Labour Party Annual Conference 2019: Monday Afternoon

(Music) >>Delegates please welcome
Wendy Nichols and the pat form party., if
(Applause) clap (Applause)>>Delegates, can you take your
seats and then we can start this afternoon’s session. We’ve obviously got a very
important, can I ask you to settle down and be quiet, if I
dare say that – which I dare! I might say something different
if it carries on, but can you just settle down. Be quiet. That means stopping talking for
now and listen to what we’re going to do. OOOHHH I told you I can be
tetchy. OK, this afternoon we’ll
continue our debate on our is international
issues. I have some information for you. It is clear the information
provided to delegates assisted in the
voting on reference back this morning. To maximise information
available to delegates for debates tomorrow,
the CAC has made available the online
form for reference back the link can be
found at, I’ll get this wrong. Https Https/
UK/reference back form. Reference, let me finish and
then I’ll take it. I really can’t hear you. If
it’s a point of order, do you want to come up and make it. Then I can respond to you.>>Can you just put that on the
screen, because I’m dyslexic, I won’t understand what you’re
saying. Sorry just on the screen.>>I think what we’ll do is
e-mail it to delegates. I’m told the system won’t allow us
to put it on there, but we can get an e-mail sent to all
delegates.>>Thank you.
>>I don’t need to read it out then, do I?
OK, so when you see the form, if you want to make a reference back
for tomorrow, please submit them before 9pm tonight. They will then be printed
tomorrow in CAC report 4. There is 100-word limit has been
set for the reasoning given by the reference back. If you can get any reference
backs for tomorrow filled in on the form, sent back in for 9pm, it will be
printed. So you’ll have that information in front of you
tomorrow. (Applause) Is it a point of order?>>My name is Alex from streeton
CLP. It’s about accessibility as well I understand tomorrow
we’re going to be discussing the motion on immigration and defending free movement of
people’s rights. I want to, can we have
confirmation today that it is going to be put
on the table tomorrow, so that we can prepare? And also, to
ask that in that discussion and debate that
plaque and Asian and immigrant delegates are given priority to
speak. Because it is about racism that we’re talking about,
thank you. (Applause)>>That wasn’t really a point of
order, but we can pass that information
back to CAC about that for tomorrow’s business. Thank you. Kier KierStarmer will address
Conference later this afternoon. Our first speaker today is our
Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry. Emily, please address
Conference. (Applause)>>Conference, it’s great to be
back here in Brighton and to be frank, it’s great to be here at
all. (Laughter) When I got knocked off my bike
by a black cab in July, I was lying in a gutter near
Westminster central hall, after my head had crashed into
the pavement and my life was flashing before my eyes. On
which note, I’d say incidentally, don’t knock it
till you’ve tried it. There were a couple of moments from my
youth, that I’d forgotten about, where I thought, “Oohhh …
blimey! That was fun!” (Laughter) And it wasn’t running through
fields of wheat, comrades. (Laughter)
(Applause) But of course, I then had the
wonderful NHS paramedics coming to my aid. And they did the
standard questions that they always do to test if you’re
suffering from a serious head injury. Dazed as I was, I got
through it. What day is it? Friday. How many fingers am I
holding up? Two. When they got to who’s the Prime
Minister, I had to say, guys I think you’re going to have to
take me to hospital, because for some reason I think it’s Boris
Johnson! (Laughter)
(Applause) Conference, I’ve seen Boris
Johnson up close, not close up like a lot of other women, thank
goodness. (Laughter) But I shadowed him for the
entire two years that he was Foreign Secretary. His only
ministerial position before this one. And in my entire time in
Parliament I have never shadowed anyone so
lazy, so incompetent, so deceitful and
reckless, so utterly unsuited for the job of Prime Minister.
(Cheering & Applause) And yet, this is where we are.
Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson in charge, attempting to drive our
country off a cliff, just as soon as he can work out which
pedal is the accelerator. We will not let it happen.
(Applause) As Brighton’s Peter Kyle has
said, we must fight with every fibre of our beings to say between now and
the 31 October and afterwards, if there’s a general election,
that any terms of departure from any Government
must go back to the people for a final say. There should be an
option to remain and I, for one, will be out there campaigning to
remain. (Cheering & Applause) Because Conference, we are an
internationalist party. Our party, our unions and our
members have always believed that we are not just stronger,
as part of an international movement, but we have a
responsibility to lead that international movement. And indeed … it was Nelson Mandela who said
on this very stage, this very stage, 19 years ago this week, that Labour’s
historic mission as a party is to be the keepers of our
brothers and sisters around the world.
(Applause) And I’m proud to stand here
today speaking on behalf of my good
friends, Nia give edges and Dan Carden,
on behalf of my wonderful Shadow Foreign
Office team, Helen Goodman, Fabian Hamilton, Ray Collins, Khalid Mahmood and
my wonderful campaigning PPS, Alex Sobar. All of us speaking in support
of Jeremy Corbyn, my friend, my neighbour and our next Prime
Minister. (Cheering & Applause) And I want to salute Nia and her
team of Wayne David, Gerald Jones and
Dennis Tunnicliff for the work they have done to uphold the pledges, to fight
for our steel industry and stop military outsourcing, to
guarantee our armed forces get fair pay, decent housing, better
support for their children and a proper say in how the forces are
run and to ensure that our veterans are not sleeping in the
streets, but receive free education, new career
opportunities and proper help with mental health issues.
(Applause) Because Boris Johnson can wrap
himself in as many flags as he wants,
but true patriotism is standing up for our soldiers and our
veterans and that is what Nia and her team do every day.
Thank you. (Applause) And I want to salute Dan and his
team as well. The great multitasker that is
ray Collins, continuing the work of our brilliant friend Kate
Osamor an standing up for the wonderful charities including the RNLI, who understand that a
life is a life whoever you are. (Cheering & Applause) They dedicate themselves to
helping the most vulnerable people abroad, even when the
right-wing media criticised them for doing so and under Dan’s
leadership, we will ensure that the overseas aid budget is used
to support those charities to support the poorest people in
the world, including new unit of public services in
DFID, which will help developing countries stand on their own two feet,
strengthen their infrastructure, health care and education and
help governments in those countries to give their citizens
the public services they need. Because just as Labour will
build a Britain that works for the many, not the few, we must do the same
overseas. As Dan has made clear, we will maintain our pledges on
spending, continue to pursue solidarity and global justice and keep up our fight
against global poverty, inequality and, most
importantly, climate change. (Applause) Because when we think about
Nelson Mandela’s instruction to us to be the keepers of our brothers and
sisters across the world, we need to imagine what that great
old man would be saying to us today. The same thing a great young
woman, getta Thunberg has been saying to the world for months:
First and foremost that we must be the keepers of our planet. And we must dedicate ourselves
not just to inspire a green Industrial Revolution in this
country, but to work with every single country in the world to
help them harvest the clean energy naturally available to them,
solar power, wind power, tidal power or hydropower and let
every country become a world leader and job creator in the
technology that best suits them. Back in February, I called this
the globalisation of the green new deal. So that not just
Britain, but every country can become a zero-carbon
economy and I believe it is our historic
mission in this century to lead that effort and lead that fight
before we reach the point of no return. (Applause) Let’s be clear comrades, we
desperately need that leadership in the world.
Country by country, election by election is being consumed by
the resurgence of the so-called strong-man politics. Piutau killing with impunity —
Putin. Venezuela plunged into deeper
misery. Bolsinara hailing Brazil’s
military hunter as a golden age. Deterte boasting about killing
Filipino street children. Netanyahu trying to turn Israel
into an aheart hide state. And jailing innocent women in
Iran as diplomatic bargaining chips. Assad, Erdogan, Sissi, the list
goes on and on. And wherever we see these
strong-man politicians we see the same patterns. A
nationalism that trades in lies, hatred and fear. A nationalism
not defined by love of their country and all of its people,
but by the demonisation of outsiders and an attempt to
divide their country’s population into us and them. Where them can be anyone. Immigrants, minorities, the LGBT
plus community. All the politicians and journalists who
stand up for them. And it should shame us in this country
that these issues are all too prevalent in our own
Commonwealth of nations. (Applause) How can it be that we have a
Commonwealth member, India, revoking 70 years of
constitutional protections for the Kashmiri people.
(Applause) How can it be that we have a
Commonwealth member, Cameroon, slaughtering babies as part of
their war on the Angeli phone community. And how can it be, Conference,
that we have a Commonwealth member, Brunei, passing laws to stone same-sex
couples to death and in none of these cases does the
Commonwealth say a single word of collective criticism. (Cheering & Applause) Conference, is it any wonder
that we are seeing this rise in strong-man politics, when the
daddy of them all, their hero, their mentor, their friend is
sitting in the White House. The so-called leader of the free
world, Donald Trump. BOO. I ask you Conference, how can
you lead a free world when you are locking
toddlers in cages? (Applause) How can you lead a free world
when you’re trying to take away the freedom of women to control
their own bodies? (Cheering & Applause) How can you lead a free world,
when you are actively supporting the
suppression and an ex-ation of Palestine? — annexation of Palestine? (Applause)
Donald Trump is not the leader of the free world. He is the
role model, the guiding light for all those strong-man
politics across the world, who are trying to tear freedom
apart. (Applause) And I will tell you this, no-one
has taken more inspiration from him
than the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,
Mohammed Bin Saman. I asked the question, when he visited the UK last year – why on earth
are they rolling out the red carpet for him? Now we know
why. It was the only way to cover up the blood that is
dripping from his hands from the murder of Jamal
Kushogi and the slaughter of thousands of innocent civilians
in Yemen. (Cheering & Applause) Next week, on the day Boris
Johnson makes his Conference speech, it will be exactly one year since Jamal was
butchered inside the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. 12 years
on and still, and still, this Tory Government will not say who
it believes was responsible. Because, they say, the Saudi
government’s still investigating. But amid all the acres of news coverage that followed the
murder of Jamal, the most important
sentence I read was from a doctor. She works in a health clinic in
northern Yemen. She’s been trying to help dozens
of children starving and dying all around her everyday. She said this, “We’re surprised
this case is getting so much attention, while millions of
Yemeni children are suffering and nobody gives a damn about
them.” (Applause) And she said those words,
sitting by the bed of a seven-year-old little girl
called Amal Hussein. She was stroking her hair, I remember. The images of that little girl’s
emaciated body shocked the world. That little girl died a
week later. Yes, we can cry tears for Amal
and all the other children who have died in Yemen and in Syria, in Cameroon
and south Sudan, in mine mar and in
Gaza, — Myanmar and in Gaza, I tell you
this, Conference, I’m sick and tired of sorrow. I’m sick and
tired of crying over what happens one month, only to see
it even worse the next. Because those children need more
than our sympathy and our tears.
They need our action. They need our protection.
(Applause) And we cannot call ourselves the
keepers of those children unless we are
out there demanding it. The age of impunity needs to end. The age of strong-man politics
needs to end. Yes, there are signs of hope. Jacinda Arden in New Zealand.
Ramaposa in South Africa. Renner in Finland. Ethiopia too and a whole
generation of progressive men and women who are shaking up
American politics and putting the fear of God in Donald Trump.
(Cheering & Applause) But we need to do more, more to
stop the hate-filled rhetoric that poisons our domestic and
global politics. More to stop the reckless lurch
towards military action, as the only way to resolve
international disputes. And more to stop the
irresponsible sale of arms to countries, who use them to kill
civilians. (Applause) While Labour in Government will
take immediate steps on the sale of arms for use in Yemen and in Gaza, we
will also do what I promised two years ago
on this stage, and what Brighton’s Lloyd
Russel Moyle has fought for so tirelessly …
(Applause) And conduct a root and branch
reform of our arms export regime, to
ensure that never again, never again can
ministers turn a mind eye when British-made weapons are being
used to kill innocent children. (Cheering & Applause) And we will never again put
strategic alliances with monsters, like
Ban Salman before human rights and protect the lives of our
brothers and sisters across the world.
(Applause) Conference, we must also state
as a fundamental principle that it is not just our role as a
party to fight against injustices that we see today.
But we must also correct the injustices of the past and that
is why we have committed to issue a formal apology for the first Amritza
massacre. And to hold a public review into
Britain’s role in the second massacre. And that is why we have
committed to allow the people of the Chagos
islands and their descendants the right of return from the
lands from which they should never have been removed. (Applause)
That is why we have committed to establish a judge-led inquiry
into our country’s alleged past
complicity into rendition and torture and into the current
operation of our secret courts. (Applause) But when we are in Government,
I have agreed with Jeremy, John, Nia
and Ann, that we must correct two other great injustices from
our country’s past. First, we will ensure that
surviving black African, Asian and Caribbean soldiers, who fought to free the
world from fascism finally get the
same demob payments given to their white counterparts.
(Cheering & Applause) They fought at the same rank and
in the same regiments and they put their lives on the line for
our freedom. They watched their comrades die, then they faced
the insult, the indignity of being paid a different rate when
they went home simply because of the colour of their skin.
(Applause) In Government, I am proud to
announce that we will correct that injustice. (Applause) And Conference, there’s another
group of military veterans to whom we owe a huge debt, the men
who from the 1950s onwards, who were exposed to terrible levels
of radiation when overseeing Britain’s nuclear tests and who
have not just seen their own health damaged as a result, but most painfully,
their children and their grand children too. Both the US and France have
given large lump-sum payments to some of their own nuclear test
veterans to help them cope with their medical problems. The
next Labour Government will go further than either of those
countries. We will give a £50,000 lump sum
payment to every surviving test veteran to help them and their
families cope with their medical problems and give them the
security and comfort they deserve in their old age. (Cheering & Applause) And let me thank the British
nuclear test Veterans Association, the
mirror newspaper and the journalist
Susie Bonaface in particular, for fighting so hard and so long
to win justice for those brave service people. That is campaigning journalism
at its best. Thank you. (A(Applause) Clap They’re shy. Yes, stand up.
