Make Money Painting Lines – Easy Online Jobs

Make Money Painting Lines – Easy Online Jobs

are you looking for a legit way to earn
some extra cash online? in THIS video! YOU will discover how to make money online
by painting lines listen anybody can do this and I will prove it to you in just
a second but if this sounds good to you then make sure you keep watching but
before we get started if you are interested in making money online so you
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videos just to help you alright what’s up what’s up I’m super excited to show
you this brand new strategy okay and I’m going to show you exactly how to i’ll
show you step by step over my shoulder you will see exactly move by move and
how to do exactly then okay now if I show you how to you need to understand
what is the strategy and I promise you okay I promise you by the end of this
video I’m going to show you how to do it for free
hundred percent freedom is you don’t have to spend anything alright so now
let’s not waste any more time let’s get started right away now first this
website is called fiver you might have heard of this before this is a freelance
marketplace where you can go over here to buy services you can buy things like
logo and all kinds of services like get your graphic design done and get people
to do research for you all kinds of work okay but you can also become a seller in
other words you are the one who sells services and you’re going to earn money
doing that now before you click off this video and say things like oh I don’t
have any kind of special skills I can design graphics don’t worry as I said
earlier anybody can do this and I’m going to prove it to you I’m going to
show you how to do it alright and in fact if you stay to the end I’ll show
you the second method which is going to do it for you and it’s all free it’s
pretty crazy you gotta stay and you’ll find out
exactly one all right so anyway this is fiber here you can see right he has been
featured with Facebook Google and Mikey Nexus PayPal all that this is a very
popular website okay you’re gonna get paid all right you ready to worry about
all that stuff this is a very legit website
Google do your research can can find out more of a fiber if that is what you want
to do now what you’re going to sell a fiber is you are going to sell your
service where you are going to remove background from from images okay now let
me just search remove background from image okay so here you can see this is
proof that people actually want to remove background from images what do I
mean like for example you can see this image right people they will one the
image without the background like this you see this girl with this thing in the
back they want it begins nothing right they want to remove the background kind
of like this you see this shoe begins let’s show the floor they want to remove
it so that it’s just clean all right now here you can see people are charging
anywhere from five dollars and above now again don’t underestimate that it’s five
dollars because it’s so easy you can do it in a few seconds all right you can do
it in under a minute now here you can see that people are actually getting a
lot of reviews for this service all right I’m gonna open up a few of them
all right here you can see this percent is almost 600 reviews all right so here
you can see this person has over 600 reviews that means K that is at least
over 600 people who have paid this person five dollars to remove background
images and we all know that in reality right even though there’s 600 reviews
the actual order is definitely way more right because not everybody is going to
give reviews this is just one of the many many different fiber profiles out
here okay here you can see another one this process of 123 reviews here’s
another one 455 reviews right and it’s 555 people at least have order from them
and this person has seven orders in queue so this is proof proof that people
wanna know okay so I don’t hear any kind of like excuses that oh nobody wants to
remove background all right I’ve just proved to you that people are
paying money to get background removed now you’re probably thinking I can’t do
Photoshop I don’t know how to do this or whatever right I’m going to show you how
to do it for free you know it’s Photoshop all right and make sure
you keep watching that’s gonna show it to you now that you understand that
there is demand for this service which are just proof to you
you can come over here and check out yourself tons of reviews all of this on
fiber and alright so that’s a lot of people here with a lot of reviews don’t
worry about the competition okay when it comes to making money online when there
is competition it means there is money when there is zero competition if you
are trying to find something where nobody is competing with you then
there’s no money to be made okay so don’t be afraid of competition okay
competition is great all right so don’t be afraid of that you need to move
beyond that mindset okay need to learn how to love competition because when
people compete that means there is money in the market now I just prove to you
that there is demand now you understand what it is right you’re basically going
to remove images you’re gonna remove the background from images and you can
charge anywhere from five dollars and it really doesn’t take you that long now
I’m gonna show you how to do it alright now if I should show you how to do it
just now it would not make any sense because I need to prove to you that
there is money to be me there is demand people wanting people are paying money
for it so now I’m gonna find practice image to just prove to you I’ll show you
how to teach you how you can do it alright so you can do it and make money
for our stuff so of course let’s just find something that doesn’t have too
much background right so let’s just go to people so this is an Spanish calm
pretty cool site you can use this to get free images alright let’s just find an
image that we are going to remove their background so let’s find a simple one
okay so this is pretty nice right so let’s just download it and I’m gonna use
this as a sample alright so the first website that I’m going to show you is
clipping magic all right you do not need Photoshop okay don’t worry about it let
me show you now go to clipping magic and over here here you can see that this
website allows you to instantly remove image backgrounds online
okay here you can see that this little demo over here right this is the
original image and if you just draw these lines right green and red here you
can enter with the image that one and it’s going to remove the
