Know Yourself & What Matters to You | Dream Life Series ?

Know Yourself & What Matters to You | Dream Life Series ?

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Lavendaire. It’s Aileen. Today is the next video in our Dream Life Series. If you don’t know what’s going on, the Dream Life Series is a video + email series where we’re talking about how to create your dream life. It comes with worksheets and extra journal
prompts if you sign up for the email series, so you can do that by clicking that link down below. Today we’re talking about rediscovering yourself. It’s so important, so crucial, to know yourself
as you’re building your dream life because everything really flows from you, obviously. You have to know yourself: know your gifts,
know your strengths, and be confident in who you are in order to
start creating the life that you want. I truly believe that each one of us is born with unique sets of gifts, talents, strengths, and life experiences that we’re meant to use that thing that is
so unique to us. We’re meant to express that in ways that serve others, bring value to the world, and also bring joy to ourselves. In other words, you are an extremely unique
person, you are good at certain things, and you probably enjoy doing certain things as well. So those are your tools. You’re meant to keep doing what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing, because in doing those things, you will be
contributing something, helping other people, and also having a lot of fun bringing joy
to yourself doing it. So those things about yourself
that make you unique are clues to what you should be doing with your life,
where you can take your life. And there’s not one right answer for what
you should do with your life. There’s an umbrella of things you could be doing, things where you could really utilize all of your strengths and gifts and talents and life experience. Also, the more that you get to know yourself and what makes you unique, you’ll learn to embrace that. And in embracing what makes you special, that
builds so much self confidence and that’s truly the way that you can shine in the world, is just by being your true self and being
the full potential of what that looks like. Okay, okay, okay Aileen. I get it. I’m supposed to know who I am, what makes
me special, but how do I do that? So for some of you, it might be obvious what
you’re good at, what you’re passionate about. But for others, you might feel like
you’re iffy, you’re not sure, you don’t feel like you’re especially good
at anything or talented at anything. So if that’s where you are, what you can do
is ask yourself: “When are the times where I feel confident
and I feel like myself, I feel comfortable?” When are those times where
you feel like you’re at your best? And you might have to take some time to sit down and jot down some ideas or memories from the past where you felt like you were really happy, living at your best, or doing something where you were in flow. And what I mean by ‘flow’ is when you are so focused and so productive at doing this certain thing
that the outside world becomes silent. I know some of us get into that state, which
I personally love that state. You can also ask the people who are closest to you: “Hey, what do you think I’m good at? What are my strengths? What makes me unique and
different from other people?” It could be personality traits. It could be your sense of humor. It could be anything, it really can. Lucky for you, if you’re still confused, I have this worksheet on rediscovering yourself where it helps you dig into all these different
categories about yourself. What are my values, my passions, my strengths,
my motivation? And then there’s also other prompts for how you define success and what a fulfilling life looks like. So if you want to get a copy of this worksheet, you can sign up for the Dream Life Series down below, which brings me to the next section
of rediscovering yourself. So it’s not just about getting to know your
gifts and your strengths, what makes you special. It’s also getting to know your perspective in life and what you truly want, what truly matters to you. So this is the part where you really get to
decide what matters to you in life. This is what kind of sets the foundation for
what you want to pursue with your dream life. So ask yourself:
“What does a fulfilling life look like to me?” If I were to live a happy, fulfilled life,
what does that look like? And I think we’ll go more into that in the next video, but I just want you to start thinking about that now. Think about what values matter to you. Do you believe in kindness, honesty, generosity? There are so many different principles and
values that can mean a lot to us, but just deciding maybe what are your top
ten that you really care about that you want to live out in your life every single day. It’s also important to ask yourself:
“What does success look like to me?” You get to make your own definition of what
success looks like in your life. It does not have to be what society is telling you. It does not have to be your parents’ version of success. It could be whatever you want, so learn to
decide what’s important to you in terms of what a good, successful life looks like. And you can really just start forgetting about the rest. Lastly is to find your Why in life. What is your mission in life? What is your purpose in life? This could be a big, scary question to some people, and I know I ruminated about it
for a few years in college. It kind of overwhelmed me. But I think, now, in hindsight I see it as a simple thing. It’s basically your life’s mission statement, something that will drive you and motivate
you to keep going in your life. It should be a statement that,
when you read it, it moves you. You feel something inside that gets you excited
or moving in a way. You can take some time figuring out your own
personal mission statement for your life, but if you need some help, I generally see
it following a formula like this: Use what you have to contribute something to the world, and enjoy your life while doing it. For example, my mission statement could be: “I want to use my creativity and my positivity to bring light into the world and empower others to live their dream life.” It’ll be easier to figure this out after you’ve
done the worksheet and gotten to know your strengths and your unique qualities, so just take your time with that. Alright, that’s it for today’s video
on rediscovering yourself. I hope you enjoyed it. And remember: it’s all about getting to know yourself and what really matters to you in your life. And then that’s where you start creating that dream life. Use what you have to do something with your
life and contribute to others, and in the end, create a life that you really
love for yourself. Alright, I will see you in the next one. If you haven’t joined the series, don’t forget
to click the link below to join. And I’ll also have more info down below on
how to catch up with the series, because we’ve already had a few emails going out. Have a beautiful day,
and don’t forget to check back on Friday for the next video on clarifying what you want. See you then! Bye!


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    thank you for this channel and sharing your voice to the world.. it really shaped me and made me think i can and my life matters and there is something to look forward for each day..

  • Hi Aileen, I've signed up for the email since the intro video. Rediscovering myself and the first video seem so difficult to me so I procrastinated and refused to do the worksheets till now. This series force me to try to learn about myself and I become more confused.

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  • Martha Ishihara says:

    Thank u for this video. I have a really low steem so I always think I'm not good at nothing. So, this video really helped me ??

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    But I know holding the dream ,and keeping working for it, it'll come true.

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    (Sorry for my broken English)

  • I want to be a happy gracefull granny with a big loving family and a lot of grandchildren that make me smile. I'm 25 btw.

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