(Cheering & Applause) So in conclusion, Conference, if
it is our mission to be the keepers of our brothers and
sisters around the world, let me tell you what we must keep doing
now. We must keep campaigning against
climate change. And even when others are letting
their forests burn, we must keep supporting all the brave men and
women who fight for our country and the brave overseas aid
workers who make our country so proud. And we must keep fighting to
defeat the strong-man politicians and
hold them properly to account for their crimes. And we must keep standing up for
every persecuted minority in our own country and around the
world. We must keep working tirelessly
for peace, even when others are chomping at the bit for war. As
we must keep challenging the injustices of the present and
correcting the injustices of the past. With your endorsement
today, Conference, and with the instructions I hope you give us today, I
believe that we must strive, night and day, whatever it
takes, to keep Britain in the European Union …
(Cheering & Applause) But I believe above all those
things, Conference, we must keep our eyes on the prize. We must keep our unity and
discipline. We must keep focussed on getting Labour back
into power. (Applause) Because as Nelson Mandela told
us on this stage, we are the keepers and we must keep
fighting until we win. Thank you.
(Cheering & Applause)>>Thank you Emily. We now move on to our favourite
part of the Conference this week, our
reference back of the international policy commission
annual report. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve
only had one CLP that’s indicated in
advance. (Laughter) Just hang on. We might have got part of it
right. We have one reference back in advance from Brighton Kemptown.
(Cheering) Could the delegate make their
way to the delegation desk, over at the rostrum. Is there anyone else who wants
to move a reference back? One there and one over there. I’ve got two people, that’s all
I’ve seen, that’s all I’m going to take. Can I just remind you that this
is your only option to move a reference back on the
international policy commission report. If you are moving a
reference back, you need to identify exactly
which part of the document you are referring back. Can I
remind you this is not about making a speech and while you’ve
all been at lunch, I found a button on here that actually turn that’s
lectern off! (Laughter) I hopefully, I don’t have to use
it. But I can, I am renowned for it in Unison terms. So, if you want to make your
reference back, thank you very much. Is there OK, thank you,
because it’s back I’m going to give the background but not a
speech. I’ve worked in international development for
the last 30 years. Lucky to work under a Labour Government
with Claire short leading the world in a radical policy which
was about international solidarity. And since then, we’ve seen the
Tories make the agenda more about
national interest. Huge amounts of money spent through the
ministry of defence and Commonwealth office for a lot of
dodgy deals. When I, I know for a start, that
Dan and his colleagues are working on much more radical
policy, some of which Emily spoke to, with a strong emphasis
on international solidarity. It is not just about aid and
money it’s about solidarity with international workers and
international Labour movement and I don’t think that that’s
properly or adequately reflected in the current document. If any of my professional
friends picked this up, they’d think oh, my God. I’d like the commission to
consider adding something about international solidarity, the spirit of what
we see international development aid about and also, be clearer about whether
DFID would be the only ministry or
office taking or allocated aid or whether it would still go
through other departments, as what means it
would be scrutinised and made coherent with the other more
radical socialist policy agenda. Thank you.
(Applause)>>Next reference back.>>Tottenham CLP. I’d like to formally reference
back the second paragraph on page 124 on the section of
ethical foreign policy and human rights. We should be demanding the
independent national inquiry to investigate abuses of the Indian
army in Kashmir. That should be something that should be referenced in the report
rather than giving excuses why the Indian Army act the way they
do in Kashmir. Thank you. (Cheering)
>>Thank you, delegate.>> Wafer tree CLP armed forces
veterans and families. (Cheering)>>I want to move a reference
back to page 124, the section on ethical
foreign policy, reference Kashmir, sorry
124, yes, Kashmir. It’s an occupied country. They’re referring to the
Kashmiris as committing terrorist acts. It’s more acts
of resistance. I think there should be a reference back on
that. Thank you. (Applause)
>>Thank you. OK that was three references
back this afternoon. The Brighton Kemptown’s
reference back is in CAC report 3. Are there any speakers for or
against the reference backs? No. OK. Then we move on and we’ll deal
with those later this afternoon. We now move to our composites.
We start with 11. 11, on Yemen. Moved by
Birmingham hall green CLP. You have three minutes to move
this and seconded by Sheffield
Brightside and Hillsborough CLP. Can I warn all of you that are
coming up today that it is three and two minutes and it is about
respecting other people who want to speak. And I will be telling all who go
over, there will be a little bit of latitude, but this morning
there were a number of people that went over and I think for
the fairness of Conference, we need to try to avoid doing that.
Thank you.>>OK, thank you. I thank Emily Thornberry for
paving the way for this motion on Yemen. Yemen is the scene of
the world’s worst humanitarian disaster and
Britain is directly complicit. In four-and-a-half years, US
and UK-backed Saudi led coalition has launched more than
18,000 bombing raids on Yemen. According to amnesty
international, Human Rights Watch, the UN and
the leading humanitarian NGOs much of this bombing has been
completely indiscriminate. Many instances may amount to war
crimes. Since March 2015 to October
2018, more than 70,000 people have been
killed or injured and Saudi bombing is responsible for the
majority of these. Millions of people have been
displaced. The blockade imposed by the coalition is the primary
cause of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis pushing
millions to the brink of famine. The Saudi coalition has bombed
hospitals and civilian infrastructure, including water
treatment and sanitation facilities. An outbreak of cholera has kill
killed over 2,500, 60% of those were children. Thousands of children have died
from starvation and preventable disease. Saudi bombing is
completely dependent on British and American support. The US and the UK supplied
bombs, the planes that dropped the bombs, training for the
pilots and the spare parts and maintenance that keep those
planes in the sky. The British and American governments claim that if they didn’t supply
these weapons to the Saudis, then others would provide them.
That is a myth. These are complex weapon systems
that can’t quickly or easily be
replaced. The fact is that Washington and
London could have stopped the Saudi bombing at any time
they’d wanted to. A UN report says that Britain,
the US and France may be complicit in war crimes by
arming and providing support to the Saudi-led coalition. The UN experts raised the
possibility that starvation, yes starvation,
is being employed as a war tactic. British complicity in that
should be unthinkable. The Court of Appeal has ruled
that licensing arms sales to Saudi
Arabia is unlawful in the context of the Yemen war. Yet, the Tory international
trade secretary breached that court order by signing off yet
more arms supplies. This is a disgrace, but she’s
still in post. Over the four years of this
horrific war, Conference, we must not
turn our backs on Yemen. Therefore I ask you to support
this motion. (Applause)>>Can I have Sheffield
Brightside to second.>> Conference, firstly I want to
thank you for selecting this motion for discussion. We’ve
seen, over the last couple of weeks, that the destruction of
an oil facility in Saudi Arabia generates international
headlines. While the ongoing atrocities and crimes against
humanity that are affecting millions of innocent people in
Yemen are largely ignored. (Applause)>>I would also like to thank
members of the Yemeni community in Sheffield, many of whom have
lost family members and friends in this conflict, for their
support in getting this motion to the Conference floor. The
previous speaker … (Applause)
… the previous speaker has outlined the role of Saudi
Arabia under the UK in enabling and sustaining the slaughter in
Yemen. It is clear that there is no
military route to peace. Instead, the UK has to put its
energies into ending the conflict and working
constructively with all the participants in Yemen to build a
lasting peace. Conference, before the current war, there
was a national dialogue in process, that was inclusive, not
only of all the political and religious
groups, but also of social groups – including women, young
people and civil society organisations. Dialogue between all the parties
to the Yemen conflict, recognise of all the underlying political issues,
including southern separstism and federalism, is the only way
to begin to chart a peaceful future for Yemen. This is recognised by the UN,
whose special envoy Martin give injustices is calling for all
sides to come together for wide-ranging political talks. For For too long the UK has
part of the problem. This has been a military, humanitarian
and moral disaster and the current Tory Government has
shown they’re willing to break the law in order to perpetuate
it. And to maintain the relationships between the
military establishment and the Saudis. The UK, under a Labour
Government, must be part of the solution. We must work for
peace. That means an immediate end to arms sales to the Saudis and military
support for them. And a diplomatic approach that brings
all the participants and their international backers to the
negotiating table. Conference, I urge you to
support this motion and put the future of Yemen back into the
hands of the Yemeni people. (Cheering & Applause)>>Moving to composite 12,
ethical foreign policy moved by Hove CLP and seconded by
Birkenhead CLP.>>>>… ready to move the next
two after this, as well. Thank you.
>>Hello Conference. I’m from Hove and Portslayed
CLP. Over 70 years the Palestinian
people were forcibly expelled from their homes and farms bit
forces of the new Israeli state. They fled in a hurry leaving
everything behind because they believed they would soon return,
they still have not. Palestinians call this the
Nakbar, catastrophe in English. Tension and conflicts have
ensued. Peace plans have come and gone. Meanwhile the Government of
Israel continues to build illegal settlements in the
occupied West Bank. Sometimes bull dozing entire
villages, fields of crops, 100-year-old olive groves to do
so. Talk a two-state solution has now become totally
meaningless. Look at a current map of the
West Bank, and tell me how you would
carve two states out of that. (Applause) Netanyahu is now saying he will
annexe these settlements and the Jordan valley. To be clear, it is a state
forcibly taking control of territory
outside its borders and integrating it unilaterally into
its own jurisdiction. This is against international law.
(Applause) President Trump’s decision to
move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the
contested and disputed capital, exaserbates the
tensions even more. Yet despite the international community uniting in saying that
this pre-emptive move is disastrous for any hopes of
reviving meaningful talks, nothing happens. And I don’t have time to go into
Trump’s deal of the century, which is basically to buy the
Palestinians out in change for them giving up their rights.
Really? Despite numerous UN Resolutions
condemning the government of Israel for its human rights
violations in the past, it has ignored them all and continues
to act with impunity. Palestinian children, sometimes
as young as 12, are imprisoned without trial for offences such
as throwing stones at soldiers. Many of these young people are
highly trauma tiesed with they return to their families and need psychological
care and support. While increasing its aid, particularly military aid to the
tune of $500 million to Israel, the US has stopped funding for
Palestinian refugees through United Nationses relief and
works agency. This is disastrous for the provision,
upkeep and rebuilding of schools and medical centres. The ongoing land, air and sea
blockade of Gaza continues. Nothing in, nothing out. This means that the 1.9 million
Gaza Palestinians are confined in what has become described as
the world’s largest open-air prison.
>>Delegate, can I ask you to wind up now. Thank you.
>>Yes. Those of us campaigning for justice and human rights for
Palestinian people are often asked – why do we
single out Palestine Israel amongst all the other instances
of oppression? The answer is simple – a British Government
with a truly …>>Sorry delegate, can I ask you
to wind up now.>>Finally Conference, a Labour
Government should ensure that any solution includes Palestinian’s
rights to self-determination and a right to return to their
homes, protected by international law and expressed
in countless UN Resolutions. Conference, a socialist we
stand, always with the oppressed. Conference, I move, free
Palestine! (Applause)>>Delegate, just before you
start, and I understand where we’re all at, but if we do this on each composite, we
end up having less time to debate. I’m not going to
mention the rules because I will get into trouble
about balance, if you want to carry on and to remind you, it
is two minutes. Thank you.>>Hello, my name’s Chris Davis,
I’m from Birkenhead CLP. Given that the situation in the
occupied territories is a direct result of immyriad misadventure
by this country, we have a responsibility to stand in
solidarity with the Palestinian people as they struggle for
their rights. (Applause) In 2012Chelmsy said Gaza is the
world’s biggest open air prison. Most of the people there are
refugees. The story of Palestine is about
a dispossessed people and who were refugees until this moment,
in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon, even sat in this audience here
today. Comrades, whilst the Palestinian people are living in
president anyone Gaza, and exiled as refugees,
our Conference has the luxury of
developing and improving service that’s we take for granted. For
those in the occupied Palestine, who lack access to basic
services, sufficient clean water, health care, education
and employment, such discussions have no relation to their
everyday reality. A Jeremy Corbyn-led Government
has committed to implement an ethical foreign policy in UK
trade with Israel. Anything less would be a violation of
human rights an against Labour values. We must be clear that
the promotion of any groups’ rights cannot be at the expense
of another. The oppression of one nation is the oppression of
every nation. In Pretoria in 1997, Nelson
Mandela, a man who well understood oppression said that
we know all too well that our freedom is incomplete without
the freedom of the Palestinians. (Applause) Understand Conference, Birkenhead CLP is
proud to second this motion. (Cheering & Applause)>>Thank you delegate. Moving now onto composite 13,
Brexit moved by Tooting and seconded by
the Labour Party Irish society and account movers and seconders of
composite 14 please be ready.>>Thank you chair.
(Cheering & Applause) Thank you. Asylumon Hannah Tooting,
secretary, first time delegate, first time speaker. I joined
Labour under Jeremy Corbyn but I’ve been proud all my life to
call myself a socialist and international. I’m a Unison
branch secretary and Momentum member. Let me start by saying, I am no
fan of the yew. When Corbyn gave the — EU, when
Corbyn gave them seven out of ten in 2016, I thought he was
generous. There’s the undemocratic procedures and
fortress Europe. It’s become clearer and clearer that nothing
goodwill come of Brexit. It is a far-right project, led
by Nigel Farage, manipulateed by
Dominic Cummings and funded by
capitalists like Aaron Banks. It’s part a global move to the
right. That Emily Thornberry described. And Trump, Mr Brexit himself in
the United States. Our movement opposed Brexit in 2016. And now
we need to continue that fight. But also, we need to fight the
causes of Brexit. Now we know that some people voted to leave
out of despair, after Thatcher ripped out the heart of their
communities and let’s be honest, Tony Blair didn’t do enough to
put them back together. They are still living with the
legacy of neoliberallism and austerity. These people need a
transformative Labour Government more than many others. The
comrades are saying, we will lose Leave voters if we get into
an election with a remain position in a second referendum. I say to those leave voters
under a Jeremy Corbyn Government you will have an option to vote
to leave under a better deal that May could ever have
negotiated. If the confirmer to vote in the
second referendum backs a leave deal, we will respect that.
