100 thoughts on “Larry Kudlow: Trump has restructured and rebuilt the economy”

  • Drums for Jesus says:

    Trudeau is unfortunately the leader of my Country Canada. I will say that he is 100% two faced and a traitor to our Country.

  • With all due respect, Larry, workers are not getting the dollar amount any where near what top tier raises are. The economy is growing, but so ia corporate top tier greed.

  • The Democratics keep saying how bad trump is. They call him a fraud. Rotflmao but if you tell them why don't you give back any gains over the last 3 years. You here crickets. Give it back or sound like the idiots you are. If he's a failure the. You don't want that money. You'll make him look great. Lmao idiots

  • You have to give Obama credit for his part of this booming economy! Without his help (by leaving) none of this would have been possible!


  • Im neither a Republican or Democrat, but you morons don't realize that the US is running a budget deficit the size which normally coincides with recessions. This is the reason for the so called "great economy", the government is borrowing like mad and pumping in the money into the economy which gives temporary benefits. However, if this continues, and it looks like it will, Trump will be the president that has increased the national debt the most of any president before him.

    USA USA USA???? Idiots…..

  • Yay! more McDonald jobs! now we can work 3 low paying jobs! Ask farmers, production and manufacturing how they feel of the economy

  • All these numbers are lies manufacturing everything is falling off a cliff right now go to the Fed website were collapsing

  • What no one is talking about is Canada isn't and hasn't paid their share.Trump has just embarrassed him on world wide T.V Watch the clip and see this Canadian weirdo respond and react to Trumps questioning. Just because Trump put it to him in a nice tone doesn't mean he wasn't slamming him

  • Canada, Italy, Germany are 3 of trumps biggest critics, yet they're in a failing economy. Had Obama succeeded, had a Democrat been president, we'd be failing and fighting a war at home with Islam and other illegals. Thanks to Trump this has not been the case.

  • Andrew J. Burns says:

    Is Larry hanging with Nancy? Larry! Lool out for that Sooka!! Much respect Larry but you don't need the nip for an interview.

  • ChristianCentury2000 says:

    I hope that Larry Kudlow’s comments are right. I hope these good economic numbers are for real. We need to pray for the President and his administration.

  • You just cannot deny the facts that America is getting better and President Trump is responsible for that. All that despite the fact that the DemocRats, Lefties, Hollyweird, MSM and Academia have been bombarding him day in and day out with their insults. He's just Making America Great Again.

  • if the Democrats win 2020 and the economy drops to Obama levels after 6 months they will all say "see, Trumps economy was a flash in the pan"

  • USA is one of the few energy STABLE self contained manufacturing countries. Japan is not, China is not, the EU is not, Thailand is not, Singapore is not ENERGY STABLE and no where near Energy independent. Plentiful and stable energy, workers who appreciate work, great transportation system (trucks, ports, etc.), less corruption then most countries and very low Corporate tax rate – all are American truths. The USA is in the start of what is scheduled to be a 30 year Military Arms build up…Submarines, ICBM's, bombers, new missiles. We have some wonderful perspectives with Elon Musk and in the area of near space and missile technology. I believe we are ahead in directed energy and anti-missile systems. If it is played correctly we could have a near 30 year boom. Similar to the time frame from the late 1950's until the early 1980's which was a time of stable employment, good wages and good benefits for workers. It would be so nice if the USA could just build a really great automobile !!!

  • Only happened 16 times under Obama. In fact there were 1,194,000 MORE new jobs created in the last 34months of Obama’s term than first 34 months of trumps. Thanks President Obama.

  • It shows what can be achieved when you have the right man in the right place at the right time, God forbid that the Democrats manage to oust him and send America back into the Democratic economy pit, from which Trump has dragged her despite all that the Dems could do to prevent him.

  • The sad news is that if anyone shows the truth on this to the left this is a lie. That's how brainwashed they are. Actual statistics don't make sense. Pretty sad. Will we have to provide them with PTS compensation after the 2020 election ? I hope not

  • I have always loved Larry Kudlow. The Kudlow report on CNBC was the best show ever produced by CNBC…I wish it was still going. I’m glad he joined the Trump team. He is a great American!

  • Fernando Javellana says:

    If this is so; what an AMERICAN ECONOMY RISING LIKE A ROCKET; Then let American people decide whether to let President DJTrump to remain PRESIDENT FOREVER IN THE USA,,,,

  • America is working Great because of President Trump. He has done better than any Democrat could do, that is why they hate him. Fu*k the Democrats. Long live our Great Leader, President Trump. MAGA and KAG ??????????

  • Yes he has! Hope it will last for decades to. I know the progressives dont like people having money in their pockets. They wantcontrol of that money

  • Albert Einstein — "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn't … pays it."

  • Donnie Greathouse says:

    The China deal will be done right after next election. If Trump wins we get a good deal if Democrats win they will go right back to global economy at the price of the working people. Write that on the outhouse wall that’s the way it will be watch and see.Trump is in this for the people in America!!! The politicians are in it or globalization and filling their pockets you know this is true fact look at them.

  • Trump has juiced the economy using every trick in the book… A sugar high that will crash and burn. Varney and Trump are deluded .. get ready Varney you asked for it .

  • Jobs numbers are garbage G. M. Goes back to work . that’s not job creation your national debit is out of control and you keep the lending rate at record low rates sounds like a sell job to me ?

