Jeremy Corbyn | Labour’s Manifesto: For the Many

This manifesto is a draft for
a better future for our country. It’s a blueprint of
what Britain could be and a pledge of the difference a
Labour government can and will make. Labour will end the cuts in the NHS
and deliver safe staffing levels and reduce waiting lists. Labour is guaranteeing the triple lock
to protect pensioners’ incomes. Labour will scrap tuition fees
lifting the debt, [applause] and that will lift the debt cloud from
hundreds of thousands of young people. We make no apology for
finding the resources to hire 10,000 new police officers and
3,000 new firefighters. Labour will take our railways back
into public ownership and put passengers first. We will take a public stake in
the energy sector to keep fuel prices down and ensure a balanced
and green energy policy for the future. And we will build over a million new homes. Only Labour has a plan ambitious enough
to unleash this country’s potential. All this is costed, as the documents
accompanying our manifesto make very, very clear. Our revenue raising plans ensure we
can embark on this ambitious programme without jeopardising our national finances. We’re asking the better off and the
big corporations to pay a little bit more and of course to stop dodging their
tax obligations in the first place. The Prime Minister will disagree,
of course, so I say to her today in the most polite and friendly
way possible… Come out of hiding and
let’s have a debate. Our proposals are of hope for
the many, all over this country and I’m very proud to
present our manifesto for the many, not the few.


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