LSV Episode 3 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

LSV Episode 3 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

– Cheers. You’re cured now, aren’t you? So what are you checking for? I am not checking.
– Then? I am missing it. Who are you missing? Why should I tell you? What’s done is done? It was a matter of…escalation. That’s ejaculation. Stupid man. Do you know what your girl said… …when she was this
close to me? – What? Why does this always happen to me? Don’t show her your face again. This face. This f*** face. What happened, Sanaya? I got divorced. You’re not even married
to get divorced. But, what if I was married… …then I would get divorced. Raj is gay. This is all because of your rocket. Get lost. Your know what…let’s
go to the Police Station… …and file a complaint. What’s the Police going to do? The Police will arrest Raj. Because Raj is gay.
– It’s not been proven yet. We have proof. We’ll show them. A small,
little, man with a standing d***… …and two men with him. And one of them was Raj. And you think they
will arrest him for that? Really? They won’t arrest him.
– Of course not. Then I’ve another idea… Let’s hire a detective
and tell him to follow Raj. Stop talking like a lunatic.
You’re drunk. Shall I call Sanaya or not? No! Never! Never! Don’t call her. – Why? Just forget her. Forget her forever.
– That’s not possible. I love her a lot. What’s wrong? You…are in love? Don’t make me laugh. Do you remember how many
times you’ve fallen in love? I can literally count
it on my fingers. Do you know what kind
of a person you are? Soon after you’ve sc*** them… You leave them for
good…and they go away. It’s not the same this time.
I love her. You swear? Sanaya!
– Yeah! Sanaya, you’re phone’s ringing.
– Who’s calling? It’s Raj.
– Raj’s calling. That bloody… I will break this phone today. Why are you throwing away your phone? Because this bloody dog…
– This is your phone. Don’t break your phone.
Don’t break your phone for anyone. That bloody… She didn’t answer. I knew it. That’s why I asked you to call.
– Smart. Where your love now? True love.
– It’s all bloody your fault. Raj. Messhy! Raj! Must be the milkman! Come on, brother. Yes?
– Hi. Can I see Mr. Messhy? Wow! From where you get her? Got a jackpot. Can I meet Mr. Messhy? Yeah…Messhy is sleeping. You can tell me. He applied on No-no-no,
I don’t think we need any maid. You see, we’re all bachelors… …and we can do our own chores. Doesn’t matter,
but I won’t leave without meeting him. Yeah… I’ll call him out. By the way, this is Rocket. Your name?
– Mary… Mary Dixit. Mary Di…xit!
– My mom is Christian… …and my father is Brahmin, from Pune. That’s why my name is Mary Dixit. Very nice name. Please sit. Sanaya. Sanaya. Wake up, it’s dawn. What am I doing here?
– Are you still drunk? Wake up. My phone. See…Raj didn’t even call me once. Why would Raj call? He’s going to get really sc*** today. Why are you saying that? Last night you sent that
amazing detective after him. After that…it will be
a cinch to prove he’s gay. What are you saying? ‘Oh, Man…’ ‘I never knew cheese
balls were so delicious.’ ‘I wish I can have a bite.’ ‘If only she can be mine.’ ‘Jimmy, your station has arrived.’ ‘She must stay here.’ Messhy! Messhy sir! I am Messhy. From top to bottom I am Messhy! Oh sorry. What is your name? Mary. – Di…xit!
– Did I ask you? So your name is Mary Dic… Dixit. Who gave you our address, Ms.
Mary Dixit? You filled in the application.
– Me? Yeah… we did that last night? Yeah?
– Yeah… She’s good,
we should hire her. – Yeah. You’re hired. Yes, you’re hired. But let me tell you one thing. We can only employ on part-time. Doesn’t matter which part it is? I always manage to
squeeze in full time. We’re professional. Come-come welcome. Sanaya, what have you done? Sent a detective after Raj. Are you crazy? You know what, I’ll call him up. Call him? Are you crazy? And what are you going to say? Raj, I thought you were gay. That’s why I sent
a detective after you. And what about Mary?
Will she tell him? Of course not, why will she tell him? She’s a professional.
She’s working for me. I am paying her. But if Raj finds out. Raj… Raj…
Raj will break up with me. Oh, no. Why will he break up with me? After all, he loves me. No-no, Sanaya, no need to tell anyone. just run away, before your
life gets sc*** up anymore. But…if someone tells Raj. No…no one’s going to tell him. Sanaya, relax. Be happy. Have a safe flight. Good morning, guys and girls. Time now for your
very own Radio Jockey… …Radio Rocket. And together we’re going
to listen to our favorite… Thank you. Coffee! Oh man. It’s hot!


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