Labour must adopt IHRA definition of antisemitism immediately, says Gordon Brown

Labour must adopt IHRA definition of antisemitism immediately, says Gordon Brown

I want to say to you
very clearly today that the International Holocaust
Remembrance Alliance definition of [anti]-semitism is something
that we should support unanimously, unequivocally
and immediately. I believe our party is
a party of conscience but our conscience means
that we cannot stand up simply for some of the rights
of some of the people, some of the time. We have got to stand up
with one voice, unanimously, for all the rights
of all the people of this country, facing repression,
all of the time.


38 thoughts on “Labour must adopt IHRA definition of antisemitism immediately, says Gordon Brown”

  • Didn't this Zio stooge and his buddy Blair invade Iraq based on a lie? I know Netanyahu was warning about WMD's before we invaded. He's also been warning about Iran supposedly making nuclear weapons for nearly 30 years and we'll invade Iran based on lies too. I have no love for Corbyn, but he's right to criticise Israel and Zionists. Unfortunately, he's a commie and a Muslim appeaser.

  • While there should be no room for racism in any society, Gordon Brown and Blair's finger prints are all over many of the current problems the UK has.

  • That's ok, one day the world will see.
    That at the name of Jesus Christ, EVERY tongue shall swear and EVERY knee shall bow.
    All those who ever mocked Him and all those who have turned away – will stand before Him on Judgment day.
    We will see who will have the last laugh, He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision Psalm 2. To ALL those who think they're getting away with their crime, to ALL the child molesters, sodomites, effeminates, the U.N, the roman Catholic system, race mixing, unity loving, new world "peace lovers", God haters, baby killers, agenda pushing news medias, proud, feminist, Bible haters, profanity lovers, fornicators, adulterers etc., etc.

    Just know! that Ol' King James bible has over 1800+ prophecies in it. 1800!!!! And let me tell you the crazy part, 1/3rd of those prophecies has come to past! Not (half of them) put 1/3rd of them. The bible is almost fulfilled. The very last book of the bible doesn't end by praying for "prosperity" or "world peace," The very last book of the bible ends off with EVEN SO, COME, LORD JESUS.

  • I was waiting to get off a train in Newcastle and said hello to a little Jewish boy, his father pulled him away and said "Don't talk to the Gentiles! Huh!

  • ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive says:

    ©™ TMALX Transnational ? Militant? Armed?Liberation⛓ Xecutive? Observation ✍ ✍

    Anti-Zionism isn't anti-Semitic.

    Corbyn welcome to #10 ?

  • No, the IHRA definition contains a clause that provides the Israeli government too much protection from criticism. Limiting how its actions can be described. Such is European guilt for its part in the Holocaust it is willing to give the Israeli government a get out of jail free card.

  • I have the feeling that the whole issue with Corbyn and the antisemitism in the Labour Party is that if Corbyn becomes PM, Corbyn will recognise the Palestinian State that is why Netanyahu and his fellows don’t want a Labour government lead by Jeremy Corbyn.

  • (((they))) have probably lined his pockets. That business of him selling our gold reserves at rock bottom value stank to the heavens. I believe it was more corruption (who bought it at rock bottom?) than incompetence on his part.

  • Corbyn has to take a firmer stance against the Israel lobby and its malicious smear campaign against the Labour Party. Gordon Brown's advice should be ignored.

  • Jenny Gavin-Wear says:

    The IHRA is a tool used by Israel to subvert political opinion.
    If the Labour party had a backbone it would tell the IHRA to get lost.

  • I say let the Blairites split and lead a Kosher party; the Corbynistas can split and lead an Islamist party, and then maybe the British working classes can have their party back. How does that sound? I'm sick of minor sectarian interests dominating Labour Party discourse, while it ignores the people who built it.

  • I find it incredible that a failure such as Brown, with his side-kick,Alistair Darling,still think they have something to offer, following the chaos,connected with the Banks,and all the "fiddles" that went on thereafter.I would have thought that he returned to Scotland,and, in retirement written his memoirs.

  • Does this mean that Mr Brown supports the use of white phosphorus bombs on a captive civilian population. May be he supports the right of the Israeli government to use deadly force against those armed with nothing more than sticks and stones. The huge difference between the death toll of the Israelis and Palestinians, show that Israel is using overwhelming military force against a captive population. I fully support the right for Israel to exist, what cannot be supported is the illegal occupation of Palestinian land.
    Faced with such provocation is it surprising that the Palestinians fight back with any weapons they can manufacture.
    There is a clear difference in the effectiveness of such DIY weapons and the professional engineered weapons used in over kill mode by the Israeli government. There is a distinction that must be drawn between Muslim extremists who wish to destroy Israel for ideological reasons and those who are simply defending their land and homes from illegal occupation as defined by international law. Israel cannot hide behind IHRA while ignoring other international rulings. If the Israeli government behaves like brutal regimes of the past, they cannot claim it is unfear when comparisons are drawn between them. The world cannot be expected to turn a blind eye to a thieving landgrab just because the thiefs were once subjected to brutal persecution in the past. Two wrongs do not make a right. IHRA must not be used to give the Israeli government, nor its supporters, immunity from justified criticism.

  • I see they got this curmudgeon to speak for Labour. Thank God this clown has gone – try not to staple yourself to the desk, Brown.

  • Gordon Brown: "Blah blah blah blah yes look zionist masters iam doing your bidding so spare me when it is time to cull the population my lords. HAIL SATAN! blah blah blah"

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