember.
– Yeah. But you did some kind of move… – that was like… here.
– Oh, did I give you the…? Yeah, yeah. – I’m just trying to give you your props.
Hold on just calm down. – Oh, yeah. I do that. I know that. – Just calm down.
– Did I put it right under your neck? – Right under here. I’m like… “Man, I’m
just trying to give you your props, D.” – But see, you was doing all the work.
I just stopped but you was… – You kept coming so I just…
– (laughs) – You know, put it where it needs to be.
– You really know that stuff. Leonardo DiCaprio told me one day,
he says… (inhales) “You know what, pal,
you know who I’m scared of?” I said, “Who?” “Denzel, buddy.” “Because he looks like
he really knows that shit.” – (laughs) – “He looks like he’ll fucking
tear your trachea out or some shit.” – (both laugh) – Come on, D, D. For your stunts though…
For your stunts, like… I mean, when we watch Equalizer,
I mean… – I do a lot of them.
– You do a lot of that. – Yeah. I don’t be jumping off of stuff,
but I… – But your shit is… you just…
– You know. – Like if I throw, you know…
Oh. Don’t even… (laughs) – See, there you go now. There you go.
– Throw the… (laughs) – But you know it obviously.
– No, I’m shit. – All mine’s comedic. I’m just…
– (laughs) – You seen Sleepless. Maybe you didn’t.
– (laughs) No, I didn’t. – (both laugh) – Is that a… I’m sorry.
Is that a movie you were in? – Damn!
– (laughs) – Interview’s over.
– Oh, man! At least I’m honest! – Here we are. Off Script, Grey Goose.
I’m with an icon, Mr Denzel Washington. Now are there any movies that
you’ve seen, that you’ve liked, that you would’ve wanted to put
your spin on it? – This was one of them.
– OK, good. – This is from Goodfellas…
– This is what Joe Pesci did, which was all right. I mean,
“I’m funny? Funny how? Like I amuse you? I amuse you? I make you…”
But I think had he sung it… – Oh. Ooh! Ooh! – What? I thought you was gonna sing it.
– No, you got the voice! – No, no. You gotta sing it, man. Come on.
– Well, you gotta sing it with me. – All right.
– I… go ahead. – (both sing)
I, I mean funny like a clown I amuse you – What else you got? Now we… “Toto, I’ve a feeling
we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – (laughs) – I was watching that
the other night though, man. – Wizard of Oz.
– That child can sing. – She good.
– Judy Garland. – So how would you say…
– (sings) Somewhere… – ? Cardi B
– (laughs) Cardi B – (both) ? Bodak Yellow – (laughs)
– Oh, you think I don’t know? – (both) Oh! – You like Cardi B?
– What she say? – “I give him whatever he want.
He buy me Yves Saint Laurent.” – (laughs)
– And a new whip. – Think I don’t know, huh?
– How she say it though? (mimics) “I give him whatever he want.
He buy me a new Yves Saint Laurent, – and a new whip.”
– (laughs) – I like Cardi B, you know
what I’m saying? I like Cardi B. – I love her.
– You love her, right? (laughs) Oh, shit. This is crazy. Oh. This is easy. – I’m getting into it now. – Sean… you’ve gotta do
Sean Connery though. The Sean Connery James Bond. – Sean Connery. Let me tell you
a Sean Connery story. – Uh-oh.
– He was up for The Untouchables. – I was up that year…
– Ooh! – …for I think it was Cry Freedom. He comes out to present an award
and got a three-minute standing ovation. – Oh!
– For presenting an award. – Wow.
– I went to get the coats. – (both laugh) – I said, “We’ll get the coats
’cause I know I ain’t winning tonight.” So, so now we’re leaving.
I’m leaving without the Oscar, right? – Yeah.
– But as I’m leaving, I see the back of where they’re doing…
They’re getting the meal ready, – the food ready for the Governors Ball.
– Yeah, yeah. – I see a big tray. I’m like,
“I’m leaving here with something.” – (laughs) – You know what I mean? I’m from
round the way. I’m leaving with something. Then my mother told me to
get the flower arrangement. – (laughs)
– It’s a true story. – Talk about your kids now, man.
You have how many kids? – Four.
– Four kids. – Two in front of camera, two behind.
– You know, do you give them any tips? – Well, you know,
I try to tell them the truth. The movie business,
I tell my two children that are actors… especially in movies, you want people
to go, “I can’t wait to see ’em.” – Right.
– You know, not, “I see them everywhere.” – Oh. So we talk about this… Do you think that some of the actors
and actresses that are, you know, constantly saying, “Come see me. Come
see me.” Do you think that’s a mistake? – I think if you drink too much water
you’ll drown, so… – Wow.
– Yeah. You wanna keep some mystery. You know… Keep things quiet so that you build up
to that next movie. “Where is he?” I mean, when’s the
last time you saw Daniel Day-Lewis? Listen, branding for an actor
is being good. – Wow.
– Not being known. Your brand is whatever you did,
was it any good? – Now how many “likes” you got.
– Wow. – Grey Goose, Off Script, Jamie Foxx
and the Denzel Washington. Listen, Equalizer has a certain, like,
pulse to it. – Did you capture that in The Equalizer 2?
– And then some. – Really?
– They say it’s better than the first. Everybody that’s seen it
said it’s better than the first. – It’s crazy and the first one was crazy.
– Yeah. – What was different or the same? You know, you want to add a new wrinkle
to it. What did Antoine have in store? – That’s a good question. He decided
the movie should end in a hurricane. – Really?
– So now we have a hurricane. – What? And it’s crazy?
– And it’s crazy. – And so what was the toughest day
on that set? – The day the hurricane came.
– (laughs) – No, ’cause they have these
big wave splashes and you’re trying to be sexy
and slick and smooth and… – Right, right, right.
– And it wasn’t working. – Great. Denzel Washington,
take a look at this clip… – You want to set the clip up?
– No, go ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, Denzel Washington.
The trailer for Equalizer 2. Go get it. – In this world,
some people do bad things. – Make sure she gets in her apartment OK. – Some people set ’em straight. – Hey, how are you doing?
I’m that Lyft driver. What you do to that young girl? – You knocked on the wrong door tonight,
pops. – Make sure I get a five-star rating,
Junior. (phone beeps) In life, what you become… is your choice. – We all gotta pay for our sins.
– Who are you? – Your father.
Your mamma just didn’t tell you.


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