100 thoughts on “Marvel star Mark Ruffalo slams capitalism, calls for ‘economic revolution’”

  • Christopher Wojciechowski says:

    Maybe Mark Ruffalo should give up that 30 million dollars he has if he hates capitalism so much. He should visit Venezuela.

  • Mark you give all the money and things you own over to the government then move to China and start anew! or Russia! They will be glad to have you!

  • I hate crony capitalism, but capitalism can be change and put rules to stop people from getting control of the system while the other systems ( it’s the best system rn unless we find something better which we do need to push and find new things but we shouldn’t go backwards to monarchy/ communism etc etc) is more easy to corrupt, not saying capitalism can’t be corrupted but it’s harder to do compared to other systems in the past .

  • Ruffalo, its not capitalism, its just Hollywood. We know that stupid people like you should not be making $400 million. But you do. Something needs to be about Hollywood.

  • Ruffalo, Kim Jung Un just unveiled his Socialist Utopia City in North Korea. Just for you and your buddies. Please leave, sooner the better. Noone will miss you in Hollywierd.

  • Capitalism is an economic model, it has nothing to do with freedom.
    China embraced capitalism and made huge economic progress. It is NOT however a paragon of freedom.

  • InspirationEducation says:

    What a MUG Ruffalo is! Is there one sane adult on the planet who can't see he himself has been enriched (extremely so) by film making company's built on capitalism.

  • He can disperse his millions to those in need. Mark can keep a million and that should be more than enough to live off of.

    I will volunteer to help Mark out with some of his money.

  • Capitalism, socialism, communism…they all are the same thing…just means of creating and maintaining an overlord aristocrat class…this country was meant to be a free market society based on Christian values and interconnected trust between Christians…not “profit at any cost” and worship the elite and their culturally diverse technocracy. Countries and economies only work within a hegemony of culture and faith…all of the isms were set up to create a global elite…don’t fall for this sht

  • Prove it Mark. Donate all your earnings to multiple charities. Just keep $20,000 a year for yourself to live on. Just another hollywood psychopath hypocrite.

  • China come get ya boy Mark Ruffalo ! Have him do your Anti Capitalism speeches in Hong Kong and see how that goes. Of course you'd have to pay him first =/ . .

  • Capitalism and communism are the two satanist wings of the same bird.
    Waging a world war for their dark gods. Money.
    God wins,

  • As of 2019, Mark Ruffalo’s net worth is approximately $30 million. He has made his millions so he knows he won't suffer if capitalism is forsaken. Marvel should have paid him in potatoes.

  • Серж Шуляченко says:

    Китай приближается к рекорду прошлого года по показателю дефолтов по корпоративным облигациям

  • DIsgusting and ignorant! I'm so sick of the Bolshevik, China influence in Hollywood. I can't even watch their movies anymore. They are destroying America!!

  • No another pretender acking like he's a special so he makes money off capitalism and then talks crap. Won't watch another funny book movie. Boycott marvel

  • No body would listen to him if he was not a actor or a millionaire.
    Too many of you are allowed to speak, most of you are just full of hot air

  • Another self-absorbed anti-American socialist actor made rich via the American Capitalist System complaining about capitalism. Look guy, if you want to give your money away, I don't care. But don't take my money and give it away for me. Maybe he would like a system where he makes as much money as somebody flipping burgers. Bet he would change his tune then.

  • Dude! Shower and shave, maybe then people will take you…wait!! Aren't you an actor? You know, like a Hollywood FAKE, who play's PRETEND, for a living? What in the living hell, are YOU, talking to AMERICA?? STFU and go back to turning green, K?

  • Move To China or Venezuela ! The elites are the leaders of the Communist Party !! In case you are uneducated. Which seems highly likely in your comments !!

  • Why is it all these actors want to change to socialism …."AFTER" they get rich from capitalism? ? ? ? Must be nice living in the clouds you mindless idiots!

  • He hates capitalism, well that explains why Ruffalo is such of fan of the Climate tyranny movement. The alarmists are certainly not basing this feelings on science.

  • Tell Ruffalo to go back to the "Second Day of Christmas" days.. Think it was his first movie.. Cheaply made, but he was a sweet guy. Now he's a Hollywood nut bar. What a shame! Great movie if you can see it…. Thank goodness, I own it. (BUT will I bother to watch it?)

  • I knew it would just be a matter of time before this idiot Mark Ruffalo opened his big mouth…again. Great actor. Love his performances. So what.

  • I think both capitalism and socialism are misunderstood. This country has a hybrid economy. The president of the US, and enforcer of the constitution, can pay to have a contract drawn up that infringes on another citizens 1st amendment right to free speech, by the very person that is supposed to protect their right to it. $120k twice was a bit much though. And socialism is what you have when the government shuts down and a service member has to work for free in a war zone. The richest person on earth couldn't create or consume a billion calories in a day. This trade war is about people that want to get paid more for there labor they do and someone not wanting pay it. To compound the issue we have no way to immediately supplement that work here at the prices that anyone would do them for, or have the aptitude to perform them. Neither of the sides has been able to come up with the answer to that. And why are we leaving anyone behind anyway. Seems like a shitty tradeoff for paying taxes.

  • His level of stupidity and ignorance is weapons-grade!!
    It's the unbridled power of capitalism that created the most powerful and richest country the world has ever known in just under 200 years!
    It's absolutely delusional for him to make these bizarre claims.

  • Hollywood = Hypocrites on Parade. Just like Pelosi saying 'walls are immoral' from behind the wall that surrounds here mansion.

  • Why do these tard actors think we give a crap about their political views ! All they are doing is pissing off the people . STFU Ruffalo .

  • You must be a dumbass piece of s*** if you're celebrity against capitalism because capitalism is how you made your money you've done piece of s*** yeah Mark you're a dumbass

  • "Free economy", "free choice", "free markets" – "The minute you hear 'freedom' and 'democracy', watch out because in a
    truly free nation, no one has to tell you that you're free." — Jacque Fresco

    "Voluntary exchange of goods in free markets"- The problem with Capitalism is how those goods are produced. They could be produced by slaves, but we abolished that. Now, the "goods" could be produced by a democratic production system, like worker cooperatives, one vote each worker. Or they could be produced by a dictatorial production system, where employers makes all key decisions in a undemocratic way.

    Most of the industry runs on a dictatorial production system, it creates tensions and creates incentives for workers to vote on regulations. For example, increase the minimum wage. If all industry was worker owned, they wouldn't need politicians to regulate them, and the incentive to vote for "Bernie Sanders" disapears.

    So, we either have a democratic production system with no government regulations, or, a dictatorial production system with a government to regulate the employer.

    To "fix Capitalism", we have to abolish the dictatorial production system. In the end, the consumer can still choose from what cooperative to buy from.

  • Hey Mark,when they start paying the regular LABORER a few million every few years, then I might listen to? What you have to say…ok?

  • This brave beautiful human being is just throwing pearls to the pigs BUT he is reaching noble ones too.
    Saying that if you criticize capitalism you are against freedom is an insult to the intelligence of the smart critical thinking ones and could only pass in America where there are enough brainwashed that will swallow that kind of propaganda garbage like it were chocolate! Guess what it’s brown but ain’t chocolate, bon appetite suckers! If a “journalist” would say something like that in EU he or she would be laughed at and never called again cause it’s too much ignorance even for them

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