Labour have failed us on Brexit, I’m voting Liberal Democrat

Labour have failed us on Brexit, I’m voting Liberal Democrat

Hi everyone, I’m Andrea, I’m from Manchester.
I’m a mum and I’m a passionate believer in the EU and I do feel that there’s not a lot
to be expected from the Tory government in terms of a hard Brexit but Labour are selling
us out. They are providing no opposition to this Government and therefore everybody needs
to get out and vote Liberal Democrat to stop this hard Brexit. Labour are not doing their


12 thoughts on “Labour have failed us on Brexit, I’m voting Liberal Democrat”

  • Labour selling us out? It was the LibDems that got into bed with the Tories in 2012 and allowed brutal cuts to devastate the public sector. Labour under Corbyn are an anti-austerity party.

  • The liberals need to find someone with charisma if they want to make progress. Britain needs another Tony Blair. Brexit supporters forget that from 1997-2007 britain's economy grew at the fastest rate in history. Now Britain is being dragged into the past by the LOW INFO brexit supporters.

  • What a heartless mother. You think the Eu is more important than the NHS, food banks, poverty, starving children, income, bombing children or corporate tax? So stupid.

  • Lachrymologist says:

    Stop brexit? Its already happened, or you want many referendums to get satisfied results? BS. Ill vote UKIP!!! Enough with liberal softness. Britain will be "Great" without eu as it was before.

  • EvanEnterprises says:

    Do the Lib Dems realise they're throwing 27% of their supporters under the bus with this new strategy? (the Lib Dems who voted brexit).

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