Labour party stumbles in UK local elections

Labour party stumbles in UK local elections

Labour hasn’t lived up to
its own expectation in these elections, really. It was hoping for a really
headline-grabbing result to get big wins in London
in long-held Tory councils, such as Barnet, Westminster,
Wandsworth, Hillingdon. It didn’t win any of those. In Barnet, it was set back
by anti-Semitism allegations around the party, the idea
that Jeremy Corbyn hadn’t been strong enough in cracking
down on racist comments. In Westminster and Wandsworth,
there were really huge Tory majorities, and maybe
some Labour figures, including Corbyn himself, got
overexcited and overoptimistic. And outside of London,
it’s got some gains, but it’s also had some losses
in Brexit-voting areas. So for an opposition party
which has been in opposition for eight years, you’d really
expect more of a breakthrough at this time. Ukip have collapsed in
these local elections. At the moment, they have
just won two council seats across the country. One of their senior
members said that the party was a bit like the
Black Death, and it could recur at some point. He said this was
actually a good thing. The Conservatives have been
the major beneficiaries. They seem to have
picked up the seats where Ukip have collapsed. And those are mainly
Brexit-supporting areas. The Liberal Democrats have
won Richmond Borough Council in southwest London. That’s a big symbolic
win for them, and they may pick up
a few other councils. There’s been loads of talk
about a centrist revival in British politics. Not much sign of
it in the polls, but if the Lib Dems can get
a little bit of momentum, then they may attract those kind
of voters who are dissatisfied both with the Tories
and with Labour. If you’re Theresa May,
the prime minister, looking at these
results, I think you’d be pretty satisfied. You’re a prime minister
with lots of problems, but these local elections
don’t seem to be one of them, in the sense of
the Conservatives have gone up slightly in seats. They’ve taken some seats that
were previously held by Ukip. And they haven’t lost anything
really embarrassing in London. So Theresa May’s
difficulties continue, but these won’t make
it particularly worse.


37 thoughts on “Labour party stumbles in UK local elections”

  • Norman Smithers says:

    the local elections were about a) 'brexit' , in which misguided former ukippers showed their support for the wrong party, ie, the tories, who seem to be reneging every day on their 'hard brexit' stance, and 2) anti semitism slurs and lies by zionists and tories against corbyn.
    when corbyn became leader of the labour party he called for a kinder attitude in politics.
    it seems he is the only one still adopting that call.
    if he was jewish, he would have been screaming 'anti semitism' many months ago, with all the abuse he has had to put up with from tories, zionists and members of his own party.

  • Local elections are in no way a reflection of national politics.
    Most young people don't bother voting at council elections. The fact Labour ended up with more seats than they did last time is hardly a bad thing for them.

  • If anti-semitism played a role in some districts – how come Labour was so eager to cry wolf ? – I think they hoped for a bad result, maybe the Blairites think they can form a coaltion with the Tories – they sure could find a cozy arrangement

  • I voted for local issues but I live in a Labour stronghold, people who have it ingrained to vote for no one else..

  • Arthur Thompson says:

    Corbyn has to be eliminated from Labour. The Tories gov is a basket case yet Corbyn's crew slides to failure especially in London where they should have taken the basket but got absolutely nothing

  • Kenneth Perry says:

    Im a floating voter and when you look at labour who would you trust to run the country and i mean for all the people ? At least the tory leader was not keen on doing the job and voted to stay in eu so she is doing her duty dispite her own choices its the same in US when you look back who else was there to do the job ? Please try to think before you vote the old labour has long gone as have the tories . Vote for the country not out of some foolish loyalty they just take advantage and then push policies through that take us down a darker road . We need houseing health care policeing and fewer days at work so shut the shops on bank holidays and give us all a break . We need a strong military but also need to keep our noses out of other peoples business our sons and daughters dieing for nothing is wrong these people come forward and give thier lives wow i bow to you but id rather you were home with your families. All this comes from your vote get them in with power to do the job and if they dont throw them back out it is our country so think before you vote

  • Norman Smithers says:

    haven't the tories got a lot of immigrants in their party as well?
    unless some of their white mps have blacked their faces,
    like david savage and casey quarton!

  • Raymond raymondson says:

    The Islamic labour party loses out.
    Obviously a few more million muslim immigrants short, old "worzel" Corbyn?

