K-Pop Fans React To And MEET K-Pop Stars (ATEEZ 에이티즈)

K-Pop Fans React To And MEET K-Pop Stars (ATEEZ 에이티즈)

– Debut songs really set the tone
and their debut– (screaming) – One, two, three.
♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – Yeah. – (speaking Korean) – Yeah, we are ATEEZ.
– Yeah. – We gonna surprise some
of our fans today. – It’s ATEEZ. – I love this group. – Oh, ATEEZ.
My sister loves ATEEZ. – Oh, K-pop.
Let’s get it. – He’s Hong-joong.
He’s known as the mullet guy. – I love him.
He’s my favorite. ♪ Everybody say yeah
Ateez present ♪ – God, this is one of their
legendary performances. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – That’s my bias right there.
For each group, you have a bias and they’re
just your favorite. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪
– See, I wish I was more fluent. There’s parts of Koreans
that I still don’t get. – ♪ Say my name, say my name,
say my name ♪ ATEEZ. – I love this choreography
so much. – He’s the best dancer
in the group. – Oh my God.
My bias is Jong-ho. He’s the youngest,
but he’s amazing vocal. – They’re all at a desert. – Ay, Pirate King. ♪ Ready, set
get ready, set ♪ – See, that’s so impressive,
the whole dancing and being able to sing. – I think this was their
debut song and they just really killed it for that.
Will you be my friend? – They have so much passion
when they dance. – Oh, Hong-joong in the middle.
Yes, he’s a leader and he’s dance king. – It must be so hot filming
in here. – This is one of my favorite songs. – I love how each video
is a completely different aesthetic. – Damn, just come at me, bro.
Man, my goodness. – I really appreciate
the choreo. You can tell how hard
they worked for it. ♪ Whoa whoa ♪ – This is catchy. ♪ Hurry up now ♪
– Yes. I can’t do it, but–
I can’t match their level. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – That’s what you say
when you drink. You’re like, “geonbae, geonbae.” ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – I love them with their
colored hair. They look so good. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – That jawline isn’t fair. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪
– I like this song. This song’s good. – It’s a really good summer song. ♪ (Korean singing)
Just going on ♪ – I can actually understand this. – I’m blown away right now.
This is so impressive. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ ♪ Hakuna matata ♪ – ♪ Hakuna matata ♪
Ay, my favorite part. – ♪ (humming along) ♪
These are one of those songs you just wanna get up and dance. – Ooh, it’s like that.
Yo, their visuals always kill. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – They’re just so good looking. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – He’s such a good singer. – I want their flags so much. – ♪ (Korean rapping) ♪ – He’s a good rapper
and a good dancer. – Ah, yes.
I love that part. – I wonder how hot it was
to film this. It’s in the middle of a desert
in full jeans and long sleeve. – Dang, they can dance.
They can dance for sure. – Ooh. – I would hang their flag
in my room. I would. – You can just tell that
every part of the video was done with such care.
The clothing, the cinematography, the choreography, everything
is 110%. – As a current Atiny,
you just love everything they do. It’s just so amazing as much
as they accomplish in just a short period of time.
I’m just so proud of them. – (FBE) So before we talk more
about them, can you tell us what your
favorite thing about ATEEZ is? – Oh my gosh.
They’re such a good performance group.
I really like the beats. Wait, something’s moving
and I don’t know how I feel about this. – Hi. – Dude.
(speaking Korean) – Hello.
– ♪ Hakuna matata oh ♪ – Wait, no.
That’s so amazing. – Dancing is very good.
– No, that’s so embarrassing. – ♪ Hakuna matata
yatatata ♪ – ♪ Ay, ay ♪ (speaking Korean)
– Yeah! – First of all, I like…
Oh my god. – Hello.
– Hi, nice to meet you. – How are you?
– ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Oh my God, hi.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
Oh my God. I’m really shook right now.
– Thank you for loving our dancing.
– You guys are so talented. – Thank you.
– Wow, that was really impressive.
My sister’s gonna kill me. She’s gonna actually kill me.
Can you say, “Hi, Ella” or something?
– Hi, Ella. – Hey, Ella. – I like how they are tough,
but they’re not trying to show off that they’re
scary people. – (groaning)
– Wait. – Yeah.
– We are ATEEZ. – We are ATEEZ.
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
– Okay? – What the–
– He can’t believe. He can’t believe.
– And I’m the mullet guy, but my mullet’s gone.
– Oh. Where’d it go?
I liked it. I love mullets.
– He’s in Korea. – I just like how they
make their songs, ’cause one of my favorite
parts about a song– – Yeah!
– Holy [bleep]. – Hello.
– What’s up? – We are ATEEZ.
– You scared the [bleep]– – We scared?
– (speaking Korean) – You’re good at Korean.
– (speaking Korean) – They were really, really
refreshing when they debuted, ’cause debut songs
really set the tone and their debut–
– (screaming) Holy [bleep]. Nice to meet you.
– Your favorite K-pop group, ATEEZ. – Hey, your bias.