Make no mistake, the Labour movement is opposed to Brexit.
Let’s remember who the real enemy are.
(Applause) It isn’t Brussels that closed
the mines and destroyed those communities. Our hospitals
aren’t buckling under the stress of too many EU
migrants. Tory cuts have decimated health care. It isn’t
migrants driving down wages. It’s the Tory anti-union laws
that are strangling our movement and the ability to fight the
bosses. Now the Tories tell us to trust them with Brexit. With a socio-pathic liar Boris
Johnson promised £350 million a week for the NHS a few weeks ago
now we’re facing medicine shortages. Who can believe a
word that man says? Is it any wonder that one of the
largest good groups to have shifted their views from leave
to remain are nurses. We are facing an election. The Tories want to drive us off
a cliff edge. All I can say to the Lib Dems is
jog on. You ain’t winning the next election. And even if you
did … (Cheering)
… and even if you did, it would be yellow Tories in charge
of the country. Final sentence, chair. Comrades, we cannot win
an election by not taking sides. Leavers think we are remainers.
Remainers think we don’t know what we’re talking about. What did NighBevan say about
those who stand in the middle of the road. We are a remain
party, remain and transform. The NEC statement proposes a
special one day Conference in a month’s time. That’s kicking
the can down the road again. More delay, more confusion.
(Cheering & Applause) We need to campaign for remain
in an upcoming referendum. That’s the path to victory, the
path to getting Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten and the path to
transformative Labour Government. Thank you.
(Cheering & Applause) CHAIR: So you know how
consistent I am, I mentioned about the flags in theerly yes
composite, I’m going to say the same about the placards now. We
need to move on with business. We need to be able to finish
that today. Thank you.>>Thank you. Conference, I’m honoured to
second this motion and to do so on behalf of the Labour Party
Irish society in solidarity with the people of Irelandment
(Cheering & Applause) — Ireland. Northern Ireland is a place
transformed from just one generation ago. Gone are the newspaper reports
and TV bulletins of shootings, explosions and violence. The
peace and prosperity Northern Ireland enjoys today was secured
by the good fray. That was made possible because in the darkest
of days leaders found the courage and resolve to carry on, including Labour people like Mo
Mowlam, one of my heroes. (Applause) John Hulme in his Nobel Peace
Prize acceptance speech said the EU was the inspiration for peace
in Northern Ireland. The EU was and is still a
project for peace enabling people with differences to
coexist. And shared British and Irish membership allowed
communities in Northern Ireland to imagine a shared future. Crucial to this is an open,
frictionless border secured by the creation of the single
market. This is not just about back ups and back stops. Any form of Brexit risks the
delicate peace and prosperity of Northern Ireland.
(Applause) The DUP and this Tory Government
are not standing up for the people there. If the Labour
Party doesn’t stand up for them today, no-one else will.
(Applause) Just as history will judge
politicians and political movements from the time of the
Good Friday aagreement they will judge us today. They will ask – did we deliver
on our moral duty to stand for the people of Northern Ireland
against Brexit. Let us be colour and send an unambiguous
message from this hall: No border, no Brexit, only
composite 13 will protech the Good Friday
aagreement — protect the Good Friday agreement. I ask that you do so for the
people of Ireland. Thank you. (Cheering & Applause) CHAIR: Composite 14, moved by
Liverpool Walton, CLP and seconded by
Aberconwy.>> Comrades, Alan Gibbons secretary
of Liverpool Walton CLP, the safest
seat in the United Kingdom, 85. 7% Labour.
(Cheering & Applause) Now, I’m proud to be at this
Conference. I’m absolutely made up, our
friends from composite 13, we had a good discussion, a
comradely discussion, but we had points of disagreement. That’s
what we’re talking about today. Whoever wins this debate, we’re
all going to be on the knocker to get rid of Dominic Cummings
and his Johnson. (Applause) Now, in 2016, and I’m a socialist.
I’m an internationalist, my roots are in county Wexford, I will tell
you, I got me better democracy and I voted remain. That took
five seconds. We’ve had three years and the
Tories dare to say Labour’s been holding up the process. Who was in Government who was
the minister Boris Johnson? You have failed!
(Applause) The Labour Party with the
leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and Kier Starmer,
they will negotiate a better deal. After the next general election,
we can put remain and I’ll probably
vote Remain, that’s the most like
likely, on that deal, I’ll make my mind up at that time, but
we’ll give the public a voice, a vote, democracy. If rs
(Cheering & Applause) Because whether you vote leave
or remain, you need us to rebuild the Health Service. You need us to give back the
schools and get rid of Ofsted. You need us to stand up for the
migrants and the poor and the women who are abused. You need a Labour Government. And where I go on picket lines,
this is what matters, we got to talk not to just the 48% of the 52%, but the
99%. (Cheering & Applause) When I’m on the Pict line, when
I am boycotting the Sun, when we are feeding the homeless with the Scouse
kitchen, when we are standing up for migrants and when we are kicking the fascists
out of Liverpool, again, and again, and again!
(Cheering & Applause) We need a transformative
comrade, a transformative Government, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn,
support composite 14 and reject 13.
(Cheering & Applause)>>OK. John Rickard. So I voted
remain. And I will vote remain again. However, I have absolute
respects for my comrades who feel differently on this.
(Applause) In my CLP, which is a leave
voting constituency, we’ve debated Brexit at length.
(Laughter) A good deal of members support
leave. And a good many support remain. But we’re a wonderful
CLP. We are a wonderful CLP, we may
disagree but the respect that we have shown each other in this
debit has made me proud. We came to a consensus and we
submitted that consensus to Conference and it’s made its way
into this composite. Aberconwy CLP, proud of you.
This is not them versus us, we are not leavers and remainers,
we are socialists! (Cheering & Applause) And as, we have limited time, as
Len McCluskey said, there’s one door to Number Ten, the only way
we can go through it is together. Now, Conference, how much would
the papers love it if we weren’t
behind Jeremy Corbyn? If we came out of this Conference not
united? Well unlucky for them, because we are. We are behind
Jeremy and no matter where we stand on the EU, we are united
in our fight to get Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten and to
deliver a socialist Government. (Cheering & Applause) Now there are many people in
this country who feel ignored, Labour is the only party that
can help us all. It is the only party. It’s deafening clear that
Conference, we stand behind Jeremy Corbyn. We need to stand
behind him on this. We need to support him. We need to trust
him and his team. (Applause) OK. Also, this is an important point
and I don’t want to be cut off before I make this point. We
cannot ignore the people of Northern Ireland. We must
remember what is at stake for them. This is not a throwaway
comment.>>I’ve given you some latitude.>>We’ve got to put them at the
forefront of the discussion. We’ve got to remember their
voice, hear their voice throughout this. They cannot be
ignored. Brexit is tearing this country apart. CHAIR: Delegate
…>>Thank you very much. (Applause)>>CHAIR: can we now move onto
emergency motion on the human rights for weeingeing hum — human rights
on Wiegers. Moved by Finchley green CLP.>>Hi comrades, I am Jo, the
only delegates from Finchley and golders green, a first first-time
delegate and our diversity officer. Thank you for helping me have an
amazing experience at my first Conference. I’m so proud to be a member of
the Labour Party and I’m so proud to have been an activist
for the last six years. My party is a party, a community
based party. It takes Labour policies to our
friends, family, neighbours and community. We are a friendly constituency
and we are proudly diverse. We speak more than 300
languages. We campaign on housing, on
health, on people’s happiness in their lives. Against austerity. We campaign on international
human rights we don’t take sides
between one people or another. We do not stand against
oppression by encouraging prejudice against minority
groups. We believe in solutions not
sides, in Kashmir, in Yemen, and for the
Muslim in China. For over a year we have
campaigned against the indefinite intention of between one and three million in
China. They have held a vigil every
week outside the embassy in the protest of state oppression.
The protest has grown and people have joined and helped raise
awareness. We have taken notice and we want
Boris Johnson to take notice. Right now he is in New York at
the UN and has he said anything to
protect this oppressed group? No. The Tories won’t defend human
rights. It’s essential to say what China
is doing right now. We must close the camps. Conference must call on China to
close the camps and return the
children to their families, to end the
intrucive, Islam phobic surveillance that
sufficient indicates the lives of the people. For 13 years we
have supported people and we will again. Thank youment
(Applause)>>CHAIR: can I ask someone to
formally second that from the floor? We move onto speeches from
delegates. And I will remind you all that
it is only two minutes that you’re
allowed to respond to, can I just also
gently say that when people are on the loop system for the hearing, when we shout
into the microphone, it really does impact on their hearing. I
know how passionate it is, if you want to speak a bit louder,
please stand a bit further back from the microphones. OK. We do have about two-and-a-half
hours to have this debate. (Laughter) So I am going to try and get as
many people as possible in. It is going to be difficult. I
might at some point see whether I can put the lights up so I can
see people at the back, if that’s possible. So, let’s give it a first
attempt. I think I’m going to try and pick six people
initially. Bit much for the desk, OK.
We’ll go back to three, then. (Laughter)
OK, we’ll start, I’m going to start and I’ll move round, OK? I’ve got delegates there in the
red tie. And the woman there, and then
I’m going to go further back and,
let me come over here. The woman, is it – just let me,
these lights are terrible. Could you just put the lights up
a little bit for me, sorry. If those two I’ve called already
want to come up. I can’t see. No the lights are not going up,
they? are they? The woman there, I
think in the white. Yeah. Then I’ll come round again. OK, if we want to start, then
I’ll come, if you put your hands down, we’ll come round again.
If I can remind you all of two minutes we will get more people
in.>>Can I start? Yeah. Conference, let us not for one
moment underestimate the degree of unity we have in the Labour
Party as we debate this difference. We are united in opposeing Boris
Johnson’s no-deal Brexit. We are united in saying that any
Brexit outcome must go back to the people. Because Brexit bears no
resemblance to what Boris Johnson and his leave campaign
promised three years ago. Remember they said it would be
easy. Turning out to have all kinds of
complications they wouldn’t tell us about. They said it would
save lots of money that would all go to the NHS. It’s costing
a fortune. They said it would be good for the economy, that it
would create jobs. The opposite is the case. So it’s right to
take it back to the people. And we have said that, as a
party faced with no deal or a Johnson Johnson-May-style deal,
we will campaign to remain. The only difference, the only
nuance we are debating is what happens if we come to Government
before this is settled? Of course, we will try and
negotiate a better deal, because if you’re having a referendum,
you’ve got to have the least damaging Brexit offer versus a
remain offer. The question is should we say
now already we will cam people of Northern Ireland to remain or
do we leave it ambiguous? Well, comrades, what’s the argument
for ambiguity? Some people say oh, you need it
to bargain better with the yew EU.
No, in that negotiation, we would both have a common
interest in lessening the damage to both sides compared to May’s
deal. You don’t need to threaten. What would the threat
be? Give us what we want or we’ll
campaign to remain? That’s not credible, is it? The
other argument is electoral. Would it help us with leave
voters? Well we tried ambiguity,
comrades. We tried it in the May European elections. What
happened? (Applause) What happened was that we
haemorrhaged votes to the Greens and Liberal Democrats, far more
than we did to the Brexit party. It’s an illusion to think that
we could gain more from gaining
back a sliver of the smaller and
declining number of Labour leave voters than we would lose at the
same time from the larger number and growing number of remain
voters. (Cheering & Applause) So if we want Jeremy in Downing
Street no ambiguity. Campaign to remain. Thank you.
(Applause) Understand
(Applause)>>Speaking for GMB and as a
proud campaigner for Labour. I’m from Batley and Spen in
Yorkshire, tragedy … (Applause)
… as you all know, our MP and my
friend, Jo Cox, was taken from the us. Jo said in her maiden speech,
“We are far more united and Have I Got News For You far more in
common with each other than the things that divide us.”
(Applause) Despite their warm words
supporting Jo’s vision, since the referendum, the Tories have
deliberately tried to widen the divide. Theresa May shut out all the 48%
who voted remain as though they didn’t matter. Now Boris Johnson wants to make
out it’s the public against Parliament, when it comes to
Brexit. Conference, he is playing with
fire. But you know what? This could not be further from
the truth. Labour will give the people the final say on any Brexit deal, unlike
the Tories and the Lib Dems, who won’t.
(Applause) GMB supports the position of the
Labour leadership. It means if you voted remain in
2016, you will be able to get one more
chance to vote to stay in the European
Union and persuade all your friends that this is the best
deal possible. And if you voted leave in 2016,
you will be able to look through the
file in terms of the deal and decide if that is what you were
promised and if that is what you still want. It’s what we as
trade unions do day in, day out. And a remember Government Labour
Government, we will make sure the negotiated deal is a better
deal for workers, that the Tories have so
far or will ever achieve. It’s in all our interests for that to
be on the ballot paper. Finally, Conference, let’s not
give the impression we are only speaking for half of the
country. At a time when we need to build
bridges not walls. Please support this.
