Link Humans – London’s Employer Branding Agency

Link Humans – London’s Employer Branding Agency

I’m Jörgen and I’m the
founder & CEO of Link Humans. We’re here to help the challenger brands.
The unsung heroes of employers. We want to help them tell their stories in
an authentic manner so that they can attract the right talent. Ben: I think a lot of brands play it too
safe on social media mainly because they want to copy and paste their brand
tone of voice, to social media, instead of seeing how their social
media can be applied to them. And they’ve got an opportunity to
have a new voice on Twitter, a new voice on Facebook or whatever
other social platform they’re on. Whilst still being the very same company. Martin: So, the challenge to
communicate about Hager Group is communicating the good stories. That’s basically it. Where Link Humans is helping us is to bring
the good stories about Hager Group to the right people, through
the right channels, at the right time. And they are brilliant at it. Andrea: Successful businesses have
people at the heart of what they do and a big part of the growth of that business will be about attracting the best of talent. Jorgen: So Link Humans is a boutique
agency with a small core team, but we spent years collecting experts that we can pull into projects and we can
scale up and scale down very quickly.


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