Jeremy Corbyn | Labour Will Power Up the North

Jeremy Corbyn | Labour Will Power Up the North

I’m here in Liverpool to
support the Mersey barrage. This project is part of our plans
for a Green Industrial Revolution that will kick-start the economy
across the whole country but particularly
in the north. People in the north
are right to be angry, right to be angry that the
cuts to their local authorities have been bigger than
anywhere else in the country. A Labour government will bring
in a Green Industrial Revolution that will create about 400,000
jobs across the country. Jobs at Cammell Laird and other
shipyards all around the Mersey, technology and skills all
across the region, apprenticeships and training. And in return we get electricity which
doesn’t create any carbon emissions, that doesn’t pollute and
damage our atmosphere. The choice at the next
General Election will be tax giveaways to
the rich under the Tories or Labour that
invests for all. Our whole purpose is
to rebuild industries and communities all
across the country. To give people
a chance, to give young
people hope, give older people that
sense of security and invest for
our future.


43 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn | Labour Will Power Up the North”

  • VOTE FOR JEREMY CORBYN when the opportunity presents itself. We need a compassionate PM to help the vulnerable and the many in our society. Unlike the Conservatives, Jeremy will invest incredible amounts of money and time into the forgotten North. We can only help you if you help us, the people's Labour Party, to gain control of the reins of this starved country and make it prosper once again.

  • Great video. Please keep up with positive campaigning and resist temptation to just attack Johnson personally. Your positive vision for Britain gives us hope #JC4PM

  • Johnathan Pearson says:

    Go labour! Invest in the large cities. Just like London. What about transport links to the seaside towns. You need a proper strategy. What about finding the poorest area in the north and building the world's.largest next gen electric car battery system? With all the low skilled jobs going to the people there? Can't do that can you? EU rules?

  • I hate it when politicians leave their cozy Westminster bubble to briefly pretend to give a crap about the North.

  • mysterywhiteboy72 says:

    Just your regular reminder that incoming paid trolls, Bunny Spangle, and Dave Long are to be largely ignored. They don't argue in good faith, spend cumulatively, hundreds of hours doing this, and are paid to troll this channel. And best of all, they can't deny it! Engage if you have the appetite for it; just remember they use clever sounding, but ultimately fallacious reasoning, and discredited soundbites they hope to spread. Thumb us up if you want to spread awareness. Solidarity x

    EDIT: seems another sock puppet has joined the game – 'Unknown Unknown' treat the same. Thanks Comrades!

  • The irony is that the very people Jeremy wants to help are the ones who are turning against him. I was watching interviews with working class people from the north east saying that they'll vote Tory because they want out of Europe……. the mind boggles.

  • I really hope you win the next election Jeremy – it would be great to see a man of principle in #10 for a change. #JC4PM

  • The Tories are all about people getting to the top and stamping on everyone underneath them. Labour is all about us helping each other.

  • It's still all about brexit unfortunately and potentially dozens of labour seats are legit targets for Boris because labour is now a remain party

  • Take down the Cabal, you will power up everyone! The dualistic fallacy of the two party system is about to fall apart. The unravelling of the Collectivist Conspiracy as it has stood for centuries. No right and left, only right and wrong. Q is coming to the U.K. World Wide Awakening.

  • Dinosaur Lord says:

    More like Labour will kill the North. I am angry, Jeremy, at you! You untrustworthy twit. You are ruining our country.

  • Corbyn the warped marxist leader who's stabbed 6 million of his own supporters in the back Corbyn he is filth, a terrorist supporting extreme left wing marxist, he will destroy our country if her ever gets into No10 he's the serious threat to our countries future prosperity .

  • Jew hating antisemite terrorist loving pedo rape gang enabling nazi party… in case you guys hadn't worked it out yet, you're the bad guys

  • This is the plan that will turn the white elephant that is the Northern Powerhouse into a very real thing. Exciting news for us on Merseyside. Unfortunately, what one question did local ITV news Granada Reports ask Jeremy when he unveiled these plans; "Theresa May recently stepped aside for a new leader, will you do the same?" I mean, what the hell? It just shows you how the media drive the criticism and doubt. That reporter, Adam Mclean, and whoever put him up to asking that question, should hang their heads in shame. Sometimes I think that this country doesn't deserve the Labour government it truly needs.

  • Kevin sorrentoitaly says:

    This country, the UK, is headed towards Donald Trump's, America first menu, as the main course. Or maybe we'll just make it to the desert trolley!
    The only to stop this sell out, is to vote in a Labour Jeremy Corbyn govt. Only Jeremy Corbyn's govt, would reverse a decade of austerity cuts, whilst the bankers who caused the austerity have increased their wealth by 100's of % points. It has to stop!

  • Renewable energy is not necessarily 'green' energy. Tidal power may produce electricity that doesn't "pollute and damage our atmosphere" but all at the expense of our freshwater/marine ecosystems and the important services that they provide to both people and wildlife. We're simply swapping one problem for another. Projects like this should never be labelled as 'green' – it's misleading and spreads the message that our rivers and seas are not important.

  • as an independent voter, he has my vote purely because he won't get us involved in a conflict with Iran and tell the USA military complex to find some other muppet to start your bullshit wars.

  • Johnathan Pearson says:

    European history shows that, first, there's nothing necessarily benevolent about programmes of European integration; second, desire to achieve utopian plans often poses a grave threat to freedom; and third, European unity has been tried before – the outcome was far from happy.

  • Why did the Labour Party have to wait for a Tory Chancellor to focus minds on the Northern Power House? They have taken the support of the North for granted for decades and have only begun to think seriously about its needs since threatened by the Brexit Party. 

    The message to the people of the North is simple. Threaten to withdraw your support and someone might do something for you.

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