(Applause)>>CHAIR: just before we take
the next speaker and I’m going to stand up to see if I can see
any better, but there’s that many hands. I will take the
next three speakers. I am going to have a look. If I ask you to stand it’s not
because you’re standing, it’s just so I
can see. Can you in the red top, yeah, do you want to come
down, not that lady, the one at the back, yeah. I can’t see
whether it’s pink or red. Is there it’s pink.
>>CHAIR: pink. Fuchsia. The person there, yeah. And
then the one behind you. Then I’ll come back for some more. Right at the back. I’m trying to find people who
had difficulty speaking at the back first then I’m coming
forward. Do you want to start?>>I’m Dora, the youth officer
for streeton CLP. Comrades, what we are seeing in Yemen is a humanitarian crisis, of
disastrous proportions. When we’re faced with this kind of
situation it’s time to call a spade a spade. The crisis in
Yemen is a crisis caused by capitalism. It is a crisis
caused by the blindness of the profit motive that drives the
capitalist system. Capitalism knows no morality, it
knows no concern for how many an life or human dignity. And so, in Yemen, we have
thousands dying, thousands starving, thousands displaced
and trapped in refugee camps, all so that a few capitalists
can profit from arms sales. Since the start of the war, the British state has licensed
4.7 billion worth of arms exports to Saudi Arabia, as well as providing
training, maintenance and technical
support to Saudi forces. The Tories refuse to accept their
responsibility in facilitating this. They are turning a blind eye to
the murderous Saudi regime that they are aiding and abetting.
They have allowed the capitalist class to profit from murder and
starvation. Now Labour must do something about this. And we must rely on the strength
of the organised working class to fight imperialism.
(Applause) Workers in France and Italy have
already shown us the way. Dock workers in Marseille and Genoa
refused to load arms onto a ship headed for Saudi Arabia. And
this is an example that we must take to heart.
(Applause) Of course, we also have a
glowing example of this kind of struggle in this country too, from the 1970s,
when Rolls Royce workers in Scotland refused to service
planes that belonged to the murderous junta of Pinochet in
Chile. So with these examples in mind,
comrades, yes we should call on Parliament to halt the arms
trade to Saudi Arabia. Yes, we should support an independent
inquiry. But to fight imperialism to truly defeat it we must do so on a
caste basis, on the base I of
socialist internationalism and working class solidarity.
(Applause)>>CHAIR: can you wind up.>>In the a phone rings, not a
wheel turns, in the a lightbulb shines without the kind
permission of the working class. And once that enormous
power is mobilised there is nothing on earth that can stop
it. (Applause)>>Sophie robins Twickenham CLP.
First time delegate, first time speaker.
(Applause) UnderstandI’m a bit nervous. Comrades, I stand before you as
a trans woman, a lesbian, and a Pisces. (Laughter)
I know right! More importantly, I am a proud Labour member, disgusted by the damage,
the human cost of the Tory Brexit and austerity inflicted
on the working people of this country. (Applause) LGBT, why can’t they have a
better acronym than that? (Struggling to say it) I always
mix it up with BLT, honestly. (Laughter) LGBTQ plus. That’s it!
(Applause) We’ve got far more to fear than
most from a Boris no deal Brexit. Trans people alone, women and
men, have seen an 81% rise in hate crime since the Brexit vote
in 2016. Gay couples are frightened to
hold hands in public, in Britain, in
the 19th year of the 21st century. That is disgusting and
it cannot stand. (Applause) I’m aware that some people think
that trans women don’t actually exist. That we are raised women and
lesbians. I think I exist. (Applause) I can barely eraise my overdraft
at the end of each month. (Laughter) What I would say is, anyone who
thinks I’m a man, that’s fine. That’s OK. You can think what
you like. I know what I am.>>CHAIR: delegate, can I ask
you to start winding up. (Cheering)>>What I am is a woman
fighting for my sisters, sys and trans, fighting
for the lost, frightened and broken of Tory Britain, everyone
crushed under the well polish polished broke of Jacob
Rees Mogg and his gang of Tory rogues.
>>CHAIR: can you fin shall now, please.
>>In conclusion, if you don’t agree with us, stand with us and
fight to get a Labour Government and Jeremy Corbyn elected as
Prime Minister. Thank you. (Applause)>>CHAIR: delegate, just before
out start, can I remind everybody that the ballot for the disabled members
representative closes at 4pm. If anybody hasn’t put that boll
out paper in, they need — ballot paper in, they need to do
that.>>Gordon from Unison. Almost
100 years to the day that the owner of the Daily Mail’s club
said that the way to win votes and sell newspapers is to hate. Some in the press and the Tory
party, nothing’s changed in those 100 years. The last nine
years have seen attacks on the poor, the disabled, working people and immigrants, every
wage freeze, every slashed public service, every job loss,
never down to the Tories. Always somebody else to blame.
That country isn’t our country. It’s not the people in this
hall’s country. The campaign to defend and for a company public services before
greed. Hope before hate. That’s why Unison will be voting
for composite 13 today. (Cheering & Applause) And before anyone tries to
divide this party, let me be absolutely clear, Unison
nominateed Jeremy Corbyn for leader of this party in 2015,
even when others argued we kept to the ballot paper and voted
for him again in 2016. Unison’s number one priority is a Labour Government led by Jeremy
Corbyn implementing socialist policies.
(Applause) Three years ago, Unison, like
every trade union in this hall, backed remain. Because we believed leaving
meant handing over the NHS for privatisation. When the American ambassador
said the NHS would be on the table in a
trade dole, it wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Look at who the
leading supporters of leave are. Johnson, Gove, Raab, Farage,
every one of them committed privateers. As we
prepare to leave, what happens to the British economy? Retraction, sliding into
recession and drops in investment. Do we really
believe it might get better we leave? Brexit would see public revenue
cut, jobs destroyed and public services underfunded. Brexit benefits the
privateisers, the asset strippers, the haters.
Everything Unison was created to opposed. We need to come to a view,
absolutely clear on the EU. We need to come to a view to
lead. It’s time to do the right thing. Support the second
referendum and cam people of Northern Ireland for remain.
Support composite 13. (Applause)>>I am from north Ealing CLP. I’m probably the first
Palestinian to address this Conference.
(Applause) I’m a proud member of the Labour
Party. And I’m a proud that I graduated
from Brighton Polytechnic. So Brighton is my town.
(Applause) Coming back to Brighton after 36
years to be an active member of the Labour Party is something I
can be proud of. (Applause) I don’t want to give a speech. Basically, all I’m saying to
you, you probably know, that Britain has
a role in creating my catastrophe. In 1948, my parents fled the
village in which 500 people were killed
in one night in 29th October, 1948. As a result, we became
refugees. Now we are talking about Mr
Trump having his deal of the sergery. The deal of the century means
neglecting that the refugees exist. Ie, he’s saying that I do not
exist. I urge you to support this
motion and I can ask you there’s no peace
without justice and there’s no justice if the Palestinians
don’t have their rights. Thank you very much Conference.
(Cheering & Applause)>>Hello Conference. I’m from
whit any constituency. I’m going to start with an apology. Had I been David Cameron in the
2015 general election, we wouldn’t be talking about
Brexit today. A lot of people in our
constituency voted to remain. We’re a remain constituency.
People also voted Brexit. Largely because they wanted to
get rid of David Cameron and austerity and wanted to see a
Labour Government or an alternative to the austerity
Government which they were cursed with as a result of that
2015 general election. I’m glad to say in May this year
in whit any and west Oxfordshire, Labour won across
the board. We took control of the Town Council. I stand
before you as the first Labour and cooperative mayor of whit
any in a generation. I’m urging you to support
composite 13 and remain a remain partiment
(Applause) Here’s why: Labour has been
fighting in Europe for as long as we’ve all been around.
Barbara Castle led MEPs in the European Parliament and turned
it around and made it an engine for social
justice and it still remains that today. We must be fighting
the fascists and other right-wingers in the European
Parliament. This Labour Party has a proud history of doing
just that. Finally, I want to share with
you my experience also in May, having got a great result at the
start of May, I was one of the European candidates in the elections at the end of May in
which we had a dreadful result. That was partly because we had
no clear position. Let’s be clear today. Vote for composite
13. Labour is a remain party. Remain, revolt, reform. Thank
you. (Cheering & Applause)>>Hello Conference. Northern
Ireland CLP. First time delegate. First time at Conference. I want it speak to you today,
for everyone back home. I was four years old when the
Good Friday agreement was signed. I’ve lived in a
peacetime that my parents and grandparents did not know. A peace that this party helped
mediate, grow and maintain. A peace that the EU helped too,
building housings in Belfast and creating jobs in Derry. Creating an open and
frictionless border between north and south and creating a
shared European identity to help bridge the divide in our
communities. (Applause) I came to Conference this year
as a member and a Corbyn supporter. Would wants to be able to vote
for this Labour Party in the next elections in Northern
Ireland. Now the Tories are working to undermine the political
situation back home. They’re shifting Brexit position has
caused instability in our economy, in stormed and now the
peace process. The — Stormont. The risks to the
peace are happening now. We all in this room have worries about
the economy an the freedom of movement after Brexit. However, wees have a CLP and —
we as a CLP have worries about our own lives too. The PNSI has
reported that there has been an increase in politically motivated violence from
dissident Republican groups due to the instability caused around Brexit and what
Brexit means for the border in Ireland. Labour was
instrumental in forming peace in Ireland. However, we need you
to continue your commitment to the Good Friday agreement and
ensure my friends, family and future generations can enjoy the
peace I have. (Applause) I ask you today please think of
Ireland, north and south, show solidarity with us in Ireland
and support composite 13. Remain is the only option to
continue this peace. Thank you.
(Cheering & Applause)>>Hello, I’m 17 years old and I
feel like I might make a lot of enemies at the moment. I’d like
to reiterate that this speech does not speak on behalf of my
CLP, but rather on behalf of the young people in my area, each
grin stead, Crawley, Horsham, I hear you if no-one else will. I
would like to talk against a second referendum. As although
… (Applause)
… I, myself, you don’t have to pity me, it’s fine. I would
love a second referendum, as much as most of you would, I
imagine. However, I know thousands, I
don’t know thousands, I don’t have that many friends! I know hundreds of people aged
16-25 and younger in my area who think it will create a divide
that will be worse for us to grow up in, even.
(Applause) So I don’t want to urge you
anything. You’re of your own opinions. But I would like to
establish my reasons that I will not be voting for composite 13
or 14. Thank youment (Applause)
— thank you.>>Thank you Conference. Sophie Wilson, Sheffield Hallam
CLP. I’m proud to be a delegate and I’m proud to be a Councillor
back in Sheffield. I’d like to speak to you today
about the community I represent, a
proud, northern, ex-mining community of committed Labour
voters and people who share our vision a country that works for
the many. Like so many of our heart lands,
are proud to vote for us election after election, they
also voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. But comrades, what my
constituents need in this ex-mining village not a no deal
Brexit, unDemocratically forced through by an increasingly
dictatorial Government that serves the richment neither do they need empty
promiseed and vicious austerity from a party of opportunistic
hypocrites. (Applause) What my constituents desperately
need and what will bring real,
long-term, lasting change to their lives is a socialist
Government led by Jeremy Corbyn. (Applause) Jeremy has known from the start
that the only way to resolve Brexit in the interest of the
99% is to bring everyone back together, united under a common
cause and against a common enemy. And that enemy is
poverty and greed. And the class that perpetuates
and profits from both. Conference, despite what the
media say, this Brexit policy could not be more simple nor
more democratic. We cannot disregard the 2016
referendum. Or attempt to leave behind our heart lands in the
same way the Tories have done. However, nobody voted for no
deal and nobody voted for Boris Johnson. And right now, we need to
negotiate the best deal that we can with the EU, call a special conference so
ordinary Labour members, like ourselves, can make sure we
agree with it and then put it back to the people. I urge delegates to support
composite 14, for the good of the people and to unite our
electorate. (Cheering & Applause) And to ensure we’re in a good
footing to win a general election and deliver the radical
Labour policies that I and my communities so desperately need.
Thank you. (Applause) S
>>CHAIR: I’m going to do the next round and going to do
something different, which is against what we’ve said. But
it’s my choice to ask people who want to speak to stand up, not
your choice to do that. It might make it easier for me
to be able to see where people are.
All of you who would like to speak, don’t everybody stand up!
(Laughter) And I’ll do that. Right. A woman there, is it a black
with flowery top on? Yeah. (Shouting from the floor)
>>CHAIR: because we have our accessibility stupid in
turquoise tops so I can see them — accessibility stewards in turquoise stops so I
can see them as well. The woman there in the blue and
the guy here at the front. And then … can everybody sit down so I can
make sure I see people although I have seen someone over there.
With an accessibility … no. Yeah. We’ve got three and I will come
back, OK?>>Sandi Kennedy, Brighton
Pavillion, an old new delegate or new old, I’m not sure which.
The important word here, speaking for Palestine, is love. And what that means in terms of
responsibilities and obligations. An Israeli woman described it
this way: She, who is working in
Palestine for human rights and against the occupation said, I am Jewish. I
am Israeli. I love my country. But the world should know what
Israel is doing now is wrong. That is an ethical voice. And that ethical woman deserves
our ethical motion. Just as the Palestinians deserve
this ethical motion. Just as we, as the Labour Party,
and we as citizens of this country, deserve such an ethical
motion and that, Conference, is why I commend it to you. Thank
you. (Applause)>>Speaking in support of the
NEC statement our leader’s position.
