META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 7: No Clip | Glitch Productions

META RUNNER – Season 1 Episode 7: No Clip | Glitch Productions

[Music] this hog is the smallest globe I think that I can see it show your eyes I’m Sparky [Music] I’m always running [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh good I thought that was on purpose and it would have been impressed Sophia start the walkthrough let’s get this show on the road [Music] Sophia sorry can resist hmm sorry and Theo welcome to Tempest the magical battle royale game that’ll really blow you away and I mean literally folks if you haven’t noticed yet you’re already in the area aptly named the mountain where you and a hundred other teams will fight to DA jet fight to the death should I be concerned spell books are scattered throughout the mountain which will give you magical abilities to fight your opponents and get around the last one standing wins sorry get spells blast paper sounds simple enough it’s a lot more complicated than that I had a feeling you’d say that Sophia yep on it whoa Wow looks no-one said there be reading there are dozens of spells and tempest and each one has its own unique quirks and methods if you want to last more than five minutes in this game you’re gonna have to learn them all ah okay oh don’t worry about old doom-and-gloom sorry these fellas could be a lot of fun hey check this out [Music] this is one of the fastest ways to move around oh I want to try see a weight [Music] feel your job is to stay near us and protect re I think you can handle that then I guess the next big thing is to learn this glitch right correct use this whimper spell and launch yourself into the air ah okay how’d you do this again Lamarr oh just press the a button what button did say the magic word okay good now brace yourself [Music] that’s a gamebreaking glitch we call the deep mountain clip basically if you hit the floor at the right angle and speed you’ll go through the level and if you do this during the competition TAS Corp servers will go down with it and I’ll be able to hug right in is that all that’s so easy tari all you gotta do is go fast that was simple because we were in training mode no one was attacking you and Sophia could alter your speed and angle it’ll be nothing like that in the tournament yeah that sounds about right well I’m ready to do this properly regardless okay then let’s take it from the top for this glitch to even be remotely possible you need to head to the top of the mountain what the top don’t worry just use that wind burst spell you have and focus on scaling the mountain Theo is already waiting up there for you do you think she’ll learn this glitch in town I I really hope so oh hey guys we’re sorry oh there you are oh great work now jump up jumping off here is the only way to get enough speed to clip through the floor the wind first fell should be enough to propel you right off hey guys it’s a shooting star e hey great now keep firing the winger spell on your way down to gain momentum 55 km/h and 36 degrees are the numbers you want to hit sorry hi you okay yeah I’m fine you can see why this is hard huh the competition’s on you’re gonna have people attacking you – okay okay enter speed and angle of 55 km/h and 36 degrees right I can do that try and use that mental vision of yours it should help with getting the right trajectory [Music] Oh [Music] yeah you want to take a quick break load up some crunchyroll or something [Music] goddamnit hey everything okay in here come on boost boost huh just the usual go away licinia now is not the time come on I know the Games done fast comp is tomorrow but staying up till 3:00 a.m. is not going to do you any good hey hey come on Bao get some sleep you’ll perform so much better rested up but I haven’t even remotely gotten close to the world record today and everyone’s expecting me to claim the title back tomorrow you will be fine stressing out now will only make you lose focus trust me on this one yeah I guess and besides you’re one of the most talented speedrunners I know hell you’re a lot better than me that’s for sure you really know what to say don’t you there I’m resting now happy yeah good luck tomorrow then again you’ve never needed luck you got that right you seem concerned bell Bell that blue head scrub have to do it listen his day and what the hell is project blue anyway I’ve had a search in our company database there’s been no record at all of tari or Project Blue if you want answers then you’re going to have to go find tari [Music] [Music] this this is too hard keep practicing you’ll get it soon I know you will it’s no use I tried this hundreds of times already and I don’t feel any closer sorry you can do this you just have to believe you know okay let’s go again [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] let’s celebrate sake on me no you’re only going to have one shot at this in the competition not to mention other players attacking you while you’re doing it and we haven’t even touched on combat yet you need to get back in there and do it again we need you to get this fine don’t worry Terry you did it once you can do it again we’re gonna train you up too little man gonna need all that help you can to pull this off we’ll be a four-man squad [Music] the theming us and Gawain they’re gonna change my mind [Music] hey guys thank you so much for watching marijuana a big thanks to crunchable for making this series possible you can check out their products by clicking the link in the description below marijuana will be returning next Thursday thanks for watching [Music] you [Music]


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