Length that guides: KOMET  KUB  Pentron®  6×D Productivity PLUS

Length that guides: KOMET KUB Pentron® 6×D Productivity PLUS

The slogan for the 100th anniversary is “A story of people, ideas, tools”. Company founder Robert Breuning is omnipresent in our history. The typical Swabian inventor and thinker. You can still feel him here, he is still present in the company. That is a philosophy, I almost want to say a way of life, and I am very happy that I was able adopt some of his thinking and to contribute to designing new, innovative solutions. Here we have a KUB Pentron in the 6xD version. Generally speaking, this tool is based entirely on a standard tool, which is to say: The front is clearly a Pentron 5xD drill, just extended. On top of that, because of customer requirements, we simply integrated an additional cutting edge. That way you can cut down one work step. Productivity increases by around 50%, but the costs per part are reduced by around 60%. In terms of chip removal, I only want to say one thing: The solution is just as good as it was on the KUB Pentron 5xD, the whole thing is simply longer, and it also includes the special surface treatment to remove chips as quickly as possible from the borehole. We have designed a special tool here, for continuous drilling operations, with three additional counterboring steps. That is from the gearbox housing. The customer saves three tools with this solution. That also significantly reduces the machining time; the main focus is on increasing productivity. Here, too, the steps are designed based on the standard and then based on experience, whether it is with four edge inserts, or Pentron inserts, or with other versions, which we can fit at the back. We address the requirements of our customers and the needs of the machining process.


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