(Applause) Conference, Brexit has never
been an easy issue for any of us. The referendum was hugely
divisive, has opened the door to a toxic
populism on the right and most
frustratingly, when 14 million people are
trapped in poverty, when food banks are a fixture of our communities, it is
drowned out many of the debates we should be having on this
stage today. (Applause) Labour has got to unite the
country and I honestly believe this is the
policy that allows us to do that. And it reflects what our CW
members agreed at our Conference in April. While the CW campaign for remain earlier this year we debated
Brexit with 1,000 of our CW representatives, based in work places across the UK, in
a hall, just like this one, just like we’re doing today. And, Conference, I can’t leave
this rostrum without making this point: When we come together
and we debate, whatever the issue, there are no enemies in
this room. Our enemies are in Downing
Street and Number Ten! (Applause) Our reps voted to oppose a no
deal Brexit, to respect the results of the referendum and
for our union to hold a special conference to agree our position
if there is a public vote. Conference, as a proud trade
Unionist, as someone who has negotiated with employers, day
in, day out, for all of my working life, I know it’s not
credible to be saying we will negotiate a deal that we already oppose,
as set out in composite 13. (Applause) Our members would see this in an
instant and we believe the public will as well.
>>CHAIR: can I ask you to wind up, please.
>>The CW backed Corbyn from the start and we believe this is the
right thing to do. We need to unite. We need to get behind
this statement. We need to move forward and reneed to get Boris
out of Number Ten. Thank you. (Applause)>>Thank you, chair. Transport staff association. My
general secretary was hoping to speak, but he’s dealing with the
loss of hundreds of our members’ jobs at Thomas Cook at the
moment. (Applause) TSSA unequivocally supports p
composite 13. (Applause) But whichever we pass, we have a
good, solid plan for how to deal with the situation that we’re
facing. I would like to see, however, an
end to ambiguity, if only for the situation of Northern
Ireland. Most of my life, the Troubles,
as they were euphemistically called in Northern Ireland
weighed heavily on all of us. I visited Northern Ireland during
the Troubles and I have a horror of anyone having to return to
those days. We have to defend …
(Applause) We have to defend the Good
Friday agreement, if it’s the last
thing we do. Membership of the EU is a defence of the Good Friday agreement. Even the seconder of composite
14 said that the situation in Northern Ireland is crucial. But he had no solution to offer.
Only composite 13 offer that’s solution. So please support it.
Thank you Conference. (Applause)>>Howard beck ethical motion,
unite, speaking in support of the
statement, composite 14. As a proud Northern Irelandman, who
grew up during the Troubles and experienced the trouble, asking
you to oppose composite 13. (Applause) Conference, Tories thrive on
division. It is in their very DNA. They both racism, xenophobia,
Islamophobia. They create hostile environments.
Conference, be in no doubt, Brexit is the latest Tory vessel
for division. Johnson and Cummings, seek to
divide our class over leave or remain, knowing it is the only
chance for them to retain power. Conference, Jeremy Corbyn seeks
to say honestly that the 2016
referendum has a democratic legitimacy.
(Applause) But Conference, we are three
years on and when a Labour deal is agreed, it is legitimate to
ask if people want that deal or want remain. And it is legitimate to say, in
knowing the content of that deal, only then, will we, the
members, decide if we want to back the deal or back remain at
a democratic conference. (Applause) Conference, as you’ve heard,
composite 13 seeks to define us now as a party of remain and say
that any negotiated deal, no matter what is in it, should be
rejected in favour of remain. And Conference, I have to say –
as anyone who watched Emily on question time will know, it would be a
car crash to send Jeremy Corbyn into a general election saying
this he can negotiate a credible deal, when our position is one
to reject that deal. (Applause) And Conference, composite 13 is
precisely what Tories want. It is a guarantee that the next
election is about Brexit and Brexit only. All of our transformative agenda
drowned out by Brexit. Jeremy Corbyn is saying to us, do not
tie my hands, allow me to talk of unity, because I am a man of
unity.>>CHAIR: can you wind up
please.>>I will chair. Allow the
chance, the only chance, of having an election, where I can
talk not for 48%, not 52%, but for the
99% against the 1%. Conference, that is because
Jeremy Corbyn is the man that Len
McClusky described. He refuses to be defined by Brexit because
he’s a socialist and a trade Unionist, like all of us. And Conference, I will finish,
chair, by saying this, I will finish. I will make a plea to
my comrades in the CLPs and you are my comrades, I would make a
please …>>CHAIR: Howard, I have asked
you on four occasions to wind up …
(Applause)>>CHAIR: can I ask for a little
bit of respect that when I ask people to stop speaking, it
isn’t because nobody likes to hear what you’re saying. It’s so that everybody else
following you gets the opportunity to be able to speak. We could have had another person
in there, so can we just be a bit more respectful of each
other. Thank you. And that’s not acceptable
either. I’m making a point, I have to
make the point. Because it’s about being fair to everybody in
this hall. Can you all sit down, before I
get myself into even more bother. No doubt you know I can deal
with that. Sit down until I ask you to
stand, because it’s the appropriate thing to do. So, I’m going to stand up at the
same time as you do. And try and pick some more speakers. We
do still have an hour. to deal with this, OK? Right,
here we go. There is someone right at the
back there. The guy with the white baseball
cap on. And I need a woman. And the person there with the
accessibility steward with them. Then I’ll come round again, if
we all sit down.>>First time speaker. I’m here asking Conference to
support composite 13. Brexit is the biggest crease
this country has faced in my lifetime and frankly it
terrifies me. The Tories created this disaster that risks
jobs, the loss of workers’ rights and the further
decimation in the standard of living in the most vulnerable in
society. Nobody voted to make themselves poorer. Nobody voted
to lose their jobs. Nobody voted to return the chances of
the next generation. This is the greatest challenge facing
our country and we absolutely cannot sit on the fence. We are
the Labour Party. We have a responsibility to fight for the
communities we represent. To fight against austerity and to
remain in the EU. To do that we need a Labour
Government with a clear Brexit position and this motion does
that. It’s our duty to fight to remain
in both the UK and the EU. We must build bridges not
barriers. That’s why we believe in solidarity and we’re
outwardly internationalists not inward Nationalists. If the
Labour Party, the Labour Party won’t fight for jobs, won’t
fighter not — for the poorest and most
vulnerability or solidarity and unity, no-one will. We need a
general election. We need a Labour Government. We need an
end to this Brexit chaos. We need a people’s vote in which we
campaign actively to remain. Conference, I ask you to support
this composite. (Applause)>>Youth delegate Sheffield
Bradford and Hillsborough, first time delegate. First time
speaker. (Applause) Conference, the Labour Party is
a party of international solidarity and world peace. A party which believes that
every child on this planet deserves to live in a world free from the horrors of
man-made war and destruction. Over the last five years, the UN
has estimated over 100,000 Yemeni children have been killed by one of the
most brattal bombing campaigns in —
brutal bombing campaigns in the century. Such brutality has caused one of
the main, one of the largest
man-made famines. Starving millions of innocent
Yemenis for over half a decade. Conference, this is a disgrace. I repeat, Conference, this is a
disgrace. (Applause) And that’s that wasn’t enough,
we have to understand that enough is enough. We have to understand that the
people of Yemen are just all innocent
civilians trapped in conflict across the world. They are just like us. They cry like us. They dream our dreams and we
dream their dreams. Conference, as obscure it may
seem, we have more in common with the
Yemeni people, the innocent Yemeni people, than the
political leaders who sell weapons, which are used to
violate international law. Clap clap
(Applause) This motion demands that a
Labour movement must commit to end all sales …
>>CHAIR: can I ask you to wind up, please.
>>Yeah. Since I don’t have time, I will
mention this very quickly.>>CHAIR: very, very quickly. N
this motion … sorry. We have to consider the people
in south Yemen and north Yemen as well. I will finish with
this quote, really important quote, please. In the words of Malcom X, we
declare our right on this earth to be
human beings, to be respected human beings, to be given the rights of a human
being in this society, on this earth, on this day, we intend to bring
existence by any means necessary. Please support this
motion. Thank you very much. Power to the people!
(Cheering & Applause)>>Hi basicallyion Brighton CLP,
otherwise known as the referencing back CLP.
(Laughter) I’m loving this Conference.
It’s fantastic. We’ve heard an array of
announcements on fantastic policies around the NHS, employment, education, poverty,
foreign policy. These will form the basis of a fantastic socialist manifesto
that we’ll put to the people. OK? And that will dance form
our society. — transform our society. All of that will be
lost and mean nothing if we don’t unite around our leader.
(Applause) We’re united to get Jeremy
Corbyn an the other socialists collected. We then united again to keep him
there. And now we need to unite again,
so that we keep him there and we
support the leader. (Applause) We cannot give our detractors
any more ammunition. They will make it up any way. We’ve got
to stand firm. I’m Chilean, the anthem reused
was el pueblo … for those of you who
don’t know Spanish, that’s the people united will never be
defeated. So comrades, unite around our leadership, reject composite 13,
support the NEC position and composite 14. Come on!
(Cheering & Applause)>>Testing. Can everyone hear
me. Fantastic. Mark, Portsmouth south CLP. I
want to start off by saying I had to take someone to hospital
yesterday. Because they passed out. And the level of unity and the
level of cohesion between those NHS workers despite the fact
that they had to deal with an entire hospital corridor patients put to shame how the
Labour Party Conference has dealt with issues over the last
two days. Right. We have not, we’re improving, we’re
significantly improving guys and I’m so proud, right, but we need
to stand up for those NHS workers. I know it sounds confusing. I’m
get topping the point, sorry. The biggest division between our
Labour Party right now is between people who outright want
to remain in the European Union and people who
also want remain in the European Union but want to allow the
people who want to leave to speak and have a voice. Right. What a tiny problem to face,
what a tiny problem to face, compared
with the work that the NHS staff members have to do. It was a
wake up call to go there. The mainstream media will in any
case try to make us look more incompetent than the Tories. The only way that the Labour
Party is going to sell ourselves to the electorate is not by
shoving individual opinions down people’s throats. We can
campaign for remain. I voted remain. I want to stay in the
European Union. But we cannot tell Brexit voters
that they are stupid and that they are racist. And in the event of a second
vote … we must allow a credible leave
option to be campaigned for and put on the table, because in my
opinion, people are likely to be educated that the
Brexit process will not ends on October 31. And it will go on
for years. However, if they want to vote that way, that’s
fine. But I believe personally that if we educate people on the
subject that they will vote the same way that I
want to and stay in the European Union.
>>CHAIR: can you wind up, please.
>>By all means. I understand that the people of Scotland and
Northern Ireland will feel incredibly strongly on this
issue. I understand that minority communities will feel
very strongly on Brexit as well. However, right, a soft Brexit
won’t kill off the NHS. A Tory Government or a Lib Dem Government or a Tory/Lib Dem
coalition will kill off the NHS. I’m saying this as an NHS worker
ladies and gentleman.>>CHAIR: can I ask you to
finish now.>>Composite 14, guys. Thank
you very much for letting me speak.
(Applause)>>Comrades Jean Roberts, Brent
central. However you voted in the
referendum, there is no debate that leave won. Whether you
like it or not. And I voted leave. A few reasons. The EU is not a model democracy
Andree Dom, has freedoms. Its policies are decided by the
lobbies of multinational companies. It was our trade unions that won
the rights we have through our collective strength not the EU.
(Applause) However, we are where we are. We have to get rid of this
right-wing, anti-working class Government made up of elites. To do this we must unite not
divide the Labour Party, divide the country. We have to
recognise that over half the people voted to leave. We need to bring as many of
those as possible to understand what a Labour Party, a Labour
Government, would bring to our country, a Government
that believes in social justice, that would close the poverty
gap, that would support those who need support in whatever
way, that would welcome all those who want to build a
socialist country here from wherever they come from. Let’s first go to the general election, put forward
transformational policies suggested here over the last few
days. We have the opportunities to
either cause more division or unite and
make the election of a socialist Government possible. I urge you to vote against
composite motion 13 and for composite 14.
(Cheering & Applause)>>CHAIR: just before the next
delegate, I’m going to do another round. I’m going to
again ask people to stand up and I’ll do the same. In the red there, yeah. I’m going to try and find
someone from over there on that back wall.
Is it a blue shirt with stripes on it? Right at the back.
Yeah. Where the Labour 19 hashtag is,
there’s somebody stood in a white shirt, I don’t think it’s
got stripes on it. Yes, you that’s just turned round there,
yes. Yes. Yes. The woman in the white T-shirt
there. Then we’ll come round again. We still have another 40
minutes.>>Hello everyone. I’m Shellie Ryan. I’m first time delegate and
first time speaker. (Applause) I hadn’t planned to speak today,
but I have been urged to do so. I’m going to read you something
I wrote this morning in the car. I wasn’t driving when I wrote
it, just to reassure you! That’s not why I’m sitting here
with my leg in a cast! (Laughter) OK, our current position to
negotiate a – is to negotiate a Labour
Brexit deal in f we win a general election and then put
that deal back to the public in a referendum against remain. Despite my antipathy towards a
further referendum, I can live with this position. A lot of leave voting members
can live with it. Albeit with a fair level of
disappointment and Farrellly, remain supporting members can
live with, it because it offers them a good
shot at reversing Brexit. And that’s why I believe we
should stop here. And not move any further toward
a remain position. (Applause) The position that composite 13
will put us in would be to dam pain for remain against a Labour
negotiated deal and to tie our hands now. And that position has been
roundly mocked and understandably so, because it
casts doubt that we will negotiate any future deal in
good faith. Jeremy Corbyn has put it on
record that he would prefer to stay neutral in the position of us campaigning
in a future referendum, which I agree with. The fact is this is the only
position that can hold the disparate
Brexit factions in our own party together. That’s a sign of what it can
achieve in a general election. (Applause) With the voters — whether
voters voted leave or remain they can just about live with
our offer on Brexit, add to that the list of exciting, life
transforring policies and we can bring our broken country back
together.>>CHAIR: please wind up. Delegate, I’m sorry, can I ask
you to wind up, please. Thank you.
