LSV Episode 4 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

LSV Episode 4 | New Web Series India 2017 | First Kut Productions

Switched off again. I can’t get hold of
Sanaya for two days now. Should I come along? – For what? No… meaning, if you need my help. Why would I need help in making eggs? One needs help in making eggs.
– I don’t think so. I’ll make myself. Oh man, she’s playing
hard to get. – Who? Sanaya, bro. Who else? – Oh, Sanaya. I thought you’re after Mary. Tell me something. Would you like to eat eggs? Your bro will make them for you. Along with Mary. Mary doesn’t need anyone’s help. Man, it depends on
what kind of eggs you want. You know what,
you should keep calling her… …and try to apologize.
Who knows, she might forgive you. Who? Sanaya, who else? Oh, God. Always kneading your dough. You should show some decency. And now there’s a female in our house. You’re absolutely right. Guys, would you like
to eat eggs? – Eggs? Yeah. We’ll eat them alright,
but who’s going to make it? Your bro, of course. I’ll give her a hand. Why will you help her? – Help her? On humanitarian grounds. She doesn’t need anyone’s help. Look, guys,
it was me who committed the sin. So I am the sinner. You broke up because of me. So I will cleanse my sins,
I won’t let anyone else take my place. And I will go help her.
– Messhy, please. Messhy. – Statue. Mary, I am coming. I am coming, Mary. What are you making, Mary? – Eggs. What a nice egg? I want to taste them. – What? Eggs. – Sure, why not. Found it…found the Burnol? Tatta Singh, what are you doing here? I just came to say thanks. It was amazing… the
impossible has happened. I am telling you,
I love you… -What are you doing? Sit down, behave yourself.
– Yes, yes, I’ll sit down. I was only trying to say that… I told the girl… I told her… I’ll throw the bait only if you’ll bite,
otherwise, I won’t. Otherwise, I’ll have to buy Burnol. It will be bad for both of us. And so she took the bait. But… – Your Burnol. What did I do?
I only prescribed this medicine. If you hadn’t given me confidence,
I would’ve never asked her directly. And I wouldn’t have used the Burnol. I don’t need it any longer. See…I’m returning you the entire tube. Maybe someone else can use it. I am happy…I got it. Doctor, the medicine
you prescribed yesterday… …worked like a charm. Very…very good. I’ll be really grateful
if you can give me another dose. I’ll write it down for you. Yes? – Ma’am, your parcel. Parcel? – Oh… That’s my parcel.
– Mine…that’s my parcel. What is this? boobies…titties. Raj, your parcel. hello. – Hi, how are you? I am great, did you reach home? Yeah, I just did. Where are you?
– I’ll be home in half an hour. How about you? How was your flight? it was good,
just come home soon. – Yeah. By the way, did you talk to Raj?
– Why do you say such things? It makes my heart skip a beat. You know, I was so scared… …that, I didn’t switch
on my phone for two days now. I can’t find the courage. What am I going to say to him? ‘I have sent a detective after you.’ Don’t worry, let me get home… …and then we’ll talk this over. Listen, will you please cook something. Oh, God. Make it yourself,
I am very tired. Fine, let me get home and
we’ll order something nice to eat. Okay. – Yeah! Bye. – Bye. Doctor, you’re still here. What’s wrong? I’ll drop you, come on. No, it’s okay. I’ll take a rickshaw. Rickshaw!
– Don’t you dare come this way. Tatta! – I was just saying… You can’t take a rickshaw
when Tatta’s here. Not possible. Please come, my car’s right here. please… – But what’s the problem. I take a rickshaw every day, it’s okay. you go every day, but… …today I am standing here with my… car. Please, come. Please. Do me a favor, okay. Can I tell you something? – Please… When I was just 12 years old,
my mother caught me. How? – It’s embarrassing,
I cannot tell you. It’s an adult thing. – Okay. It’s your wish if you
don’t want to tell me. No-no…I’ll tell you since
you’re insisting so much. When I was 12 years old,
you know my mother… My mother, she slapped me. Do you know why? – Why? Because I was playing
tip-cat with a girl. She said naughty boy…you’re
playing with a girl. Get lost. I said fine, I’ll get lost.
It’s no big deal. Isn’t it? Do you know why my name is Tatta? – How? My grandpa, he named me Tata. Why? Because he loved Tata. He bought a Tata car… Model no. 407. But he couldn’t pronounce ‘Tata’. He used to say Tatta.
So he called me Tatta as well. Seriously speaking,
you’re a very interesting guy. Interesting is not the word… I’m much more than you think. Yes. – Madam, you made a fool out of me. I took a week off and
used all the medicines… …but none of it works. How can it work if you
take the wrong medicine? I am sure you’re taking
the wrong medicines. How’s that possible? My friend bought the medicine. And he’s English is just amazing. Give me your address, I am coming over. Dheeraj Residency,
101, Mumbai, Andheri West. Do you live here? – Yes. Dheeraj Residency, 101. – Why? Do you live here too?
– No, I live in Ghatkopar. So why did you get startled? – Startled? No, I got shocked. Anyway, thank you. Bye. – You’re leaving. Unbelievable…where are you going? Bye-bye. Bloody cheap book. Is he cheating on me… You’re going to get nowhere
reading this book, Sanaya. And that Mary… Mary hasn’t
called either, nor has Raj. Lord…I beg You, find me some solution. I swear, I won’t do
anything like this again. please, God. Hello. – Hi, Sanaya. Hi, Mary. – He’s not a gay. What? Seriously? Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you so much! I am seriously very happy. – Thank you. Listen-listen, Sanaya. But he’s big time womanizer. Are you sure about that?
– I am a 100 percent sure. Okay… and the other two.
– Those two as well. What’s interesting is,
those three are after me. Listen, do one thing…you
stay over there. And I want details
of Raj’s every movement. I’ll pay you three times more.
Is it fine? Okay, I will inform you. The bloody… My two unique gems… Wet dreams…and premature ejaculation. Sanaya. What’s wrong?
Why are you crying? And why are you drinking? It was the same old thing two days ago,
and now too. What’s going on?
– Why are you screaming? Raj didn’t turn out to be gay. Raj isn’t gay. That’s good news. Why are you crying? Congrats. Raj isn’t gay, he’s a womanizer. That maid detective
we sent to his house. Raj is after her. Who told you? Who told you? She told me, of course.
– And you believed her? Yes, because I paid her thrice her fee. Three times her fee? Are you out of your mind, Sanaya? Who pays three times
more money to do this? I am an ass*** that’s why I did this? wait. Sanaya. Enough. Enough. Everything will be fine. Bloody Raj.


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