Mark Cuban: Capitalism is going to win, socialism just doesn’t work


100 thoughts on “Mark Cuban: Capitalism is going to win, socialism just doesn’t work”

  • Those socialist countries are doing pretty fine. I think somebody forgot to teach mark that you don't need millions of dollars to be happy or have a happy society. Socialism done right doesn't make everybody poor, but it does raise everybody up. Companies are NOT the priority of a great country. The people are. Mark might have money, but he's so clueless in many ways.

  • I used to hate this man's guts now I got a lot of respect for him and I like him as long as he's for capitalism and Trump is my best friend

  • Hector Betancourt says:

    Don’t like neither trust Cuban. A self proclaimed capitalist who flirts with socialism and/or its promoters, like the new Democrats, is dangerously disingenuous.

  • Wait, wait, WAIT!!! Full stop. You mean to tell me a guy who has actually run successful businesses and knows the cost of running a business knows more about the issues that these politicians are talking about!? Noooooo.

  • Socialism has been a major part of supporting the majority of US citizens since the 1930's. In fact, it was a primary supporter of the great post WW2 economic expansion –the greatest in US history. Just about everyone alive today grew up and benefitted from a mixed govt. There was a time when the top marginal tax rate in the USA was 90% for the very wealthy. So let's be honest here.


  • I love how it's socialism if it's free healthcare, college or social programs. But it's not socialism when we give tax cuts to trillion dollar companies, spend $700 billion a year on a killing force military or bailing out Wall Street. It's not even a matter of free healthcare – just the accessibility. Apparently if they ran a national insulin program to help diabetics – that's socialism to. So next time your friend is rotting away in his House with a $200,000 medical bill because of Cancer treatment – just remember that Republicans think that free healthcare is socialism.

  • Mark Cuban is of the same tribe as Epstein. Socialism is not the problem at all. He is totally not for open discourse at all. Socialism does work in certain countries and to a certain extent. International capitalism is how the international banks and the elites control the world. If they control the money they influence the democracy and control the elections.

  • American billionaires: 607
    American in poverty: 38 million
    CEO/worker pay ratio: 278:1
    Wealth of the 3 richest Americans: $345 billion
    Wealth of the bottom 50%: $250 billion
    Top 1% of wealth since 1989: + $21 trillion
    Bottom 50% wealth since 1989: – $900 billion

  • The fact that it cost “$7500” per head still doesn’t account for the fact that every expert says Medicare for all costs over 30 trillion dollars over 10 years but let’s say she gets it down to the 20.5 trillion, hows she pay for it? Taxing the rich doesn’t do it if you taxed all 512 billionaires in the USA 100% and took all of their wealth that’s just get you over 3 trillion dollars. Where does the other 17.5 trillion come from? The only way to pay for it is to raise taxes on everyone significantly and then you add free college on top of that and erasing student loan debt that adds another 40 trillion dollars. At the end of the day her socialist plans don’t work because they can’t be paid for without absolutely killing the economy and the dollar.

  • MattsARocknRolla says:

    Is the USA really a capitalist? 2008 proved the system was not indeed capitalism. You either make or you don’t. The government bailout to the banks and big corporations proved it did not believe in capitalism.

  • Arthur Fonzarelli says:

    Every billionaire is going to look out for themselves sadly. Don't trust anything these guys say as their first interest lies in their pocketbook and nothing else

  • American problems with a simple solution:
    (1) Drug ads on TV gave us an opioid epidemic.
    (2) The military/security complex pushes us into continuous wars.
    (3) Ten million homes foreclosed from the 2008 financial crisis.
    Solved! Go find the 3-minute youtube "Inherent U.S. Corruption Explained" by Van Yaeger.

  • How stupid are people if they cannot figure out that the proposed "socialism" is just capitalism with increased regulation on wall street, public services, and a government that actually cares about its citizens' well-being.

  • I'm frankly baffled that in spite of living in the richest country in the world and having lived through a great economy for almost 3 + decades, why do you still need free stuff? Do y'all know how rest of the world operates? The only place you'd receive free-ish stuff is the Middle East, but you'd have to sacrifice your freedom for that. That's a steep price to pay I would say.

  • Became a billionaire with hard work? Lol He sold his overvalued company for $1B to yahoo during the dot com bubble. Lol That’s why he said luck! Lol 😂 He online radio only had like one listener.

  • Okay everyone who calls this socialist is just incorrect with the terminology, socialism is when the government takes over the means of production. Now what this is is a social program no different then the fire department or police department which are also tax funded social programs, if you dont like the idea of Medicare for all that's fine, but please get your definitions correct.

  • Randy Washington says:

    The Democratic Party wants Socialism which has no chance of succeeding in this country ever just like the Democratic Party. Trump 2020 and beyond.

  • The rich aren’t responsible for your financial situation, you are. Socialism always leads to communism as individual freedoms inevitably get taken away. Socialism destroys innovation in which the US leads the way due to capitalism. Socialism goes against human nature. Equal opportunity is a good thing but the concept of equal outcome is absurd. Socialism destroys motivation to be successful. There is no reason to work hard or innovate with socialism. Developing marketable skills leads to a better standard of living, not liberal arts bachelors degrees. Socialism destroys incentives to better oneself. Taking the fruits of my labor which I busted my butt for shouldn’t go to someone who didn’t earn it. That is my blood, sweat, and tears. If you actually believe that the government is going to provide you with a better standard of living, you are naive because a government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take it away.

  • If socialism Is so peaceful how come they also champion gun confiscation? My conclusion is it’s easy to eat steak and lobsters while your people starve. As long as u only have weapons

  • Jonah DeleseLeuc says:

    I expected much better for a fox comment section, said no one. Almost everyone here are hacks who have not done any research

  • Steve Forbes is a corporatist. If cutting taxes on billionaires and raising taxes on minimum wage workers will put another dollar in a CEO's pocket, he's all for it. I can't stand Steve Forbes.

  • Wealthy people love benefiting from corporate socialism though. Apparently, socialism is good only if it benefits the rich, it's bad if it benefits everyone else

  • I feel like Yang is the only Democrat I could vote for. I like Yang for being a true capitalist. Hell, even his M4A makes way more sense then the rest.

  • Mark Cuban is a smart guy, but he's playing dumb, another billionaire doesn't like to pay his tax, really there are many way socialism works, your SS is socialism, medicare for all those congressmen are socialism, Mark Cuban is garbage just throwing out those words just so he can avoid paying tax. GTFO man

  • better be careful cuban, all the cool kids are going to stop liking you. as for me, i'll never like you, you miserable never trumper. but then, i'm not cool. and thank God for that.

  • Dear Mr. Cuban
    Could you please sir buy the bears,get rid of Nagy and trashbinski,sign Kap and Newton,and hire Jack del Rio and Lovie Smith.

    Pre she ate it. 🤝

  • Capitalism is so sure it's good for you that it has to buy all mainstream news stations, in order to force their message down your stupid throat. OBEY

  • So stupid. Tell me, do you consider the rest of the Western world primarily capitalist? Yes? Then there isn’t a single socialist candidate. Medicare for all and public option colleges doesn’t make us non-capitalist.

  • Anthony DiCianni says:

    Only in the developed countries do people say healthcare is a right. Do you think it’s a right during the Great Depression? Is it a right anywhere in Africa or India? If it’s a right then it MUST be universal.

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