>>So basically, please support composite motion 14 and reject
13. Support Jeremy Corbyn. (Applause)>>Zoe Goodman, CLP delegate,
Bristol south. I’m also unite community women’s officer for Bristol, Bath and
Gloucester branch. I would like to thank unite for
setting up unite community. I’m speaking against composite 13
and for composite 14. (Applause)
And I’m in support of the NEC’s statement on Brexit. Comrades, our country is divided
on Brexit and we as a the Labour Party need to work together to
help unite the country. The position put forward by Jeremy
Corbyn and endorsed by the NEC allows us to do this. To work as Labour Government to
occur a sensible leave deal and put it before the people in a referendum,
alongside the option to remain. Allow members to decide for
themselves how to campaign in the referendum. And let people
decide between leave and remain. I live in Bristol, which is not
the remain city that some claim. Bristol south was split 502% —
52% remain, 48 leave. The opposite of the national result,
but marginal. I would like to campaign in the forth coming
general election for Labour policies and listen to people’s
views on the doorstep about Brexit, not push a particular
view of Brexit on them.S (Applause) Campaigning rabidly on remain
will put a lot of core Labour members and voters off. We are the party of the 99% not
just the 48%. We should support the position
put forward by the NEC, vote against composite 13, for composite 14.
Let members each decide how to campaign. Let the people decide
how to vote on Brexit. Thank you Conference.
(Applause) Gary from Camberwell and Peckham
CLP. Comrades, we are on the brink of
an historic victory. We are a party ready and committed to
reverse not just the austerity of the last nine years, but 40 years of
neoliberal attacks on working people and communities.
(Applause) Few of us could understand in
1985 and I was there, just what we were in
for. We cannot waste this opportunity. But we’re not
there yet. Of course, we have to win the general election.
But that is not enough. All hell will break loose as the
corporations and the super wealthy fight back. To with stand this onslaught we
will need the trust and support of a united working class.
(Applause) Yet, so many of us seem intent
on further polarising a split in
the class. And over what? The terms a trade deal? Brexit is a detail compared to
what is at stake for our party and our country today.
(Applause) Democracy matters. Half of our class voted to leave
the EU and not because they were ignorant and not because they
were racist. (Applause)
The referendum became a vote on austerity and neoliberallism. If we contemptuously turn our
backs on that vote and commit now to
remain, we will render our party impotent and our project, our
precious project will fail. (Applause) Jeremy has focussed on a simple
message to voters: Our interests are
the same, whether we voted leave or remain. And we must hang
onto that. The alternative is not business
as usual. If we alienate …>>CHAIR: start winding up.
>>They will turn elsewhere. The fascists and far right are
on the streets, but increasingly they have voices in Parliament
too. Comrades, I immore you …>>CHAIR: can I ask you to wind
up please.>>Vote against composite 13 and
for 14.>>Knoll Tucker, Tottenham CLP. I have to say, I’m from a
constituency and a CLP which is overwhelmingly pro-remain. But I’ve got a message from the
overhelpingly remainers of Tottenham — overwhelmingly
remainers of the Tottenham Labour Party, which is back your
leader. Support Jeremy! (Cheering & Applause) And you know what? Jeremy’s got a track record. He
was right on Iraq. He was right on gay rights. He was right on privatisation
and PFI. He’s been right again and again
and he is right on our tactics and
strategy around Brexit. (Applause) Comrades, pads ethical motion 13
has to be re– composite 13 has to be
rejected because it points in the direction of an utterly
nightmare scenario. Follow me, because it’s conVa
luted. We cannot possibly and credibly negotiate a reasonable
Brexit deal, if we have already committed ourselves to opposing
that deal. There is no motivation from the
EU or our own negotiators to get anything but a very, very bad
deal. And when we go to the voters and oppose our own deal, we cannot
predict the outcome. Nobody thought Trump would be
elected and realistically, nobody
thought in 2016 the voters would vote for Brexit. But what if they vote for Brexit
again next year, on a bad deal, which
we have negotiated and committed to oppose? We could repeat a nightmare
scenario, it may be a deal that is very little different from
the one that Theresa May negotiated. Comrades, don’t allow Farage and
Boris Johnson to wear the clothes of the 52%. They have
no clothes. They represent the 1%. It is our party that
represents the 99%. (Cheering & Applause)>>Good afternoon Conference.
Hammersmith CLP, first time delegate, first time speaker.
(Applause) Conference, I stand here on the
same values as many of you here, internationalist, compassionate
and wants to be part a society that celebrates our diversity
and champions workers’ rights. And Conference, looking ahead,
looking to the future, if we are to stand up against superpowers
that are using underhand cyber tactics to disrupt the very fabric of our society
and our democracy, or if we are to build a multilateral groan new deal, a revolutionary
new deal across Europe and beyond and also in our own
country, or if we are to build an economy that is strong enough
not to be economically bullied by superpowers to the east and
to the west, and if we are to build a
cooperation and offer an economic cooperation across Europe, not just from ourselves,
then we must back composite 13. (Cheering & Applause) Conference, our members and I know some
people will disagree, but I ask them to look, our members are
overwhelmingly in favour of remain with 90% of CLPs submit
being a remain motion to 2019 Conference. As Welsh Labour, Scottish Labour
and Northern Ireland Labour too. We talk a lot about democracy
this year. So let’s demonstrate it. But our voters too, not just
our members, want us to remain. And if we are to survive, and I
choose my words very carefully, to
survive as a party beyond the next election, and we are going to achieve all that
has been discussed from this very podium in the last few days, we must take a
position now to put …>>CHAIR: can I ask you to wind
up now.>>To put any Brexit deal back
to the public for a vote with the option to remain and we must
campaign for remain. (Cheering & Applause) Conference, I am wrapping up. I
ask you not just for my own sake. Not just for my children’s sake. But for my children’s children’s
sake. This is what we are talking about.
>>CHAIR: delegate, can I ask you to wind up please.
>>I commend motion 13 and for everyone to back composite 13.
(Applause)>>I’m Han why, I’m 22, I’m from
Leeds and a first time speaker. (Hannah N) I joined the Labour
Party a year ago, because I want Jeremy
Corbyn’s transformative policies to be put into action after
almost a decade of brattal Tory austerity. I was proud to see a
Labour collected in my own constituency for the first time
in 12 years. Our manifesto, was offering
something truly we have loosingary. We swung Leeds away from the Lib
Dems. Almost every day, I speak to young people on the doorstep.
And they tell me how much they want to stay in the EU. And to
fight to reform from within. Where they used to be filled
with hope and excitement at the prospect a Corbyn-led
Government, they’re now confused and conflicted. Earlier this year, these young
people didn’t see any contradiction between supporting
Jeremy Corbyn and voting green. They felt we have similar
policies but that the growns were clear on one thing we
weren’t, they would come pain to stay in the EU.
(Applause) Without the support of these
voters, my dream of seeing a transformative Labour Government
cannot happen. Today, we have the chance to put
Jeremy Corbyn into Number Ten by supporting composite 13. To win
back … (Cheering & Applause) Those voters who support Jeremy
Corbyn we need a clear stance. It’s not good enough to say
we’ll decide our policy on a later date. Because I know young people will
hold their vote against us unless we tell them we’ll
campaign to remain. Welsh Labour, Scottish Labour
and Northern Irish Labour have all dedicated themselves to
campaigning to remain in a referendum. So where’s the
divide? (Applause) How is composite 13 a divide? My personal experience of voters
refusing to support Labour without a concerned remain
position is reflected in all of the polling and in the results
of the local European Parliament elections.
>>CHAIR: can you wind up please.>>To get Jeremy Corbyn into
Number Ten, vote for composite 13.
(Applause)>>CHAIR: before you come up,
would el’ take another round of speakers. — we’ll take another round of
speakers. I will ask you to stand up and I’ll do the same.
And I’ll try and see. I’m looking particularly … there’s someone with the blue
order of business paper there. Yeah. You, OK. Woman in the red T-shirt there.
Yeah.>>Good afternoon, conference, as I leaver I went to a remain fringe
meeting done by SERA. Now apart from the usual dissent
about leave, a lot of good stuff was
said in that meeting that crosses a divide between leave
and remain. I value the opinions of honest
leavers and honest remainers, to come together and make a policy . On the solid leave, Mr Johnson and ige,
they’re — Nige, they’re bad news. They operate for big
money. Then there’s the neoliberals. If you look at them who
instigated this campaign of remain, I’m not slagging that
off. But they are the ones that, how many of them didn’t
walk out on Jeremy a few years ago? How many of them didn’t do it? And how many of those same
people have constantly tried to stab him in the back, all the
time? (Applause) So, again, those people I put
them in the same bin as Boris and Nigel.
(Applause) Because I say that they, all
that lot would have no – would not stop
at selling our NHS bit by bit,
contract by contract. They all do the same, neoliberals and the
Tories, thats what they will do. I’m concerned that if we push
remain too hard, that it would push the people who are sick of all this
participant Laviai — palava into the hands
of Boris and Nigel. I don’t want this to happen. You honest
people of leavers and remainers can work a policy out. I don’t
really want to commit myself to pushing 13 and 14 …
>>CHAIR: start winding up please.
>>I’m OK with Jeremy’s little deal there as the best we can
do. Thank you very much. Test
>>: . I have thank you chair,
Conference, CLP, I have been mandated by my
CLP, to support motion 13. The reality for us is that in
Wales, we need to campaign for a remain vote. And do you know
what? I fully support anybody in here
to have your own opinion. We all do. But we need to make that
determination in the battle box for everybody to make a
consensus opinion. One of the reasons we need to do that is
because I’m reading the London Economic and the Euro myths
we’ve all been listening to for many years about the European
Union and you know what it is disturbing, do you know we’ve listened to people say that
curved bananas are no longer acceptable in our shops, do you
know how many times people repeated that bits of
information to me, it is rubbish. There is no rule about
it. So I’m reading some more.
Abattoirs, acres of land all sorts of rubbish coming out of
EU in the press that supports a Tory Government
that has fed us misinformation about the
EU referendum and all the way through it, we need to campaign for a
remaining vote for your people because that’s the best option
for the UK as a whole. Thank you Conference. (APPLAUSE)>>: Hello delegates. Jo Twigg chipping violet Labour
Party first time delegate, and I didn’t make any notes so I may
get into trouble. What I want to say is I went on
the Brexit March, I know it is amazing really, there was a million
people out there marching in the sunshine, let me tell you on a good day there’s
maybe 200 people at the grand fell march
and maybe we need to get our priorities
right here. (APPLAUSE) in our own lifetime N our time
we have a moral outrage here in this country. And really in a way we’re
culpable because it is happening now, in our lifetime. And I
think we need to go out there, and tell people exactly where we
stand, be very clear, but not about
simplistic messages about bullets to Brexit or take back control or Brexit
means Brexit, but maybe something about what is of value
to us. I want to give – I think I can give a simplistic message,
maybe not as simplistic the papers might like
because it is more than three words it
is six words it is a plague on both
houses charlatans that divided our
country into two warring tribes. And you want, sometimes, when
you have to lead a path through to
warring tribes, there is some crossfire,
but we stand strong, we have courage, for a long time now our leadership has
shown that courage all the while
they’ve been blamed for being weak, for being useless, and for not having
courage at all. Actually they’ve shown they have courage. And we need to have courage and
strengthen with every ounce that we have, we strengthen our
leadership, that is fighting for us.
CHAIR: wind up please.>>: So you go for the NC motion
thank you. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: OK I’m going to take
three more speakers. The woman in the back in the
burgundy dress, the burgundy, I’m not sure whether it is a
dress or top, yeah. The guy there in the red T-shirt
with the, yeah, and the person at the
back there, I don’t know whether it is black or burgundy the
woman there. And then, no there. If we’re very quick we’ll have
another round. Come on.>>: Louise Harris, I want to
thank the chair for trying to far but it poses an issue of accessibility that
comrades are standing up and waving things around, and this
is against the rules, I think it needs to be addressed.
CHAIR: they’re standing up because I’ve asked them to, they’re not
waving the usual parrots and ducks and all the rest of it, and crocodiles and
umbrellas but I take your point about accessibility.
