Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel!
For those of you who are familiar with my channel, I have tried biotin a couple of different
times and different views on it; and posted a Safety Alert video. So before I
continue talking about my review for the liquid biotin, I do have to tell you guys
that you guys NEED to watch that video; or just do your own research with biotin;
because apparently the FDA released some new information about biotin and safety
results; and just different things with tests. You guys really need to watch
that video! It is very very pertinent to anybody. Wanted to put that out there. I
will link in the description box of this video, as well as up here so you guys can
click it to go check that out BEFORE you decide to take biotin. For the review,
I have been taking liquid biotin for the past 30 days; and I could NOT wait to do
this video, because there’s a lot of things that I really want to talk about. I have never
taken a liquid form of biotin before. This is the one I purchased and it says
SBR Nutrition. I got on the Amazon, so I really don’t know anything about the
brand, but this is what I’ve been taking. 5,000 mcgs. It only allows
me to take up to half, so you even — you can’t fill it like the whole way, if
you wanted to — like that’s the most that you can put in there. Anyway, I’ve tried
to fill the whole thing before and I couldn’t; but, that’s all you do is just fill it up and then you put it — under your tongue to make it absorb faster or
just take it and just take it in general. This is actually half the amount that I usually
do take. I’ve always taken a 10,000 mcgs, and it’s always
worked for me. I’ve always gotten like up to an inch or month or maybe just a little
bit more. I will insert a clip so you guys can see side-by-side of what my
hair looks like now. I’ll compare to the last time I talked about biotin which
is a month ago. [MUSIC] I didn’t notice a lot of growth which
I’m not too surprised because I’m taking half the amount that I usually would
take. my hair seems a lot fuller now at my ends, I think, at least; but, I
didn’t notice a significant amount of growth, even though I prefer taking a
liquid. Since I feel like it’s so much easier to take a liquid. It
doesn’t really have it taste, like it kind of tastes like — I don’t know what it
tastes like, I can’t really compare it to anything else. it tastes like a medicine
but a very watered-down version of medicine. It has like an aftertaste but
it’s like a stale aftertaste that doesn’t taste bad.
I really can’t figure out what to compare to. It says servings per
container, 60 so it’s up for two months. The biggest thing I noticed with this
version of biotin with liquid versus like the pill? The hair growth like
besides like on my head — hair growth everywhere else was like EXPONENTIAL! I’ve never had to shave underarms or any of the other areas more
than a couple of times a week. Like, three times a week because
that’s how my hair every else grows; but EVERY SINGLE DAY! I would be shaving
every single day to the point when I actually purchased– geez I should’ve brought in
here! I had to purchase the deodorant version of NAIR, their
roll-on. My hair kept growing so much! I’m like what in the world?? Why am i
shaving every day?! Never in my life have I ever had to shave this often! This is the
only difference! It was this! It says “superior absorption” and it really is!
Since I was not expecting my hair growth for the rest of my body
to be THAT substantial. So, I’ll link the NAIR that I got in the description
box too, so you guys can check that out; but that’s a forwarning, at least for me. I’ve never had to experience hair growth like that and this made my hair
growth– underarms, genital area, legs — everywhere else grew so much the
point that was very annoying; and I just I was so irritated just shaving
every single day you know — it’s like Oh razor bumps — — so you’ve
been worried! Yeah… it’s not much to talk about even despite all the hair growth, I
would still prefer to take this over a pillow just because I feel like it’s just
much — it’s much easier. I’m sure if I got like the gummy version of like HAIR, SKIN &NAILS or something I will look forward to taking that because I
love the gummy version of stuff too. Maybe that will be my next review. For the skin and
nails part, my nails have always been very very fragile even when I took Biotin.
Even when I took hair skin & nails Hair, skin &nails actually did
strengthen my actual nails. My nails have always been very fragile
and this is what my nails look like now. I have nails now and since I’ve
been taking this, I decided to get dip powder so I think that really helped as
opposed to acrylics and gel. No chips. Nothing– anything like that, so I’m not
sure if that’s entirely from the dip powder. They feel very strong so I’m
assuming that part is from biotin but these I think in combination the
type of nails I got and the powder I got with the biotin — that’s like
my little update for that. Skin-wise? I think my skin is healed up a lot; but
otherwise if you guys have any comments or questions, anything leave it down in
the comment section. Every information especially linking back to the safety
alerts for biotin, that will also be in the description box of this video and
what I discussed in that video which you guys really really REALLY need to watch
that and look at the article that I linked in that video so you guys can
really be fully aware of what you’re going to be taking, because you should be doing
your research and instead of just listening somebody is talking to a
camera in an empty room, you know? And talking about their experience; so otherwise,
I will talk to you guys the next video! Bye! Thanks for watching!


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