Kacey Musgraves on Helping Give a Photo Shop’s Business a Boost – Extended Cut

Kacey Musgraves on Helping Give a Photo Shop’s Business a Boost – Extended Cut

Nobody’s going to scare you. We already did it. The last time I was here
was a little traumatic. I’m triggered. You were not expecting it,
and so that’s why we did it. This time, you’re expecting it. We’re not going to do it. It would still– it would work. Yeah. It would still work, but– It was wonderful. We had a lot of fun, and you– You had a lot of fun. Yeah– no, you did too. [CHUCKLES] You enjoyed it. I did. I did. So you were here– I was telling you the
story in rehearsal– Portia and I loved your
album Golden Hour so much. And you were here
before all of these– you’ve won so many awards
now since you’ve been here. And congratulations
on everything. Congratulations. Thanks. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] It’s been fun. Yeah. It’s been absolutely just wild. I know. It’s amazing because
you’ve been kicking around, and you’ve got this beautiful
voice, and you’re so talented. And it’s funny how all
of a sudden, there’s just a moment in time when everybody
goes, hey, she’s amazing. I think that timing has
a lot to do with it, and just these songs
came at a time, I think, when we all needed
a little bit of an escape from the chaos and the craziness
of the political world, the social world, whatever. Just I wanted the record to
be a little bit of a hiding place from that. And for me, it was. And I think that it was for
a lot of other people too. So maybe that’s– I don’t know, Maybe
that’s what it was. Well, yeah, you’ve
got a beautiful voice. The songs are great,
so many reasons. But anyway, I’m just
very happy for you. Thank you. So like I said, you’ve
won all these awards. You did this Christmas special. But there’s something you did
that is your favorite thing you’ve done this year. I want you to tell
everybody what you did, because it’s very cool. [CHUCKLES] Well, my sister,
she comes on tour with me sometimes, and she does
a lot of my photos. She’s designed all my album
covers, my little sister. And so we shoot a lot
when we’re on the road. And it was the last time we
were in LA, or a couple of times ago. We needed to find a one-hour
photo place really quick. And she just found a place
that happened to be open and that could turn the photos
back around in a quick time. So it was called
Tom’s One Hour Photo. It was in Koreatown on Beverly. And so she went and she
dropped the film off. And she called me, and she’s
like, this guy was so cute. You have to come. When we come pick up the film,
you’ve got to come with me. You’re just going to fall
in love with the place. I was like, all right. So my sister and I went, and
our friend Melani, and we– the place is amazing. It’s been there for 30 years. He’s been open
since, I guess, 1990. But he does walk-in
portrait sessions, and you can pick
your own background. And it’s just very
nostalgic, the whole thing. Tom’s a sweetheart, a
very, very hard worker. He’s a Vietnamese
immigrant and– oh, yeah, there it is. There’s our photos. But so we came to get our
film, and while I was there snapped a portrait or two. And he has all these fun props. And I don’t know, it was just
inspiring to see somebody that was such a hard worker,
and his business kind of has stood the test of time. But we were like, Tom,
do you have an Instagram? Come on, we need to
get your name out here. And he was like, no, he
doesn’t– and so we tried in the store to set up
an Instagram for him. I didn’t know how to
work the Android he had– [LAUGHTER] –so we went home,
and my sister and I created an account for him. And I mean, it just amassed
thousands of followers within days. We were just kind of blown away. People were lined up
trying to get in his store. They were– yes, and
I was like, man, there is this huge nostalgic
renaissance happening. There he is, cute little Tom. And I just felt like my
generation would genuinely appreciate his business. And since then, he’s had
all these news stories. His business hasn’t stopped. They said it’s
completely flooded, and that it’s totally
turned around. Good for you. So I mean, I just– I come from a household
of small business owners. My parents are, and
I know firsthand what it’s like when people
choose to put their money there versus a place that might
be more convenient or bigger or whatever. And I don’t know. I just– I love
small businesses. That’s– well, me too. I love that you did that. All right, so the
Christmas special is getting amazing reviews. I’m so glad you did that. Thanks. You’ll probably– it’ll
be a yearly thing, you’ll do a Christmas thing? It nearly killed
me, so I’m not sure. OK. [LAUGHTER] But no, it was great. Dan Levy’s the narrator. He throws me shade
the entire time. My nana, she’s a guest,
my actual grandma. She came from Texas
to be on the special, and she basically
saves Christmas, so it’s really special. All right, well, it’s called
the Kacey Musgraves Christmas Special. It’s streaming on
Amazon Prime right now. Kacey is going to perform
when we come back.


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