>>: Thank you. Speaker …>>: Thank you Conference. My name is Omar Ahmed, first
time speaker and first time delegates. My brothers and sisters, some
are friends and respected elders, it
is safe to say we’re living in extremely dangerous time with
Donald Trump, his policies on the rise of the far right and
the appalling loss of human life due to disastrous global
interventions. It is up to us the true Labour Party to be the voice of the
voiceless, the party of peace, justice and human rights. As my friends, as we will never
return to the years ago of Tony Blair it is a disgraceful
decision to take the country into the illegal wharf Bridget Warr of Iraq. I want to speak briefly on the
issue of, where under administration,
there’s a genocide of the people inflicted on cash hire, with the
rape of women, abduction of children, and slaughter of protesting innocent men and
imprisonment of our politicians. As my friends, we the British
people as Labour Party members and supporters, we must remind Prime Minister
Maudi on the Indian administration, this is
deplorable and out territorial not acceptable and we will fight
against this injustice with every breath in our bodies. Likewise it is imperative to
speak up for the rights and returns of
the Palestinians to their land and
we the Labour Party stand shoulder to
shoulder with the people of Palestine as oppressors, I
ask you to read building solidarity with people of
Palestine. There must be a political solution to the war in
Syria, which has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands
of innocent human beings, we must challenge NATO of over
existing military reliances which has been a recipe of
dayser and made this world an rest nuclear disaster … CHAIR: can I ask you to bind up
thank you.>>: That’s my appeal directly,
to please support Siobhan Corria the man who worked hard for
peace and against war, and against racism,
including anti-Semitism. Conference thank you.>>: I want to speak in support
of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. There are far too fewer in this
party. I’m a member of Jewish voice for
labour, one of thousands of Jews, … (Cheering & Applause) One of
thousands of Jews in this party who have
never experienced any anti-Semitism. And who support Siobhan Corria
as support Jeremy Corbyn as the
most antiracist leader this party has ever had. (Cheering & Applause). Our local hospital Kings college
hospital is the major trauma centre of the whole of the south
east region, Victoria rose one of their consultants recently
returned from Gaza where she was working for medical aid for
Palestinians on a land reconstruction surgical mission
this, is what she reported. Since the widespread great March
of return protest began in Gaza 17 months ago, more than 7,300
Palestinians have received gunshot wounds mostly to lower limbs. Last week, – sorry – the page I can’t find is that
33,000 people have been injured, by gunshot wounds, tear gas, one baby even
died having taken: CHAIR: I know you couldn’t find
your page but I’m going to ask you to
wind up if possible. I have to be fair to everyone.>>: About half the population
in Gaza is very young. So many children, people don’t
live long. And, apart from stopping a lot
of the arms supplied by Britain and we have to stop that, but more than that,
we have to recognise, we have to keep
Palestine on the agenda, not stop talking about it. (APPLAUSE) CHAIR: thank you delegate.>>: Dulwich west Norwich,
Conference barbarism yet is nationalist project but we are
internationalist party. That means we know there is no national solution to the
international climate emergency the refuge
crisis, imperillist war and exploitation, there is no
exclusively British road to socialism. The vote for Brexit led by Nigel
and Boris Johnson is sign of decay of a system incapable of delivering continuing and aftershock of the
brutal austerity of the last crisis. It is far right forces
not just in Britain or Europe but across the world. Brexit is a false answer to
falling wages and decimated communities. It is not the
concept of European integration we should blame it is the policies of successive
governments who destroyed our industry, bailed out the banks
and made workers pay the price. And make no mistake, there will
be workers who pay the price of a boss’s Brexit that’s why the
vast recalled why of our workers remain and if we go in an
election with a position that is not in line with the vast
majority of members, we will lose their election and that
will be the end of the Corbyn project. But we need Corbyn, at the front
of a cross-border movement of workers
and owe prosed which can offer a genuine solution to the common
problems faced by workers in every country. To start
building an international resistance we must defend
freedom of movement and existing political, economic and social
integration of Britain’s working class, that means defeating the nationalist Brexit
project. We campaigned Labour to go
against all forms of Brexit not that the institutions can be
transformed into something progressive with he was to fight to replace the imperial
wrist EU not just social reforms but social revolution in our
economy and climate. Not to dismiss the anger of those who
leave but offer politics who can truly deliver them a better
society. The alternative to a bankrupt international
Capitalism is not socialism in one country but international
social Jim of. CHAIR: I start you to start
winding up.>>: Against the Capitalist EU
and UK we must fight for socialist, vote
down the other options and make it
socialist anti-Brexit party.>>: Conference, Sam east, CLP,
proud to rise of composite 14. The motion we proposed at the
start of the day, of the afternoon, no
energetically, a motion to unite the 99% of people who desperately need a
Labour Government behind the man who can deliver it, Jeremy
Corbyn. It aggrieves me greatly to
disagree so publicly with comrades whose commitment to
democratic socialism, I hold in no doubt whatsoever. However, I feel compelled to
request we take this more moderate and united position on
such a deeply divisive issue. In Liverpool Walton, we agree
with Len Mcincludesback, we are not remainer or levers, we are socialist, we
understand that the distinction is
arbitrary one constructed by those who benefit from the
disunity of people in our powerful movement. Well Conference, we don’t care
what the millionaires and media barons say they are terrified of
Jeremy Corbyn and rightly so. Those who voted leave, and those
who voted remain, have intersecting
struggles hopes and dreams and voting today to unequivalently back
remained position add abdicates the
respect of everyone no matter how they
voted. It would be in my view, unbecoming of our democratic
Socialist Party, and when I say party I don’t mean a room full
of nodding dogs like all the other parties. I mean an exciting, passionate
and enthusiastic and yes sometimes messy, people-powered
mass movement, filled with diverse voices all equal
equally deserving of respect. Boris Johnson, our divider in
chief there be praying Labour finish the day as a remained party, we
back Jeremy Corbyn to deliver social
justice, let’s back him on Brexit today, I request we vote on composite 13,
and yes on composite 14, thank you very much.
(APPLAUSE) CHAIR: OK, I think we probably
turned on the way I picked the last time, and that’s the person
in the greeny T-shirt with jacket on. And, delegate here, and then
someone else, right at the back, in the
black. We will have time for another three after this. So if you just bear with me
we’ll do that again. Can we just settle down so the
delegate can address Conference, thank you. >>: Nadine,conference, a no
deal Brexit will cause chaos and carnage in
our communities, the enemy and an
Thais issues associated of cohesion, contentious Brexit debate that
is this splurge of hate crimes and racist rhetoric, this height
in hate is not the only problem we have to contend with, people
already suffer high levels of unemployment, disproportionate
disadvantage and discrimination. We are more likely to be in
poorly precarious jobs with little
savings and disposable income, a no deal
Brexit will certainly compound these inequalities. We have
every right to feel afraid and anxious about rising food
prices, about our manual workers being vulnerable to job cuts,
about future employee rights, guaranteed work house and safety
regulation, about restrictions on freedom of movement and its
impact on EU workers, so, to Boris Johnston,
bane Labour says you have to mandate to pursue a no deal
Brexit. Say no to WTO, say to no to FTAs
and stop the car crash and call a referendum. Retain access to
justice, keep the EU charter of a fundamental rights in European
Union social charter, preserve our public services, the
protection of the national interest is paramount, aban Dan this cabbing assy approach, Conference, support the bane
Labour campaign, make bane voices heard, sign our letter to Boris Johnson
there, are no benefits from Corbyn fits
from Brexit. Stop this shambles, oppose a no
deal, campaign for a Labour Government, promote Jeremy Corbyn to Prime
Minister, thank you:>>: Comrades and chair, Tony
Burke. Of Unite, speaking on composite
in Palestine, and in support of the Palestinian people and
highlighting the escalating attacks taking place
now against Palestinian communities. Today, we call upon our trade
union and Labour movement to return to its greatest tradition, a tradition
of solidarity with those that need our help. From the ranks of our movement
comrades, trade unionists who fought and died in the battle against
fascism in Spain, campaigned for the end of British colonial rule around the rule,
employ the crucial role in bringing
down the evils of apartheid in South Africa, and this motion
calls for solidarity at this critical moment. The Palestinians are occupied
and besieged and they’re facing further attacks. Now in a trade union movement
and Labour movement we’ve got a strong history of support for
Palestinian human rights. We’re affiliated to Palestinian
solidartiy campaign, and Labour and Palestine. And we need to
remain strong, because we’re now confronted by Trump,
as some people have said his so-called deal of the century. Which is designed to stop
judgmental and vital funding of the
humanitarian agency for Palestinian refugees. Increasing the siege of Gaza,
and rapidly expanding yet more illegal settlements. We need an ethical and
internationalist foreign policy. Comrades, the trade union
movement, has always said, an injury to one is an injury to
all. So we stand amongst side the
Palestinian people, people facing a massive forces a raid against
them with dignity, fortitude and courage, they will not struggle
alone. Support the composite. >>: Good afternoon Conference,
I know that I have spoken yesterday, but please bear with me, I have realised
that none of the comrades have picked up the speak of Brexit and I represent a
popular and Limehouse, and I are CLP which
has majority of bane population, so
I have requested here to be given an opportunity to speak as
a candidate. I’m speaking in support of composite 13. Conference, vast majority of our supporters and voters are post
Brexit, we cannot go in a general election without a clear
Brexit policy. Brexit does not end if we leave
EU, it means years of negotiations and neoliberal trade days, Brexit is
a right-wing nationalist exploitation of global economy, social and
humanitarian crisis, there will be an immense change in the way
that we relate to each other, and the world around us. Brexit will have an impact on
all age groups in our society but in particular, on the young people who are
currently in education or beginning their journey in the
world of employment. We need to change the political landscape of Britain, in a way
that will deliver for both UK and
Europe, exiting Europe will be the greatest challenge UK has
faced since World War II. We need a revolution Conference in
the best interest of people of both sides European Union as well as UK,
and our future generation revolution,
one led by Martin Luther King and Gandhi and Mandela alike. We want to stop Brexit, so stay
united. Thank you. (APPLAUSE)>>: I’ll take the points of
order, can you just – but you need to come
down to the rostrum to make them please. Hello Conference. Just a quick
point of order. Sitting down on the east side I’m looking at the
map here and I can’t see any of us getting chosen, I’m
sure there’s plenty of groups around
the area here, that aren’t getting – I don’t know, I’m not saying it is your
fault, you have a difficult job because you have lots of them
standing up, it is hard to see. I’m saying for future
references, please look at there, there’s tonnes of us
having hands up and we’re not getting picked. CHAIR: OK, next speaker, thank
you.>>: Hello Conference, Alex,
youth delegate from Tooting, first time delegate and first
time speaker. I stand before you as an
internationalist socialist. And Portuguese migrant. The majority of my constituency
of Tooting are first and second generation migrants and I am
proud to stand here and give them a voice. We are seeing a rise in far
right attacks on our streets and in our schools. We are seeing a rise of
right-wing nationalist anti-migrant tanned issues
associated across Europe from Victor or ban’s hungry to Italy to the
neoliberal RENE: Pushed by Macron I put it
to you, that our response to this, should not be to close the
door behind us and leave them to it, but to use the ways
of this Labour Party, led by Jeremy Corbyn the largest
political party in Europe, and campaign for our socialist
vision within the EU. We will not let …
We will not let the Liberal Democrat, who have just welcomed a
poisonous Tory homophobe in their party claimed to be that
voice against the royalty. Conference we must campaign to
remain in the EU, and transform it from within. And the united party policy is
the same policy in Wales, in Scotland, in Northern Ireland,
and in England. We cannot have socialism without
international solidarity. Many of the delegates on this floor
are rightly opposed to the EU’s brutal treatment of migrants and
refugees. Leaving the EU will not help
those migrants A Socialist Labour Party in
government and campaign to remain is the way to do T and
the only way to do it, solidarity. . And the only way to do it.
Solidarity. CHAIR: points of order I think.
>>: CLP, chair I appreciate you have an extremely difficult job,
it is a very heated debate. But it feels both the selection of
speakers feels both too random and not random enough. In terms of being random, not
random enough, can I suggest that it
should be a block, you know which blocks
are where, say the H-block are asked to put up their hands and F and E and
each block gets a turn. Secondly, can I say, that with
the system right now, there are CHAIR: delegate, it isn’t a
point of order. I think we’ve heard what you’ve got to say, I
think we’ve known – no, I think we’ve known for a number of
years we need to do something different, and I’m more than
happy to send the comments in so that we can deal with that,
through CAC, OK. Thank you. I think if we keep continuing, I
won’t be able to take any further speakers.
>>: 30 second. Why are we not being asked to
speak on specific motions or comp silts, because we’re not
getting a balanced debate because too many people from one
debate are accidentally being asked, why is this not
happening? CHAIR: the timetable is a matter
for the CAC. If I tell you, if I dare, I have
absolutely sympathy with what you’re saying, we do need do this
differently, we’re coming to the end of debate, we can’t do it
today but I will make a commitment to you and others we
will try do this differently at the next party Conference.
Because it can’t go on like this. Next point of order.>>: North Essex, I spoke a I
was told I could not speak today. I’ve been waiting because I’m
passionate about Brexit just like you are. But somebody spoke yesterday and
they were allowed again and that is not right. We need some
consistency. And if you talk about Brexit,
all I will say support motion 14, if
you want … Support him. We need our support, don’t make
… A laughing stock of Labour
Party. We need to be united. Thank you.
CHAIR: delegate, that wasn’t a point of order. Can I just say to you, that
delegates are allowed to move references back and make
contributions in the motions. So that might be why you’ve seen
two people speaking, it is supposed to be flagged. So if that happened it has been
an error but people can speak twice with references back and
into motions. So, sorry, the next speaker.>>: Hello delegates , deer comrades, I proposed my
own motion, I’m the only delegate from CLP so I was the
only person to be able it do that, and we were involved in
Brexit composite and as I’m the only delegate I am eight only
person that can represent my CLP and my groups views on that, so
that is my references, thanks for the solidarity. Comrades, sibling, brothers and
sisters I’m a proud socialist, I’m a proud member of ewe knight and proudly
campaigned I proudly campaigned to get Jeremy Corbyn to be
Labour leader the first time, I voted him the second time and if
thrives a vote tomorrow I would vote for him again, that’s why
we need him in Government, we need him because of the
austerity that is killing people, because of the hostile
environment and because the whole range of issues that this
incredible radical Conference has dealt with today. But,
Conference, we are not going to get Jeremy Corbyn in Number Ten
if we continue to have this fudged Brexit policy, I hear … Conference, I was one of you, if
I’m honest, when I came to Conference three days ago I did
not believe in a second referendum, I did not believe in
a confirm trivote, I do not like the EU if I’m honest, I’m with seven out
of ten, maybe one-and-a-half, I see it is used for neo-Britain
Liberal ideas, but at the same time, we have the strongest
block of socialist that we have ever had in the EU. And, we are, haemorrhaging votes
in key seats, in Barnet where I am a diversity officer, we
haemorrhageed votes from having lib recommend party who nearly lost their deposit in
2017 to then taking the highest
proportion in 2018 with 28. 5% of the votes, that’s
unensomebodiable if we’re going to get Jeremy
Corbyn and radical policy in Number Ten, we
need a definitive position, Conference, I ask you … The majority motion, it is not a
solidarity motion, if we are only speaking in the words of
… If we’re speaking in the England
and how are with he going to help the
migrants if we leave them in the hands of the neoliberals. Thank
you. CHAIR: Conference, can I ask
everybody to sit down, I’m going to be in
the bad books again. We haven’t got any time to take any further
speakers. I know, that will disappoint
everyone, we do, can still feed in the policy seminars, we have
policy motions tomorrow, we have had two
and-a-quarter hours of delegates, making contributions and I’m not sure how many we’ve
had, but we’ve had lots of people, we tried to cover the diverse nature of our
party, so Conference, I’m really sorry we can’t take any more
speakers. And I’m not – well, I’m not, I
made the decision, we have to move on, we have to deal with the next speakers,
we’ve made a commitment to look at what we do next time, I can’t
really do anything else today. So, Conference, thank you. Can I now call on our shadow
Brexit secretary to address Conference.>>: Thank you. Thank you Conference. Can I
start with a thank you, a huge thank you to all of you, all of
our delegates, our members, our trade unions, and the whole
labour movement for supporting me and my team
this year and the decisions we had to make, thank you for that. Can I thank my team who worked
hard in the House of Lords and the House of Commons winning those votes on
behalf of Labour, thank you members of my team. Conference what a year it’s
been. In last year’s Conference motion remember that – you gave us a
road map. You asked us to vote down
Theresa May’s flawed deal and we did. Three times. With a historic victory.