alright so now I’m uploading the image that we just downloaded okay so it’s
very very simple anyone can do this I’m gonna teach you how so green means the
image that you want to keep grid means the image that you do not want so let’s
say we do not want this background so let’s just do this you are going to
paint the red line around this person because we do not want this background
and now let’s click on the green green means we want to keep it right so if you
just want to keep this person we are just gonna paint around right like this
and here you can see on the right side it’s done alright let me just change the
background to maybe like this and here you can see that it’s almost done we can
even just scroll up we can just do this right right red means that you want to
remove the background and let me just scroll back up and here you can see that
then I just did it in a few seconds right in hundred ten seconds I have just
removed the background in front of your very eyes okay isn’t it awesome are you
amazed now here’s the thing remember I promised you earlier that I’ll show you
how to do it for free this website is actually not free but it’s still good
I’m going to show you and there is an introduced to this website is because
it’s really powerful it’s very simple to use but if you try to download it
alright if you subscribe to download you click on the download it’s going to give
up a subscription plan okay so if you want to down like for example if you go
on a pro plan it’s going to cost you $15 per month but you can download it 500
times mini you can sell 500 of this service okay so if you want to go with
this method that means if you actually sell maybe three times then you will
already be making $15 right three times five dollars you’re getting five fifteen
dollars so you’ll be able to get a pro ten for free but if you don’t you want
to spend a single cent I’m going to show you how to in just a second okay so
again let me just show you this clipping magic because this one as you just saw
just now is a very user friendly way to remove background right just use the red
and the green and just play around with it and do it in seconds and it
doesn’t cost that much in the grand scheme of things right because $15 per
month you can do it 500 times and if you’re starting out you can even go for
this one it’s only $8 per month you can download the hundred times so this is
the first way which is clipping magic it’s not free but I promise to you at
the beginning I will show you how to do it for free all right so just take note
of this this is something that you can use if you are really serious about this
case you can see boom right original them like that okay now the second
website which is back ground you burn your gonna Google background burner it’s
free this one is 100% free so this is again kind of similar alright this is a
background burner this is the free version alright this will this is a free
online tool it automatically removes the background and they don’t have a pro
version but you don’t need it alright it’s up to you alright if you’re gonna
pay for it I would say that clipping magic is even better right it’s so
simple anyway that’s not a main issue here you
can see it’s very similar you upload the image and then just choose accordingly
you can touch it up you can touch up right it’s kind of similar and then
we’re gonna with the image without the background alright it’s kind of similar
you can see like this this is like I think is Wolverine right boom you draw
the red lines for the parts you don’t want you draw green lines for the parts
you want to keep like this okay now here’s the original you made sure you
saw the background okay now now enough talking let me just show it to you right
as I say I’ll show you step by step you can look over my shoulder let’s upload
the image right so I upload the image this is the original image that I
downloaded from unsplash this is the image that I’m uploading okay and the
background burner is going to do it automatically right is the image and
look they just did for you or isn’t this awesome are you astonished do you see that that was the original
image and now it’s they really removed the background for me I didn’t even have
to do anything but of course this is like some kind of like automation
sometimes is not perfect here you can see that you have different versions
right of course this one is like it’s a little bit too much but the first one is
already done for you and all you can do is just click on select it’s gonna ask
you to create a free account create it and you can download it all right now
let’s see if in the touch-up you can click on touch-up and again it’s the
same thing again right red area means the parts that you want to remove and
the green area means the areas that you want to keep okay so let’s just continue
let’s just say that or if you want to remove the flowers then you’re just
gonna continue right click on the rate one which is the – and we just draw it
around the flowers let’s say you don’t want the flowers then just do it around
the flowers and you’ll notice that on the right side it starts to disappear
right if you continue doing that then it’s gonna start to remove but you saw
for yourself right this is an awesome tool it pretty much does a lot of the
work for you and in fact sometimes this is even better than clipping magic
alright so these are the two tools right the first tool let me just recap for you
very quickly the first one is called flipping magic calm all right the thing
about this is that it’s not actually free but it’s going to be free the
moment you sell maybe two to three of this service right once you sell three
times of it you’re gonna get $15 back then the remaining credits it’s all
profit okay now this is not free this doesn’t start off free but it’s pretty
awesome as I just showed you another awesome one is the second one which I’ll
show you which is background burner background burner just go to Google
Google background burner and it’s gonna do it for you
alright it’s freaking awesome you saw for ourselves so these are the two ways
to remove backgrounds and you can charge anywhere from $5 and above and you can
do it again and again on Fiverr and I’ve ready prove to you at the beginning of
this video that there is demand people want it and people are pay money to get
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end I would love to find out who you are okay thank you so much and that’s it for
this video once again thanks for watching I can’t wait to see you again
in my next video alright have a great day


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