Michelle Dorrell – A Tory voter and now a Labour Party member

Michelle Dorrell – A Tory voter and now a Labour Party member

I voted Conservatives originally because I
thought you were going to be the better chance for me and my children. You’re about to cut
tax credits after promising you wouldn’t. I work bloody hard for my money, to provide
for my children, to give them everything they’ve got and you’re going to take it away from
me and them. I can hardly afford the rent I have to pay. I can hardly afford the bills
I’ve got to do and you’re going to take more from me. Shame on you. The austerity measures of which this country
has gone through over the last six years is destroying the country. It’s gradually causing
a social divide that is so big you might as well compare it to what it was in the Victorian
era. Jeremy Corbyn is a very principled man. He
has an integrity that I wish all politicians would have. He does pretty much say what he
thinks – whether you like it or not he says what he means and he sticks to it and that’s
what we all need a bit more of that. With this campaign that we have coming up
now with Jeremy Corbyn, just look at what he says, look at how he talks about his policies,
look into his background as well. I’ve said this before, he may divide opinion about politics with some people but just look at him, look at what he says and look at what he does and
follow him.


11 thoughts on “Michelle Dorrell – A Tory voter and now a Labour Party member”

  • Thank you Michelle, for articulating how everyone feels towards the Tory government.

    We need Corbyn as leader for the betterment and welfare of the working class, and the ever-shrinking middle class.

  • I have paid the £25, a shameful amount, just to give the rebels, with their dirty tricks and typical betrayal of party members and the poor, a damn good thrashing. If you were intending to vote as a registered supporter and are annoyed with the cost, you know who to blame. These treacherous schemers should be run out of the party they have ruined with their tails firmly between their legs. They can of course be deselected.

  • thanks for joining the labour party under Jeremy coybron ? him, Dennis Skinner, are the true roots of labour happy days ?

  • Because of Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron the working class have become progressively worse off. If we go back 40 years, it was normal for a man to have a semi-skilled job for life and be able to provide for a family and buy a home. Now both parents have to work in insecure jobs and have to go cap in hand to the state for tax credits to feed their children. And they have no prospect of buying a home.

  • Mr Corbyn doesnt cost his policys, he also dodges difficult interviews and lets his inexperienced cabinet do the tough ones. He does not support his staff. His cabinet is overworked, soon more will leave him, not because they disagree with him but because he is not working hard enough himself and they are exhausted. There is nothing worse than working hard while your boss doesnt set an example.

  • Michelle Dorrell, if I had been in that Question Time audience when you said what you said, I would have raised the roof toward you, and Dimbleby would not have shut me up.

    Far too many English people know nothing about politics, which is just one of the reasons the Tory's or their free market system under Tony Blair's New Labour Government have secured office in this country for over 30 years, culminating in food banks.

    We have gone back to Victorianism, and thanks to people like you, the Tory's got in again last May.

    I joined Labour shortly after Thatcher took office, I was working for the post office at the time, and I remember when Thatcher stole the free school milk from the school children in the mid 1970's, when she was Minister for education under Ted Health's left of centre small "c" Conservative Government. I said to myself then, if that woman ever becomes Prime Minister, then my country is finished, and ive been proven,,,,right!. Shame on you! Michelle Dorrell for assisting on giving the vulnerable of this county another 5 years of hell under these right wing Tory's.

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