  • L. Kudlow:
    Spoken by a proud, partisan banker.

    I've watched you for many years.
    Validate or Invalidate the following:
    1) Obama was handed a massive economic crisis in The Great Recession by (R) G.W. Bush.
    2) Trump was handed a great and improving economy on a silver platter by (D) B. Obama.
    3) Trump's China policy is generally supported by both political parties – but nobody is overwhelmingly convinced the policy is significantly succeeding.
    I am honestly not sure.

    Have you ever thought of this?
    If Obama could have run for a third term, Trump would never, ever have considered running against him! Can you imagine? ?
    I wish that could have happened though.

    Even so, there's no way to forget the 2011 White House Correspondent's Dinner where Trump's little feud really took off.
    I am so happy we got Trump's reaction on video! ?
    You can see the hurt.
    Ha Ha Haaaa!

    ??? — BOOM! Spin Decked! ??

  • Here is some evidence of the rebuilding of the manufacturing and positive business environment in America.
    Foxcom is building a massive factory in Maple Grove, Wisconsin. The construction is from the ground up. Even the surrounding streets are being rebilt to be able to hold all the truck traffic. They will be making smart phone screens for all cell phone manufacturers. Looks to employ 2000+ employees when the factory is built. That's 2000 real jobs that are careers to stay with. Make a life with. Not another one of those McJobs that keeps you just barely above the poverty level.
    Keep President for another four years. Make your vote in 2020 like your future life depends on it. Because it does.
    You want a Career? Or, another McJob? If you are sick and tired of making ends meet by working at the local conveinance store, or, gathering shopping carts at the local grocery store. Then vote right, vote Trump!

  • What he's saying and what's actually happening is two different things! The economy under Donald Trump is a lot of Smoke and mirrors! We still have towns all over America that's in dire straits! Unemployment numbers that are higher than the national average! Places that are paying under $7per hour today!

  • Reps: people have to get rich first before gov't becomes rich……Dems: gov't has to get rich before the people become poor!!!

  • Rhsheeda Russell says:

    Congratulations President Trump and the Republicans. Love from Australia. I hope our wall sitting politicians are listening and taking notice.

  • Really? We only talk about America. We’re not talking about the rest of the globe. Of course they everything was perfect before 2008 too.

  • When Fox even gives Obama credit for rebounding the economy from Bush recession. The 140 months of economic growth but Trump has only been president for 36 months. Hmmmm
    Now if only the would cover the Trump $1T deficit and printing money to create false economic numbers.

  • I wish the Democrats and Republicans had of ask Trump to help them with the trade treaties that were made in the past which hurt the U S so much and helped China, etc so much to peddle their dammed junk on the U S. Mainly China and Walmart were the big winner's and the poor and middle class were the losers. If the U S Congress was created to help the U S citizens then that is what they should do, nothing that I have ever read suggest that we should harm our citizens to help other countries. The Bush and Obama administrations were terrible.

  • KingJames 1611 Galatians 4:16 says:

    The Devil can also give blessings. Yes!! You read right, the Devil can also give blessings.
    Republicans and Democratics say, "they believe in Christ" and in the things he can do, most of which we read in the scriptures but have you ever asked yourselves if Satan can also give blessings like God can, the answer is yes and here's why.

    If we are to take a look at a passage in the bible Luke chapter 4 verse 3 to 8.
    3 The devil said to him, “If you are the Son of God, tell this stone to become bread.
    4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone.
    5 The devil led him up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world.
    6 And he said to him, “I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to.
    7 If you worship me, it will all be yours.
    8 Christ answered, “It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.
    God does NOT give blessings and take it. Do you know that Satan also has sons who follow his way and preach about it. I know some people will argue this but let me ask you this question the people that are into illegal businesses where did they get their blessings from? I know you will not tell me it is from God because God is not in support of illegal businesses. The world systems and policies are under direct control of Satan.

  • Kudlow was as positive now as he was in early 2008. He was telling us to buy buy buy right up until the crash.. trump has created the biggest bubble in history. Varney is a fool right with them.. good luck hope your safe house is secure.. Mad Max time is coming . Thanks Varney, kudlow and Trump.. the three stooges

  • So deep denial delusional unreal overconfident arrogant ignorant…wakeup the economy is not only based on wall street stock market you idiot…you forget low pay cutback crappy at will job market…overspending pollution climate change very old infrastructures left behind…automation and machines robots take jobs

  • El desarrollo científico tecnológico evolutivo total podremos alcanzar lo imposible lo imaginable lo prohibido y seremos el avance de luz para América y el futuro sin restricción evolución totalmente el universo es totalmente habitado gracias Pedro x desde Miami

  • Trump is not handling the debt!
    Trump inherited a working economy, and hasn't ruined the momentum but has driven up the debt. Obama inherited a dumpster fire from last Rep president and turned it around. Trump has shown he is no better than a "community organizer".

  • As a Canadian, I've never seen an attack like the mainstream media is ridiculously trying to put against it's own leader. Your President is trying equalize trade & create jobs for his people. Single handedly dealt with Mexico, my Country Csnada and now China to come to the table.
    Let him do his job!

  • President Obama reversed another historic republican led economic collapse. Then Putin's comrades exploded deficits with massive tax cuts for the rich once again. When the trump recession begins, his trillion-dollar deficits will become three trillion. It took war criminal bush seven years to crash the economy, give trump a chance.

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