LSV Episode 2 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

LSV Episode 2 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

Bloody rascal. F*** I cannot believe he cheated on me. Relax, Sanaya. Why are you so upset? He was just a…
– No! He was just a… In fact, I think you were right. We should’ve inquired before. And I had no clue he’ll
turn out to be like this. Turn out to be what, Sanaya? What’s going on in that mind of yours? I…am even embarrassed to say it. Relax, tell me everything. I mean he’s gay! Who is that? – Our friend. Friend? You mean FRIENDS! – Yes. Gay? – Yes! Are you mad or what, Sanaya? Relax, it’s just an erection.
– No-no-no. It was not just an erection. I mean, they were all boys… Think about it. One guy, another guy…and another guy… I mean how do they do it! Yuck! Now you’re speaking out! Back there you looked
like he’ll rape you. Just wait, I’ll call
that bloody Raj and show him. Alright! Just tell that
ayurvedic medicine’s name. I am not able to control.
What shall I do? How do you spell
that pill you’re taking? Madam! You are speaking weird. Am I sitting to give
the exam of English? Just tell me,
how that medicine affects? Nothing will happen to me. That’s why I am asking you
to spell the pill you’re taking. Because if the spelling’s wrong… …you probably have
the wrong medicine too. Spelling? Then listen! S O Y A J E V T. Is the spelling is right? No… that’s definitely
not how it’s spelled. The pill’s called Shulajeet. Shulajeet… buy those. My entire mood’s been sc*** madam. I am KLPD. What happened? – KL.. what? What does that mean? It means… Leave it, madam, leave it. Text me the spelling, madam. Text me. You idiot, how dare you? you f*** liar. You cheated on me. See what you’ve done? She called me. You two sc*** my love life. You can forget this month’s
rent… just forget it. Stop threatening us. Talk to us. Or else I will break your face. Baby, that wasn’t some adult movie. It was just a small situation,
you got it all wrong. It was disgusting! I never thought you’ll
turn out to be like this. What did you think about me? Whatever it was… …it was nothing like
the way you two looked. In fact, the three of you. How did we look to you, baby? The way you shouldn’t
have looked in the first place? Why are you confusing me? Oh, God. So be confused! You loser… Why did you have to invite her home? You know we all live together. Why tell her that you live alone? You know what, you can live alone. I am getting out of this mess. I wonder what the other
girl is thinking about me? That’s just f*** great,
no one’s worried about me. He’s worried about his girlfriend… …you’re worried about her friend,
and here I am… This is all your fault. Why did you have to take four pills? Did you as me before inviting
your girls for breakfast? Didn’t you even think
of telling them a … …that there’s someone
else in this house, who has a… Take a look…it’s grown so big,
even I feel handicapped. Listen, there must be something
to get out of this predicament. We’ll need proper tools for this.
– You’re right. This is a common problem these days. A lot of guys these days
think their penis is too small. So in order to make it big,
they use medicines, use techniques… …and consult doctors. So maybe he took similar medicines… …and had an overdose. And there are so many
ads about it these days. Maybe he got inspired by some ad… …he took the pills, and that’s it. But, how can you be so sure? Because maybe I am a doctor
and this is my profession. Rocket, I am in utter pain. hurry up. These things take time. I am running out of time. – Wait. Internet’s slow. Got it…got it… Mumbai Clinic. hello…Hello… Ma’am, I have a friend. His little thing has grown big. Is there a pill to
make it small again? The doctor will arrive at
11 ‘o’ clock, along with the patient. Listen, ma’am. What did she say?
– She’s called over to the clinic. Here…that sc*** our budget. Here…that sc*** our budget. F*** great. Are we there? – Here it is. Sexo…logy… Sexology. Let’s go. Hey man, is that real or a stepney. Does that look like a stepney to you? That definitely looks
like a jack to me. Do you want a taste of it? Come…come on… – Leave him. Let him go. No, I didn’t do anything. She wanted to do
something-something with me. I thought we’re Punjabis after all,
doesn’t matter to us. She’ll make buttermilk for me. But her intentions were different. She called me inside
and showed me her truck light. My gear got stuck. Tell me something… If the bird’s in
mood to peck your seed… …are you going to
hide them in your bag? No, right? That’s what I did. So I threw my seeds… I threw my seeds… I threw them politely… And then she turned, and got excited. As I was naked from
the bottom of my heart. Then she got excited and yelling… Brother! Brother! Brother! She meant her brother. Then her brother came… I said, ‘hello brother’. Then brother first pummeled my seed,
thrashed it… …and then burn it…I’ve no words. Let me show you. – No! No need to show me. Sit down… I’ll prescribe a medicine for you. Apply this medicine for two days
a day, and you’ll be absolutely fine. If only you could take a look… What is this? – It’s Burnol (Cream). Use it two days a day,
and you’ll be fine. Burnol! I share an old relation with Burnol. When I was just a kid… …my mother used to
apply it on my wounds. You just cured my problem in a minute. Here’s your fee. Fresh note post demonetization. Here you go. You just fixed my problem in a minute. Mr. Singh, it won’t take a minute. It will at least take
a couple of days, like I said. I am no hurry either. I’ll apply it later. First I’ll throw the bait,
then she will bite on it. Doesn’t matter even if she doesn’t. She will call her brother. When she’ll call her brother,
he’ll come. He’ll pummel it,
thrash it and then burn it. Then I’ll apply Burnol. But you just said
all that has happened. Assumption. I guessed. Precaution is better than cure,
that’s what my father always said. So this is a precaution,
I’ll use it before hand. I am really happy. I’ll deal with it. Messhy, don’t worry. Let’s go, Messhy. – Boys! Come on in. You…you’re a doctor? – Why? What did you think I was? – No… I mean you never told
us that you’re a doctor. Why will I tell you? Anyways… How can I help you?
– Nothing! We don’t want your help. Out of the frying pan
and into the fire. – Yeah. Let’s go, Messhy. Let me park my thing
on the platform first. If she’s a doctor,
let me get treatment first. Madam, only you can
do something about this. My life’s…in your hand now. Please, do something. – Hold on. Out. Why do we go out? Madam, we’re not leaving
him and going out. You bloody… Forget it, just go out. You go out. – You too. Madam, stop looking there. Look here. Go and lie down there. – There? Go lie down there, I am coming.
– You’re coming! I’ll go. Ma’am, come on. I can’t wait anymore, please. Is she going to cut it? Madam, will you fix me? Are you sure? Very sure. – Very sure? That’s fine. You know,
madam, I don’t have a girlfriend… …that’s why I got in this problem. Lie down straight. – That tickles. Lie down. Such a small injection. That won’t help, ma’am. I took four pills. That won’t help. Madam, what’s the guarantee
that I’ll be fine. Do you want guarantee? – Yes. You’ll get 100 percent
guarantee. – Yes… But I must increase
the dosage. – What? Madam, have you ever treated
anything bigger than this. Yes… I have. – How big? It’s so big, that…


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