LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

LinkedIn Job Search Tutorial – How To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job

So you’ve optimized your LinkedIn
profile and you’re now ready to find a job. In this video, you’ll learn how to
find high-quality career opportunities and how to get noticed by recruiters
using LinkedIn and make sure you stay until the end to find out where you can
get a free LinkedIn mini course. If we’ve never met before, I’m Heather
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below with what your biggest question is when it comes to using LinkedIn. We’re
going to jump over to the computer in just a minute but before we do there’s a few
things to keep in mind when it comes to using LinkedIn to find a job. LinkedIn
now has more than 500 million users and two new users join the platform every
second and that’s not the only reason why you want to be on LinkedIn, 44
percent of LinkedIn users make over $75,000 a year and it’s been reported
that 41 percent of millionaires use LinkedIn. This makes it the place to be
if you are trying to grow a business or find high-quality career opportunities.
So let’s jump on over to the computer. The first tip to finding a job using
LinkedIn is to change your privacy settings. Changing your privacy settings
will signal recruiters and hiring managers that you are open and actively
looking for work. So to do this, you’ll go ahead and click on your avatar icon at
the top of the LinkedIn page. Scroll down to settings and privacy and then go
ahead and click on the privacy option. You’ll see a lot of different options
here. I recommend going through each of them and changing them to your desired
preference but to let hiring managers and recruiters know that you’re looking
for work, select the job seeking preferences on the
left side and then here it says let recruiters know you’re open to new
opportunities. So we want to go ahead and change that and notice this little
statement that LinkedIn is providing for you. It says… we take steps not to show
your current company that you’re open. So they really want to keep your
information private but they’re also saying we can’t guarantee complete
privacy. From here you’re gonna go ahead and select yes and then that saves your
options so that hiring managers and recruiters know that you’re looking for
work. Now another tip here is to look at your “update career interests” page. This
is such a great page because it allows you to type a note to a recruiter and
you can even go in and say what is your status. Are you actively applying for
positions? Are you casually looking? Now remember that recruiters have a special
LinkedIn account where they’ll be able to see all of this information. So this
career interests page is one of my favorite because you can really tailor
your profile to the position that you are looking for. This leads us to tip
number two which is to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile. So I’m going to go
ahead and just view my profile and one of the first things you want to make
sure you have is a professional photo. You also want to have a catchy specific
industry headline and then really importantly you want to have a
well-written summary.Nnow I have a video that I made about how to use LinkedIn
for beginners where I share the top 7 items on your profile that need to be
optimized. I’ll go ahead and link that video down below so that you can take a
look at that. Tip number 3 to using LinkedIn to find a job is to understand
the importance of your connections. The more connections you have the better
your chances are of finding the right career opportunity for you. So you want
to start by connecting with people you know personally and then move on to
people you haven’t met in person but that you have something in common with.
So LinkedIn will provide some options for you where they say people you may
know. Now you can search all of the people that they are recommending to you. You
can go ahead and just search alumni so this is people that you’ve gone to
school with or you can search for coworkers. My recommendation here is to
connect with as many people as you can. However, what you want to do is make sure
that the people you’re connecting with, that your message to them is customized.
You don’t want to go in and just click on the connect button because what that
does is that just pops a message through to them that says so-and-so would like
to connect with you on LinkedIn and that really doesn’t do anything for your
relationship building with them. So you want to start with a customized message.
To make a customized message to that person, you actually will need to click
on their profile and then from here you can click on the connect button and then
I would say add a note and then from here I would actually add a note to this
person and then I would send the invitation. When you add a note, make sure
that you are relaying to them how you know them and why you want to connect.
I’m going to show you another way that you can connect with the person just by
doing a people search. I’m going to go ahead and close this box out and then
I’m gonna jump over to the search bar in LinkedIn and I want to search
specifically for people and the people that I want to search for are people
that do the same thing that I do. So I’m gonna go ahead and type in career
strategist and let’s just see what pops up. Okay, so there is a couple people here
and notice the people at the top. I actually have some shared connections
with them so that’s fantastic. I’m gonna go ahead and I want to connect with
Holly. So I’m going to click on the connect button here and then it says you
can customize this invitation. Yes, we want to customize it. I’m gonna add a
note. So in my message I am going to type something like “Hi Holly,
I noticed that like me you are also a career strategist. It’s great to see that
we have a few shared connections. Would you mind if we connect on LinkedIn?” So
once I do that I’m gonna go ahead and send my invitation to her. Now I
recommend that you connect with at least 10 to 20 people a day and this will help
