META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 2: Out Of Bounds | Glitch Productions

[Music] you’re not gonna take my island evil box oh that’s something a boss would say stop stop with that coconut I’m a human like you see hmm okay what are you doing on my island I was thinking you could help me figure that out on I was playing this video game literally moments ago next thing I know I see a bright flash and now I’m here it sounds like you died uh yeah well if you’re not here to kill me welcome the simple flip island I am do nice to meet you fear king of all the land I’m sorry sorry huh you look like a Larry okay bye wait what kid hold on [Music] [Applause] [Music] this heart kiss of small and slow I think then I can see it show your eyes the spark it [Music] [Music] I’m always running [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hi horse you can’t you just gotta believe huh believe again see and you didn’t even die you know third kid you talk about death an awful lot yeah I die a lot right anyway I need to find a way out of here where are you headed to oh I just need to get to the goalposts so I could get to the next level and the gold pole should be yep there it is [Music] why would you want to go and do that the ancient elder tomato told me to do it how long does this go for about an hour Oh fear I think I saw some monsters trying to steal the goalposts oh no they don’t let’s go beat them to it crackerjack hey that’s right sorry folks still closed at least Knights get out come on yeah we’ll still be here tomorrow buddy Oh bye all right look stores been evacuated just you the scientists and the girl now that’s probably the creepiest thing I’ve ever said oh it’s just you don’t creep up on me like that dude yep you’ve activated everyone out of the store oh you I need to do now just go stand in that corner and face the wall or something [Music] [Applause] oi why is this engine arts commercial still play I it’s over a year old get rid of it it was oh I think she likes me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he Beach pot can we get past friends [Music] [Music] like that [Music] hey friends are you sure you wanna buy the DLC whoa where’d you learn that I don’t know it’s just a feeling huh I thought those funny shoes would make it impossible for you to jump hey leave my socks and sandals alone I think they’re cool wait did you hear that [Music] ari are you doing I’m fighting the bad guys oh well non comical violence is looked down upon for an e rated game huh here use this instead [Music] [Music] [Music] fascinating this is a lot of effort just for one transcended chick locks yes yes it is but can you imagine what technology like this could do for tasks or cuz I don’t know about you but most people don’t need some janky VR to play video games you know they said the same thing when I invented the meta runner arm and now you can’t even make a name for yourself without this is the future male and it’s literally within our grasp or would you rather those parasites at lucid gaming get their hands on this or maybe those Neanderthals at Evo tech hell no if you think this is the future then I’m gonna be the one leading it that’s what I thought [Music] it’s all set up well then I don’t think we can fight this many jury hey seriously we should run [Music] [Music] [Music] yep takes a lot more than that to kill me speaking of killing you don’t suck it doing it anymore Thanks I think I’m getting the hang of these [Music] [Music] [Music] isn’t this interesting Wow it’s me Jaime are you my Spanish cousin Oh who are you what’s going on oh I’m just someone that cares very much for you you see I’m a very curious man and what’s happened here has piqued my curiosity ya know your boy like me what is really interesting is that you Atari you seem to have consciously entered the game yourself which brings me to ask how on earth did you do it I don’t know it just happened well then let me help you figure it out you see this here what you have done is a gift and at my company tasks are we are all about nurturing the gifted why we’re helping you pain is just an obstacle to greatness time what you have could change the world just bear with us sorry this will be over shortly [Music] looks something’s wrong I think that’s enough you know do you see that we’re discovering here I’ll say when it’s enough [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] three burners it feels to me the theory nice and God my brain not gonna change my mind [Music] hey guys thank you so much for watching mater on it huge shout-out to crunchyroll for making as soon as possible you can check out their products by clicking the link in the description below meta run only returning next Thursday thanks for watching [Music] you [Music]


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