Large Employer of the Year Award presentation – 2018 Australian Training Awards

– Minister you’re staying with me, because we have a very,
very important award. This really is remarkable. The 2018 Large Employer of the Year Award. Great finalists, let’s
look at who they are. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] In producing
Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF Trucks, up to
the minute technology in everything from software to assembly is vital for the growth
of PACCAR Australia. By addressing a crucial skills shortage Kenworth is partnered
with Chisholm Institute to turn its unskilled
operators into spray painters. Relying on an efficient
and well trained workforce Roy Hill invests heavily in
Australian apprenticeships commencing over 150 in the past 12 months. While up-skilling existing employees the company also offers
training and employment to Western Australians with
little or no mining experience. Since opening in late 2016, ICC Sydney has delivered over 1100 events and welcomed two million
delegates and attendees. Its investment in vocational education and training for its staff
across a range of occupations in hospitality, events, security and information technology
fields has underpinned its ability to operate
to world class standards as well as assuring rewarding
careers for its people. – Fantastic finalists there as
large employers of the year. Deputy Premier, please. – Thank you very much Tim and the winner of the 2018
Large Employer of the Year Award is PACCAR Australia. (audience applauding) (upbeat music) – [Tim] Well done. Sir, please. And your name and position,
do tell us, thank you. – Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. My name is Andrew Hadjikakou. I’m the managing director
of PACCAR Australia and what a thrill. First I’d like to thank
the Australian Government for providing these awards
and recognizing the importance of vocational training in Australia. Also wanted to thank our HR team for their professionalism in delivering great training to our organization. You may not know PACCAR Australia, but you probably do know Kenworth Trucks. There’s been a lot of
talk about the demise of the automotive industry
here in Australia, but PACCAR is alive and well and for 50 years we’ve been making, engineering and manufacturing
trucks in the suburb of Bayswater in Victoria. Over the next five years we’ve got a very ambitious undertaking
to expand our plant and out product development program. This award is for our
wonderful, wonderful employees, recognizing their skills for
the products that we make. And I’m proud to say Kenworth Trucks are Australian made, but world’s best. Thank you very much. (audience applauding) – Congratulations. Thank you so much. Just great to see these large employers doing such a great job in this space. And those opportunities.


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