Labour civil war as Corbyn’s union backer brands his deputy a ‘f***ing disgrace’

Labour civil war as Corbyn’s union backer brands his deputy a ‘f***ing disgrace’

LABOUR’S civil war deepened today as Jeremy Cobryn’s union baron backer branded Tom Watson a “f***ing disgrace”  Len McCluskey launched his attack on the Labour deputy leader as the party’s anti-Semitism row showed no signs of ending  During a speech at the Durham Miners’ Gala, which was attended by Mr Corbyn, he seized the moment to tell Mr Watson he should “f***ing be ashamed” of himself for suggesting party boss Jennie Formby lied over the anti-Semitism scandal  Mr McCluskey, who had a child with cancer-stricken Mrs Fromby in 1991, later continued his foul-mouthed attack on Twitter  He wrote: “I’ve said it today at the Durham Miners Gala so I’ll repeat it here.  “Attacking a woman going through chemotherapy Tom Watson you are a f***ing disgrace ”  The scathing attack comes days after Mr Watson accused Mrs Fromby in a letter to the general secretary of breaching her promise that all documents relating to the row had been kept  It follows allegations this week by BBC Panorama that Mrs Formby tried to interfere with who was on the disputes panel for Jackie Walker’s anti-Semitism case  She was expelled from the party for misconduct earlier this year.  The BBC documentary claimed Mrs Formby deleted her email about the panel as there were “too many eyes” on it  Mr Watson told her: “You have previously reassured me that all data relating to anti-Semitism would be preserved ” ‘A F***ING DISGRACE’  Now, at least 30 whistle-blowers are set to submit evidence of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party to an investigation by the equalities watchdog  Eight former staff members broke restrictive gagging orders to appear on the documentary and reveal how the party was hit by a flood of racism targeted at Jewish people after Mr Corbyn became leader in 2015  Labour insisted the leader’s team had never intervened in how such incidents were investigated, and said they would be making a formal complaint to the BBC  More whistle-blowers are now thought to be ready to submit evidence to a pending investigation by the Equality and Human Right Commission, the Guardian reported  The bombshell documentary only created more tension within the party as Labour bosses had issued a secret memo to far-left activists asking them to play down the Labour anti-Semitism crisis, it has emerged  The party HQ sent tips on how to hit back against the damning BBC documentary broadcast LABOUR LEAKS  As it was broadcast, Labour chiefs drew up a memo – leaked to HuffPost UK – advising supporters on social media how to play down its findings  They said: “Saturate Social Media with fact based videos, links & graphics of the times Jeremy has opposed Antisemitism for the next 4 days  “Saturate Social Media with fact based memes and videos of all the ways Jennie has tackled Antisemitism for the next four days  “Your role is simple. Make sure the truth about Jeremy & Jennie drowns out everything ”  Anti-Semitism isn’t the only thing tearing the left-wing party apart, as Brexit continues to be a divisive issue  This week Mr Corbyn officially came out to declare his party would support a second referendum vote to stop Brexit – after years of flip-flopping on the issue  In his shock announcement, the lefty politician said no matter what Brexit deal the next PM gets with the EU, they should put it back to the people for another say  Mr Corbyn had been under huge pressure to decide on his party’s stance before a snap election – which could come within weeks of the new PM coming to power  The new policy abandons its traditional voters in the heartlands of Britain who have loyally backed them for years  And it follows a long consultation with union bosses and Labour’s members too – most of whom want to Remain in the EU  MPs fear that millions of voters will now abandon the party for good and flock to the Brexit Party instead, who have made huge gains since they were set up later this year


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  • The anti-Semitism party (labour) is now beyond any redemption and would be better put down . There is just no room for them in 2019, They are the language of the gutter . Had they ever got into power this is what every day would have looked like .

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