Meet the New Digital Worker | Automation Anywhere RPA

Digital Workers automate many of the
repetitive activities performed by humans in specific job roles, ushering in
a new work paradigm. They represent a new role-centric approach to automation as
opposed to traditional tasks or process- centric approaches. Digital Workers
possess a set of skills that combine the abilities to think act and analyze like
humans, enabling us to refocus our efforts on activities that truly require
human cognition and creativity, Consider for instance a digital Accounts Payable
Clerk, which has skills like invoice processing, receipts processing, and
bookkeeping. It combines routine automation capabilities like extracting
invoices from emails, cognitive capabilities like intelligently
extracting entities from invoices to update an ERP application and analytical
capabilities like monitoring process efficiency and effectiveness. Digital
Workers are available exclusively in the Automation Anywhere Bot Store. Visit the
Bot Store to find a digital SAP Accounts Payable clerk, Digital Azure
IT admin, a digital talent acquisition specialist and dozens of other Digital
Workers. In the next section we’ll discuss how you can find, download,
install, configure and run a Digital Worker.


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