  • martin corderoy says:

    I placed a bet 3 months ago(£100 at 7-1) that Corbyn would not be Labour leader by the end of 2018,and i am becoming increasingly confident.Despite the de-selection of many moderates there is still a significant Blairite rump in the party.I can see them gaining more power as they see Labour being seen as the new "Nasty Party"Corbyn has not attempted to woo a new voting base and thinks he can rely on his student,immigrant ,islington guardian readers to pull him through.meanwhile there are hundreds of thousands of votes up for grabs. I mean the REAL Brexiteers who feel betrayed by May's feeble appeasing Brexit in name only approach.If he had any sense he would have promised to just walk away from the E.U and got their support instead of just flailing around and of course many are appaled by his open door approach to immigration.He is a dead man walking.

  • Eight years into a conservative government added to austerity policies, the opposition should have wiped the floor with the Conservatives .
    But no, poor old COB had to cancel his triumphal tour of London as his wins failed to materialise. In fact he had to rush all the way down to Plymouth to find a win. God it was pathetic.

  • If may went out and strangled kittens in the street corbyn couldn't capitalize on it the old fool hasn't got what it takes to be a winner. If he had he would have done it 20 years ago.

  • Tom Ormiston says:

    FT used to be a quality paper I read avidly every week. Now its just a talking shop for Murdoch and the right wing media. How about sensibly debating polices instead of this moronic YouTube buls#*t

  • "Labour party stumbles" but gained the most Councillors. So by that logic, everyone lost? or is it, yet again, anti-corbyn propaganda..

  • QuestionEverything says:

    So somehow this was a good night for the conservatives? The media's anti-labour bias is so obvious. Both Labour and the Conservatives got 35% of the vote and Labour picked up seats while their number of councils stayed the same while the Conservatives lost both seats and councils. Not exactly a great night for Corbyn, but this wasn't a triumph for Theresa May either. The narrative coming from media outlets like FT is so absurd.

  • Labour broke record since 1971, where Tories lost so many councillors
    Still biased media talking against Labour and Jeremy Corbyn
    Shame on you liars

  • I vote for labour one thing that I noticed it was my first time I was voting 2 women who gives you advice to tick the boxes told me take three boxes including the box that you want to Mark I said no I want a Mark Labour Party so are marked or Labour Party rather than what they told me it looks like people who gives you advice you wrong with advise as I've spoken to my mum they done the same thing to Mum um they told her rather than Mark in one box they want you to mark 3 boxes and she said no she mark one to tell you truth they trying to not give any right to Labour Party so they give wrong information to people please do hear my words and next time for election have professional people

  • The best result since 1971 and you captioned the video "Labour Party Stumbles in UK local elections". What B**S** journalism. The financial time is tool for Tory sympathisers to throw out garbage (fictional journalism) as real news and ("genuine/without malace") bs arguments through their opinions. Wait for next general election, labour party is going to stumble & slip so badly that its going to fall right in No. 10. You morons.

  • Yeah, if I close my eyes & put my fingers in my ears & shout "rhubarb rhubarb"

    Lol, what a pathetic neocon spin from Financial Times xD

  • Barry Nichols says:

    Despite the title of the video, overall Labour won 77 seats. Conservatives lost 33 seats and control 3 less councils.
    Just the facts, not an opinion

  • This is exactly how biased corporate media works ! Labour UP 77 seats, Tories DOWN 33 ! Labour had their BEST local election results in 47 years !! According to the BBC (no Friends to Corbyn`s Labour !!) if the local election results were mapped onto the House of Commons Labour would be the biggest Party !!  Only a totally biased media could possibly twist these results into a "disappointing" night for Labour, especially as the vast majority of media owners in the UK are loyal Tory supporters.

  • one thing tories are lucky to have : more or less complete control over the mass media. This piece it a typically disingenuous
    ( dishonest ) video: people who hate and fear the very idea of equality pretending to care about Labour's fortunes.Like all Tories, they hat§e any Jews who sustain their inspiring dissident, humanitarian tradition- such as the leader of Momentum.

  • Labour gained councillors and won the same amount of councils they held before this election, which was far more than the Tories and Lib Dems, so i would say this was not the disaster for Labour that this commentator makes it out to be.

  • Yeah sure. Always blame failures on “racism”. When will you morons learn, you are just on the losing side of reality and history?

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