you grow your network to a size-able amount. This leads us to tip
number four. Use the “Jobs” feature. At the top of the LinkedIn window, you’ll notice
the jobs tab. Go ahead and select that. Now there’s a couple ways you can use
this feature. You’ll see at the very top of the screen, it says jobs you may be
interested in. So this is based on your profile that you’ve already built. So
remember you want your profile to be as tailored to the position you want as
possible. You’ll go ahead and scroll down there. If you see any positions that you
want to apply for, go ahead and click on the position to find out more. Now you
can scroll down the screen and you’ll also see it will recommend to you
companies that you might be interested in. So that’s the second way. So you’ll
have jobs that are presented to you and then you’ll have companies that are
presented to you. The other way which is one of my favorite is to search using
the search bar. So notice, I’m still in the jobs area of LinkedIn. Let’s go ahead
and use the software developer example. Let’s see what we come up with. I’m just
gonna search worldwide for this one and notice a bunch of positions pop up. So
let’s just explore this first one as an example. This is a software developer
position from overstock. So I can go through and I can save the position if I
want and this kind of just saves it to a database of all of your favorite
positions that maybe you haven’t yet applied for or you can just select apply
directly from this screen. Before you apply for the position, take a look at
the job description. You’ll want to read through the job summary, the
responsibilities, the requirements. You’ll also want to read through the skills.
This is a very detailed job posting so when you’re going through the posting
make sure that you have these skills and that these skills are listed in your
LinkedIn profile because that’s what hiring managers and recruiters are
really looking for. Once you’ve decided that this position is a good fit, go
ahead and click on the apply button. Most of the positions will take you to an
external website where you can apply there. You can go ahead and click apply
or if you apply with LinkedIn the great thing about that is that actually
populates the application with your information. The other neat thing
about using LinkedIn to apply for a position is on the right side of the
screen, you’ll see related positions. So you can go ahead and click on those and
scroll through the ones that you want to apply for. Now this job is great because
it has the in Easy Apply method. The other position didn’t have that. Some
positions will have that and some positions won’t have that. If it has it,
you can actually just go through this process. You can upload your own resume
and it actually saves you a lot of time. When it comes to applying for a job, the
other neat thing about this is this shows the job poster. So some of the
positions again will have that information and some won’t. Which leads us
to step number five and probably the most important. Don’t forget to follow up.
One of the best things that you can do for your job search is to keep track of
the positions you apply for and then follow up with a hiring manager or the
recruiter to let them know of your interest. Again some positions will have
the person listed and some won’t. So if we go back to our previous example where
we want to apply for this software developer position with overstock, we
don’t have an actual person to contact. So we’re going to have to do a little
bit more digging. This is where the people search on the search bar will
really come in handy. So what we want to do here is we want to type something
like hiring manager and then we can type the name of the company and we’ll see
kind of what it pops up with. Make sure again you have just people selected. So
it’s showing us someone, but this really doesn’t look like the hiring manager. So
we want to try another search result like talent acquisition or recruiter.
Let’s see what we get with this one. Okay, so we have someone that’s popping up as
the talent acquisition manager at overstock. So this is a really good
person to connect with. Now when we go ahead and connect with him, customize a
connection request to them. Again don’t forget to do this and make sure you let
them know what position you applied for, how interested you are in the position
and maybe ask them some type of follow-up question. Now in addition to
following up with the company the other thing you want to do is follow
the company. Type the company name in to the LinkedIn search bar. Select the
company and then from here you can follow the company and see the other
positions that they might be hiring for. So I’m going to click on Follow and then
here is a bonus tip for you that can really beef up your online presence on
LinkedIn. Take a look at the posts that the company has done. For example, they’ve
posted something about their new design studio. This is something that you would
want to like and then you could comment on their posts and then even feel free
to share their posts with your audience. Here is a post that they made about
their new AR feature that launched on androids this week. So I would like that
and then I might even place a comment in there like “Great article! It’s neat to
see the overstock is implementing AR technology. This is only going to bring
the shopping experience to life. Super cool!” and then I’d post. This just kind of
puts you on the radar of the company and lets the company and those hiring for
the company know that you are extremely interested in working with them. So
thanks guys. I hope you enjoyed these tips and if you’re not sure if your
LinkedIn profile is fully optimized, make sure you take a look at my free LinkedIn
mini course. I’ll go ahead and link it up below. Also if you want to build a
business or a launch a career you love, make sure you subscribe if you haven’t
already done so and if you know someone that might benefit from this video
please feel free to share it with them. Don’t forget to hit the like button
below and I’ll see you guys next time


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