You asked us to do everything we could to prevent no deal, and we
did. And you asked us to keep a
public vote on the table. And we did. But Conference we now face a
very different set of challenges to last year. Boris Johnson and the most
right-wing Government in recent history, a
Prime Minister with no moral compass,
no principles, no regard for the
truth, John Major is taking him to court! And David Cameron of all people
call him self-serving. I don’t believe a word Johnson
says. And neither should you. What did he tell us, he told us
that Brexit would be good for the NHS. It won’t. He told us that shutting down
Parliament had nothing to do with Brexit. It’s got
everything to do with Brexit. He told us he could unite the
country. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is this, isn’t it, he
has never put anyone’s interests above his own. And he never
will. Withdomic Cummings pulling his
strings, he threatens us with a no deal
Brexit, he threatens us with a no deal Brexit. With no deal
may not be a problem for Boris Johnson, but Jacob Rees
mob but it would be a dares for working people across this
country. Conference, this is not a game
that we’re playing, and no deal
Brexit will see manufacturing, torn apart
after the revival, the service sector decimated, chaos
and delay at our borders, and vital
food and medicines will not get through. European Union citizens will be
left in limbo, and the Good Friday
agreement could be imperilled. The open burdener Northern
Ireland is not a technical questions how you get people or
goods across a line in the road. It is the manifestation of
peace. We will never accept Boris
Johnson’s approach, never. And that’s why we were right,
over the summer to work on a cross party basis with Jeremy Corbyn bringing
together the opposition party leaders, to take over Parliament three weeks ago, and
pass a law to prevent a no deal Brexit
on the 31st of October. We used to call Theresa May’s
Government the zombie Government but at least occasionally she
won a vote. So far with this Prime Minister,
it’s Johnson nil, Corbyn 6! And doesn’t it tell you
everything you need to know about Boris Johnson that we had
to pass a law to prevent him crashing us out of the European
Union without a deal and his first
instinct is to try and break that law. His first instinct is to try and
break that law. No-one is above the law. (APPLAUSE) and Prime Minister if you think
we’re going to sit idly by while US
the break the law you’ve another thing coming,
mark my words – we are whenever we
return to Parliament and the sooner the better we will be
ready. But Conference, despite all that
let’s be honest with each other,
preventing no deal is vital. But it isn’t an end in itself. It is an insurance policy, it
won’t break the deadlock, and the
country desperately wants to move on. And we have to find a way
forward. We’re under a duty to find a way
forward. And there’s now only one way,
whether in this Government or the next,
put it to the people. (APPLAUSE) Conference, too much has
happened in the last three years for this now to be decided
without the consent of the public. We need to ask them a basic and
vital question. Are you prepared to leave with
the best deal that can be secured, or wouldn’t you rather
remain in the EU. People must have that final say. A referendum in which is remain,
should and will be on the ballot paper. Along with the best leave deal
that can be secured. And Conference, we owe it to
those two want to leave to secure that best leave deal and
offer it as an option. But if remain wins, we will
remain a member of the EU, a full member of the EU. Conference, last year I stood
before you and said nobody was ruling out the option of remain.
We’ve come a long way. An election, is coupling. We’ve got a Prime Minister with
no mandate, no plan, and no
majority. We’ve beaten the Tories in
Parliament and as and when necessary we’ll beat them again
in Parliament. I’m determined about that. But soon, soon we’re going to
have to beat them at the ballot box. It’s a stark choice. If we lose we risk another
wasted decade. A no deal Brexit. A hard right agenda stripping
away rights and protections and selling off public services. But if we win, if we win, labour Labour can pull this country
back from the brink. Labour can end austerity. We build our public services,
invest in our communities, the stakes could hardly be higher. And so I can tell you today, an
incoming Labour Government will legislate for a referendum
immediately on taking power, and hold that referendum within six
months. (APPLAUSE)
that is our commitment. And I have a simple message
message: If you want a referendum vote
Labour. If you want a final say on
Brexit, vote Labour. If you want to fight for remain,
vote Labour. Conference, you know where I
stand on the question of remain, I’ve
said many times that I will campaign for remain. But let me be very clear I
respect all of those who argue the other way. And Conference, let us go into
this crucial period of our history with our eyes open. We campaigned in 2016 for
remain, because of our values. Because of our values. We are
internationalists. We stand in solidarity with our
friends and neighbours in Europe. We profoundly believe
in peace. In reconciliation, in human
rights and collaboration across borders. And we will never put peace in Northern Ireland in jeopardy. Conference those are our values. Socialist values, then and now
and let them guide us through this next period of history. But Conference, we didn’t just campaign to remain. We
campaigned to remain and reform. (APPLAUSE) Remain and reform. And the Labour Party the Labour
Party cannot and should not just defend the status quo in Europe
or at home. We have to make the case for
radical reform. We’re the largest Socialist Party in
Europe, it is our duty to lead. Let us bring our sister parties
together across Europe and host an international Conference. To forge our shared plan for a
“social Europe” with a UK at the heart, not sitting on the sidelines,
leading, leading not pleading. But Conference, we also need to recognise that Brexit is
deeper and bigger than the simple question of our
relationship with the EU and we will never get past Brexit if we
don’t understand why in 2016 millions
of people said they wanted change. They didn’t just speak, they
shouted. They told us that the political
and economic system was not working. And they were right
about that. The status quo is bust. We see inequality, injustice,
everywhere. We desperately need a
fundamental shift in power. In wealth, and in opportunity. That is why our 2017 manifesto
was so popular. And we must build on it. Only Labour can end child
poverty. Only Labour can confront the
moral disGrace of homelessness. disGrace of homelessness and
transform our economy, ending secure work,
raise wages and create good jobs across the country. Only Labour will invest and
rebuild our NHS and public services. And only a Labour Government
will tackle the climate emergency, so that we can look the next generation in the
eye and say “we did not let you down”. Conference, the Tories have
failed, they have wrecked our economy. They’ve wrecked our public
services, they’ve wrecked our welfare
state and now wrecking our international reputation, their
time is up. We have to beat them. And we
will. We have to defeat Johnson and we
will. We have to defeat his politics,
and show that decency can triumph.
We have to deliver a radical Labour Government and give
people the final say on whether to remain in the EU. Let’s get
on with it. Thank you Conference. (APPLAUSE)
Thank you Conference. CHAIR: thank you Conference, we
will now take the votes. Oh. I’m just going to explain how
we’re going do this. We will take these votes at
least initially as a show of hands. CHAIR: thank you sorry about
that delegates. So initially we will take this on the show of
hands. If it’s unclear or close then we
will move to a card vote. Well come down then.>>: Hiya.
CHAIR: can we settle down and take this point of order please.>>: My point of order is that
there is a huge extra number of people in the hall. Who have
been allowed in, for that last speech. So they’re lining all
the way around the back and they’ve come in and they’ve made themselves available, in
seats that have been free, how do we know the people putting
their hands up are actually the delegates and those
who are mandated to vote, when we have a hall full of people
who should not actually be in here? Can we clear the hall the
floor, so it goes back to delegates and those people are
asked to leave. There’s no way of telling who
they are. Viktor Chernomyrdin all I will
say all those who have come in the
speech and not delegates can I ask you now to leave the room.
>>: Thank you. no way of telling who you are. CHAIR: if you are delegates and
you are standing up around the side can you please return to
your seats. Thank you. Let’s move on, there maybe
people who are still stood but they are staff. But I will ignore anybody that
puts their hand up at the side or
back, I will only look at the people who
are seated. OK. So the first vote is on the … OK just before we go to the vote
we will get there eventually. If you recall from Yasmin’s
contribution this morning, if the statement is carried it
doesn’t mean to say we will not continue to vote
on comp issues associated 13 and 14. composite 13 and 14. It has been explained I’m moving
to the vote. Can I see all those this favour? For the
NEC’s statement on Brexit. OK thank you because and can I
see Aum those against. OK that is clearly carried. (APPLAUSE) (Cheering & Applause). ? CHAIR: delegates we do have a
number of other votes to take. And the next one is your
favourite ones on the references there. And the first one that you was
referencessed back was on the international policy commission
annual report from Brighton Kemptown, can I see all those in favour of that
references back. OK thank you and all those
against references back. That’s carried, and clearly
carried. I have two further references
back that was moved from the floor, and
the first one was from Tottenham CLP was
page 124 paragraph 2, all those in favour
of the references back. OK. Thank you. Anyone against.
That’s clearly carried. Third one is from Liverpool
Wavertree which was on page 124, on
Kashmir, can I see all those in favour of the references back.
Thank you. And anyone against. That is
clearly carried. OK moving on to composite 11 on
Yemen, can I see all those in favour of cover 11. Thank you.
And anyone against. That’s carried unanimously. (APPLAUSE) moving on to composite 12.
Ethical foreign policy, can I see all those in favour? Thank you. And anyone against. Almost unanimous, but clearly
carried. Now moving on to composite 13,
at Brexit, can I see all those in
favour of composite 13. Thank you and all those against. Sorry I thought it was one, yes
that was lost. Can we sit down. I know that’s a difficult –
sorry. Can I just, look whichever I go
with this I’m going to be in trouble with some people. In my view it was carried. It was in my view it was
carried. Sorry, sorry, listen …
I’m getting advice, it was lost, sorry. And whilst I accept we had a
number of card votes yesterday, it was closer than what we
thought this was. It is a very difficult, it
isn’t, we have nothing in our standing
orders or constitution which some organisations have, where
if there’s a number of people calling for it, we can do that. So, it is the decision, the
decision has to be as I called it, that it was lost. And
that’s very difficult. And look, I understand the
difficulties, we’ve had a really good debate,
we’ve respected each other’s points of view, and at the point where you know,
I can’t, if it wasn’t clear I’d have asked for a card vote.
>>: Conference this, is one of the most important decisions the
Labour Party will take. This decade, and I think with he
deserve a card vote here. And we have already, we have
already heard from delegates that the unions
actually are quite split on this, UNISON are in favour of composite 13, Unite
against, I think it is impossible to tell from the floor, given the number of card
votes we had yesterday, we deserve a cord vote here today.
Democracy in action. CHAIR: no, no. Let’s … Delegates, no. Absolutely,
please sit down. And to the last person, you can
see Moylan yard, I’m a member of
Unison, a former President and they will expect me to do what
is right. And if it was carried I would have said that, and it was lost and
they will accept that as well, that’s what our democracy does.
And that was lost. I want us to leave and be right
for each other because the most important thing for us is a
Labour Government to deal with all the issues that we’ve talked
about this week. So I’m now moving on to
composite 14. No! I’m not going back to that, we’ve had
the discussion. I know you’ll be upset, I’m
moving on to composite 14. Brexit. Can I see all those in favour –
no I’m not going to be bullied and shouted at and all the rest
of it, the decision’s being made. Composite – no I’m not taking a
point of order on the same point I’ve moved to composite 14, can I see all
those in favour of cover 14. Thank you. . And all those against.
OK. That is carried. (APPLAUSE) No don’t do that. CHAIR: delegates can I ask you
to sit down please. OK. The next vote will be on
emergency motion, human rights for the Weagers. All those in favour of the
emergency motion? Thank you. And anyone against? That is overwhelmingly carried. And next we have the MPF report
on the international policy commission can I see all those
in favour. Thank you. That is clearly carried. Conference, just before we
adjourn, I want to just make a comment
about the Thomas Cook crisis.. 22,000 jobs worldwide will be
lost, 9,000 in this country, 250
million the RBS would have cost to save them. £600 million of taxpayers money
to bring our people home. Shame on you RBS. Thomas Cook a company born in
the UK, let down by the RBS and this
Tory Government. 9,000 workers let down yet again
by these Tories, let’s give our support to those workers and their union,
the TSSA. (APPLAUSE) Thank you delegates. And if you could just indulge me
one more time because this is the last, I have a nephew who
was jumping up and down the other day at the telly on
Saturday, so, there you go, I’m waving back to you now.
(APPLAUSE) So Conference, we will now
adjourn. Until 8 tomorrow morning where seminars, our next plenary
session is at 10am tomorrow. Thank you delegates. Thank you


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