LAS VEGAS! Flight Attendant Life

LAS VEGAS! Flight Attendant Life

Good morning, everyone it is 507 am I I’m gonna head out the door within the next like 10 to 15 minutes I’m about to start a three day trip. I have layovers in Minneapolis and Las Vegas So today we go Dallas to Chicago and then Chicago to Minneapolis And then we lay over there and this one got up early with me today See – Matt nope, okay So now I’m just getting my food ready for this trip. I have a strawberry protein smoothie that Eric made me last night Some apples right there. And then those are some mini burrito bowls that I just mixed myself to have as meal prep for my trip Just got to Minneapolis and it is cold here It’s 46 degrees out which is obviously a lot chillier than Dallas right now this morning on my flight, though I met a subscriber. It was so cool His name is Byron and we actually took a selfie this was the first time that someone on one of my flights or in the terminal or really just anyone in public has ever noticed me from my youtube channel and Recognized me. So I just thought it was like a really cool moment and if any of you guys ever see me out and about in public make sure that you come say hi because I really would like To meet all of you guys. So I think I’m just gonna hang out in the hotel for a while eat some lunch Maybe go to the gym, the gym looked really small when I checked it out so we’ll see how much I’m able to do while I’m there and then I’m probably gonna call it an early night because we do have A 5 a.m. Fan pickup tomorrow morning quick span of the room I don’t know if this was for me, but it is really cute. It says don’t forget our TripAdvisor Thanks, Kerry. So I don’t know if that was a previous guest at this hotel so we have a chair right here couch with a TV and Fridge is right in there the bathroom it looks really nice Yeah, this is like a really cute bathroom. There’s like some closet space right there a large bed I really like the wood paneling behind it. I think that’s really cute with a TV right here and then I love these things right here because you can put your suitcases on them and the view is just Of the parking lot So sometimes only over this week hotels to have awesome and like really large gyms And then sometimes you have hotels that have small ones like this, but you just make it work So a few more people ended up coming to that gym and since it is so small and ended up getting really crowded I just walked on the treadmill for half an hour and now I am back up in my room and I’m just gonna stretch and Do a little bit of a core circuit here Good morning everyone. It is 4:50 a.m So I have just a few minutes before I need to go downstairs for our pickup and head to the airport today We are flying from Minneapolis st. Paul to Phoenix and then Phoenix to Las Vegas Our flight to Phoenix is blocked at three and a half hours So it’s going to be a bit of a long flight But I have not had a long las vegas layover and we have I think we can 18 or 19 hour layover tonight So I’m pretty excited We just boarded our plane here in Phoenix, Arizona The flight to Las Vegas is only going to be about 45 to 50 minutes The weather here is obviously a lot warmer than it was in Minneapolis this morning. It was so cold And so rainy I am super excited to get to Vegas where the weather will also be really warm This is a really interesting hotel room so you walk in and there’s water bottles and stuff And then you have a fully stocked mini fridge, of course It is Vegas and the bathroom has an interesting picture above the toilet It is a really pretty in like modern looking bathroom though, really nice shower as well and then when you come through here, there’s a chair right here and The famous like Las Vegas mirror every flight attendant takes a picture in front of this mirror Everyone thinks it’s super cool. And then you have a couch in front of the bed. And this is like a really interesting Picture to go above the bed. It looks like it’s just people cheering Yeah, and then there’s another mirror on this side and a TV with a desk What’s really interesting about this mirror too is there’s a power button So if you just push this button right here, it turns the lights off and then if you push the button again It turns the lights back on. So the flight to Vegas was really quick. It was only 45 minutes We’re here now and it’s before noon, which is awesome My parents actually live here in Las Vegas, but my mom’s out of town, but my dad is here So I’m gonna go hang out with him. So my plans are to just hang out with my dad today We might grab some lunch or dinner or go see a movie. But yeah, so you guys will probably get to meet my dad So apparently downstairs in the hotel by the bathrooms You can get your fortune told to by this creepy mannequin thing. You can have your fortune Prenup advice or marriage advice and I’m assuming that you just put coins in right there, huh? Yeah, this is funny Everyone meet my dad So I just got back to my room after hanging out with my dad Normally, I would just stay the night at home, but I have to get about 3:30 in the morning And I didn’t want to have to make my dad drive me to the airport that early in the morning so I am staying at The hotel tonight we ended up going to eat at Cafe Rio and then we saw the movie Joker That was one of the most intense movies. I think I have ever seen in my life I’m honestly a little nervous that I’m gonna have a nightmare tonight But I’ll just call Eric and the movie was honestly incredible like it was so well done the actor who played the Joker was Phenomenal like I definitely think it’s gonna win a lot of awards. It was just really really intense and Definitely not what I was expecting But for me, it was just really intense and there was a lot of violence and it was pretty scary So I bought this lost the niggas Christmas ornament. I think that’s really cute and then this is also The magnet that I bought it’s a little martini that says Las Vegas on it and has some cards in it and some dice good Morning, everyone. It is for 25 a.m. So I’m about to head downstairs so we can take the van to the airport We have a 6 a.m. Departure We are flying from Las Vegas to Dallas and then Dallas to San Diego and then San Diego back to Dallas So today is a twelve and a half hour Duty day. So my day starts at 6 a.m Here in Vegas, and it doesn’t end until 7:30 p.m. In Dallas tonight So today’s gonna be a bit of a long day, but it is day 3 of my 3 day trip So it is go home day Just boarded my plane to San Diego I am really tired I don’t care what timezone it is getting up in the middle of the night is Really hard, and I’m definitely feeling it So hopefully I’ll have like some sort of energy boost in the middle of this flight The flight here was two hours long and I believe the flight to San Diego is about two and a half hours. So I Can do it I can do it. I can do it I know I can I’m just trying to stay positive and happy and keep my energy up So we made it to San Diego safe and sound it was a two and a half hour flight However, now we are stuck in San Diego for at least another hour before we can start boarding because there is a really big storm That is heading towards Dallas It hasn’t hit Dallas yet, but it’s on its way there so air traffic control is holding aircraft until the storm clear So hopefully we are able to make it back to Dallas tonight I Am so sad and mad at myself So I was trying to adjust the magnets on my fridge and I dropped this one from coke Okay in the Bahamas So I’m really hoping I can get some superglue and fix it because this was one of my favorite magnets, but for now I will just put the new Vegas magnet up So last night we ended up only being delayed about an hour Which was really nice because I was super nervous that we weren’t going to be able to land in DFW They were already starting to cancel flights One of my crew members actually needed to commute back to Minneapolis last night and his flight canceled He was gonna try and fly on a different airline. So I really hope he made it but anyways I am home now and I am off for about the next six days and I am actually going on a trip with my sister I’m super excited about it So make sure that you guys stay tuned for those vlogs, which will probably be uploaded by the end of October So I’m going to conclude the vlog here but thank you everyone so so so much for watching this video and for supporting my channel if you liked it go ahead and give Me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. So you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures I’ll see you guys next time Bye


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