– I love you. – They think that this is
all just luck, but it’s not just luck for them.
– Surprise. – Oh my God.
– Surprise. ♪ (Korean singing) ♪
– Surprise. – I can’t breathe right now.
Hi. Oh my God.
– Hello. – Hi.
– Your bias, Jong-ho. – Hi, Jong-ho.
– Nice to meet you. – Amazing to meet you guys.
You guys are here. I’m trying not to scream
right now. Yeah.
– You wear ATEEZ t-shirt. – Yeah, I wear it
to your concert. – My heart’s beating.
I just said these guys are so good looking
and they heard all that. That’s–
I don’t know if that’s embarrassing, but I hope
you guys are flattered. – We’re so happy to hear that. – Meeting anyone is crazy.
It’s such a cool opportunity that this show brings
that I get to meet people like this. – I know how to introduce
myself in Korean. – Yeah.
– (speaking Korean) – (applause)
Great, great. – Thank you so much
for coming out. I’m just so excited
and impressed and grateful that you guys
are here. The fact that you guys
could even carve out time in your schedule,
’cause you guys were saying you had a concert
in Grand Park and then you’re performing
at KCON. I mean, that’s just
so impressive. I mean, it shows that
the dedication to fans. – We made Atiny.
That’s the most important schedule. – From all of us,
we’re really thankful that you guys work
so hard and you practice and train so hard
for all of us. You’ve given us really
good comeback after really good comeback
and I look forward to more from you guys.
– Thank you so much. – Thank you.
– It’s because of you guys. You, because of you.
Your bias, Min-gi. – Hi.
Oh my God. – It’s definitely a dream
come true. It’s something all Atinies
ever wish for in their life
and just to be surrounded by ATEEZ right now,
it’s so crazy. Especially as an international fan,
because I’ve never thought that I would be able
to see you guys because you guys are
in Korea and I’m here so far away
and to be here right now sitting here with you guys,
it’s just a dream come true. – It’s one of our dreams too.
– Yeah. – I’m very happy.
I’m here to be a part of it. I’m very happy about that.
There’s one thing I’ve always wanted to say.
We actually were born the same day.
June 15, 1999, so we’re twins.
– Oh, really? – Whoa, nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – Your best friend.
– Yeah, I’m best friends. – Destiny.
– Destiny right now. – Surprise. – (speaking Korean)
– Yeah, it’s too hot. In Morocco in Africa,
there’s Sahara desert and was so hot in there
and there is– we always wear that
long sleeve and jacket and my clothes look
like padding, so it’s too hot,
but that’s a funny moment and it’s a good experience
to us. – (speaking Korean) – Hakuna matata.
– (speaking Korean) I really like that part.
(speaking Korean) – We always talk about–
talk to our fans with our music.
This is our dream and maybe this is dream
made by our Atiny, ’cause they are one of
motivation that we can chasing our dream,
so we hope to– they feel the same way.
Their dream and when they chasing their dream,
we’re one of motivation. – (FBE) So Cindy,
if you could perform one song with ATEEZ,
what song would you wanna perform?
– Well, I’m not such a great dancer,
but if I could, I would really love to perform
Hola Hola. – Oh.
– Yeah. – It’s such a good song.
I only know this one. – So, you do this,
we do… – Okay, okay.
– ♪ (Korean singing) ♪ – Yeah. – Can you do–
geonbae, geonbae. One, two, three.
– ♪ Geonbae, geonbae ♪ – Yeah.
– Our ninth member. – (FBE) So, for ATEEZ,
what is it like for you guys to be on tour and to get
to meet you fans like this?
– (speaking Korean) – (speaking Korean) – (FBE) Finally, before
we go, guys. As a fan of ATEEZ
and for you, ATEEZ, what did it mean for you
to be able to meet each other here today?
– (speaking Korean) – It’s amazing,
’cause they’ve helped so much.
They have songs for every type of emotion.
All of us appreciate it. – Thank you for saying that.
– Thank you. – (speaking Korean) – I never thought that this
would be possible and it’s just mind blowing.
It doesn’t seem like I’m here right now. – I don’t think it’s normal
to see people from a different country
performing and making music and then seeing them here.
It’s always an honor, ’cause I think we all know
how hard you guys worked to get to this point. – I’m just lucky right now
and I know I said this earlier, you guys think that you’re
here ’cause of luck or just by the time
you guys debuted, but it’s really your hard work
and your talent and just your all around
fun and outgoing personalities that’s got you here
and I’m just so proud. Everybody’s just happy
for what you guys are doing and just thank you for
coming today. – Every time and every moment
with Atiny or you guys, someone who likes our music,
that time is so precious and it’s one of our inspirations.
– Thank you so much for coming out.
– Thank you so much. – (speaking Korean) – Because Hong-Joong.
– Yeah. – (speaking Korean) We’re so far away.
(speaking Korean) It does change our life.
(speaking Korean) – Wow.
– Thank you. – Thanks to FBE
for making this video. (speaking Korean)
– (all) Goodbye. ♪ (industrial outro) ♪


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